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This is a closed game, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Game

An Apocalypse World 2E game set in the far north long after an apocalyptic event. So long, in fact, that all the survivors forgot what the sun was, and they mostly live off electricity and sources of fire to keep warm. However, the sun has finally began to rise onto the frozen ruins, bringing new calamities.

Game System

Apocalypse World



Detailed Description

Once upon a time, before knights fought with demons, before battle, before war, and before the sun, there was a great city atop the world. Built of ice and starlight, full of elegant palaces,shimmering statues, it was home to a people whose splendor we are not given to understand. Clad in starlight and snowflakes, they lived a life of bliss, eating thin delicacies, toasting each other with wine made from the night, and loving each other like the sea beneath the ice. They named their city Polaris.

One and one they saw it, only fleeting and irregular, that light coming up from the edge of the sky, colors redder than stars, new shades that had never been sees, yellow and green and golden through icicle walls, burning out the stars from the sky, brilliant and impossible and beautiful and alien.

At first it was thought to be madness, that particular sort of gentle madness, for it struck at the very best of them., and those that are the very best are shrouded in cloth and the dark heart of dreams. But if it was madness, it was a madness that spread, for more people saw, and more, so that by the time it reached the highest it had already been given a name: Dawn.

This obsession with the Dawn led to the Mistake. No one knows the truth, but everyone knows that before the Mistake, their city was perfect, their sky was dark, and the people had no fear, and that now their city is left a smoking crater, their sky is lit by the brilliant sun and haunted by a ghostly moon, and the people have learned horror, terror, and the thousand other ravages of time.

The first thing that was seen after the Mistake was the fiery sun, emerging from the dawn like a terrified scream, blinding all that saw it and burning all that it saw, deafening all that were held in its radiance. It's power is without peer. It melts snow into useless water, blasts starlight into insignificance, and curdles silk rough like leather. - Ben Jehman, Polaris

Check out the Lore forum for more info about the world, and then join the character creation discussion to start thinking about your character! This will be a classic apocalypse world game set in an icy world that is tormented by the sun every summer.


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