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About This Game

A game of Curses, Sins and Monsters in a world where they are neither good nor evil, the story of the Sinners, a class of people blessed with a supreme curse, who cover a key role in the society but face discrimination, everything come at a price and you know it well.

Game System

D&D 4e



Detailed Description

Who are you? You are a Sinner

And what is a Sinner? Well, that will take some time to explain.


Gamana, the world where we live, hasn’t always been like this, 817 years ago, at the end of the war of the gods, it was profoundly and irreversibly changed, most of the gods died and the things they had created disappeared with them; Edia and Ytar, the two remaining deities picked the broken pieces and repaired the world.

Every living being own their existence to Edia’s and Ytar’s efforts and for this we are eternally thankful but the world we live in now is not without problems and challenges, everything come at a price. 

With the death of the gods, the magical energy disappeared, killing all the creatures that depended on it and bringing the world into chaos, Edia replaced the source of power, saving the day, but in doing so tied the world’s magic to one of her domains: curse

Every act of magic inflict a curse,  crafting a magical item could curse the caster, the item, or the shop, healing someone may curse the receiver, or the healer, creatures of magic develop/spread curses.

Over time people got used to this new way of magic, studied it's rules and finally adapted.


Scholars rank curses by intensity: low, medium, high and supreme , if two curses conflict with each other the one of lower rank become dormant, until they are no longer in conflict, the exception is a supreme curse, occasionally called Sinner Curse, which make all those inferior dormant all the times.

Through a ritual a person can dedicate their soul to Edia, embrace a sin and be granted the ability to absorb curses, this paired with supreme curses gave life to the figures known as Sinners. 

Sinners are bearers of a supreme curse who dedicated their souls to Edia, becoming able to absorb inferior curses without ill effects, each kingdom handle sinners in their own way, in some places they are nothing more than servants, in others they are highly regarded for their services, in any case they have a key role in the modern society.


Monsters, that’s another problem that plague the life of the inhabitants of this world, there are plenty of monsters and they too are subject to curses, even more than people, they tend to acquire particularly quirky or crippling curses due to their strong connection with Edia, who is the goddess of monsters, sins and curses; since many monsters can spread curses like a disease, or carelessly cast magic, Sinners are often tasked to deal with them, not necessarily with violence, after all Sinners too have a strong connection with Edia and they can, sometimes, reason with monsters.


You are a Sinner of the kingdom of Barazin, currently living in the port city of Bewold at the south west border of the kingdom, in your country each Sinner formally belong to the Order of the Orange Glove, a knightly order created by the monarchy which allow the kingdom to call them when needed while granting them status and some degree of legal protection.  Sinners are free to manage their own lives and many become professionals, running their own “cleaning” business, you are one of them, a particularly lucky, connected or successful one as you are a member of the Seven Roses, a prestigious and wealthy society of Sinners, one of the most influential in Bewold, however unfortunate events threaten to destroy the society, all your hard work and you.



Game elements:

Themes:  Shades of gray morality, discrimination, everything come at a price, politics, comedy.

Starting level: 6

Map: will likely use roll20 for that

Looking for: 4-5 players, applications deadline 19/05.

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