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A fantasy nation building game with elements of worldbuilding, pvp, roleplay, and strategy. Always recruiting. New players welcome!

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Empire!4 Reloaded

GMs: PotatoPriest, Zayuz, Avonthes

With special thanks to Rolepgeek, Minescratcher, Lleban, and Tentreto for writing the rules, 
Rolepgeek, Minescratcher and Tentreto for writing some of our lore posts, 
And the fantastic Lleban for the map.


Welcome to Empire!4 Reloaded! This is an offshoot of the Empire! series of play-by-post worldbuilding and nation building games. The current main title in this series is Minescratcher’s Empire!8This offshoot game is aimed at recruiting newer players and giving them a classic Empire experience with a simpler and more archaic rule set. If you were a player in Empire 1, 2, 3, or 4, we love you but you are ineligible to play in Empire4! Reloaded. 

We aim to recruit around 20 players, and recruiting will remain open until we do, though the game is scheduled to begin on May 26.



One hundred years ago, Dejan the Golden arrived at the site of his final conquest. He had fought in every corner of the known world; broke bread and bones with every people, and united them all under a single banner. His empire, powerful and vast, was to bring an eternal peace to the varied lands of Emjata - but it was not to be. On the eve of his final conquest he was struck down by a bolt of lightning from the sky, and since that day the Avakonian Empire has been in a spiral of decay and misfortune that has allowed new powers to spring to life, as well as the reassertion of the old that have been trampled by the great conqueror. Nobody knows why Dejan was smote by lightning: some say that he was struck down by the gods for his hubris. Others claim the powerful magic of a jealous rival. Others still whisper that in his great valiance he was uplifted to divinity itself, but with time the truth has only become more obscured.


Welcome to the lands of Emjata, where the world once conquered and ruled by the glorious Avakonian Empire has begun to fracture and collapse under the weight of its complexity and decadence. EMPIRE! has the player take on the role of a faction that controls land, resources, and military might over many generations of rulers, the form of which can be as you please. Forge history with and against your fellow powers! As this is a collaborative worldbuilding game, but also a social strategy game, be ready to fight while remembering not to tread on the enjoyment of other players.


Featuring warfare, intrigue, romance and politics, we encourage players to generally follow a tone befitting an analogous fall of the (fantasy) Roman Empire with the expected content being rated 16+. As the writer of your own faction, you may choose the general tone that your writing sets within this sphere. This game also uses a community discord server. Participation in the discord is not mandatory, but encouraged since a lot of political deals happen there.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. In the second chapter Kassandra travel across the empire, she see the good things realized by the deity but also the negative ones, the blood of the weak taint the deity's hands. An attentive spectator may notice that the troupe never use the word Dejan, or Dejanism, Kassandra's enemy is always called the deity, putting Dejan and deity in the same sentence might cross that line that should not be crossed. A new character is introduced, a teenager human girl, an orphan who at first attack Kassandra, by throwing a stone at her, but then quickly surrender when the queen corner her, the difference in skill is such it's not even worth to call a fight. The girl is portrayed by the rarely seen fifth member of the Swan's Fortune: Cardinal, the more loyal fans would point out that Cardinal do show up in many plays, but in minor roles, brief appearances with few lines, her acting is the weakest of the group, making her a somewhat average actor, shes also the youngest(mid 20s) and with the right makeup can pass for a teenager. What people dont know, but it's worth stating for the sake of completion, is that Cardinal is the main writer. Astrid Nygaard, thats the girl's name, she thought Kassandra was a bandit and... hoped to, well...kill and take her bow. Amused and in need of information Kassandra talk with the girl who narrate her story. "I come from a small village near the mountains, we belonged to the deity, free citizens...but of lesser value, scorned in our our nation but we lived in peace, tending the land and hunting for food and pelts, one day the deity came to our village escorted by many soldiers, i was only six but i remember their armors glitter under the sun, a soldier stepped forward to speak with my father, the head of the village , the deity needed people to work in the mines, to extract precious stones, our village was granted the honor to provide all the able bodied men, my father objected, without all the men the village would have been doomed, a lot of work need to be done to survive the harsh winter, he asked them to reconsider" A grim expression appear on Kassandra's face, she know where this is going, Astrid continue with the narration "...the soldier walked back to the deity and, after a bit, returned to my father..and stabbed him, people screamed but i didnt, i couldnt breath nor move, i simply stood there" "All the young and the adults were taken, that was the last time i saw my brother, most of us didnt survive the winter and during spring my mother and I left, heading south, looking for a new home, she died when i was 11, i almost died too, but someone saved me..." "I want revenge, i want to kill the deity, no matter the cost, this is why i wanted to take your bow" "You wont, because -I- will do that" Kassandra words surprise Astrid, she didnt expect such reply "bring me with you! i'll help, i'll do anything, anything!" Kassandra throw her backpack at Astrid "Carry this... and tell me more about these lands" And this is how Kassandra ended up adopting a sidekick. They travel for around an year, hunting for the deity, during this period Kassandra acquire a bow for Astrid and train her, the human show a dedication bordering to obsession, enough to impress the queen, Astrid practice every day and while she'll never reach Kassandra's mastery the teen turn into a very, very accurate archer, The end of the journey come close, in the distance they spot the city where the deity is celebrating the latest victory "The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed. Are you?" She know that this is probably a suicide mission with low chances of success. "I died a long time ago.... what you see... is a spirit of vengeance" Kassandra smile.
  3. In contrast to Nightingale's portrayal of her, the real Holy Khaleesi Kassandra looks nothing like a warrior tonight in her seat above the theater. The campaign to conquer Draknor had been long and arduous, leaving her excited to take a break from ruling the Khaliphate even if it was just for a short period. The victory festivities had been joyful thus far, and the Swan's Fortune's show had been well anticipated despite some mixed reviews elsewhere in Drakkis. Kassandra was dressed in a soft white evening gown and simple sandals in her perch. Surrounding her was a small group of guards and house servants. She observed the theater performance quietly at first, showing little in the form of emotion. The rest of the audience was similarly devoid of life, speechless and focused, until the green arrow pierced the champion's eye. A smile formed on Kassandra's face and she clapped softly, mouthing, "Bravo." The gathering erupted in a thunderous applause.
  4. Region 2: Draknor History and People Draknor, so christened by the conquering Khaleesi, is mostly inhabited by feudal human societies that long ago chased the native goblin and kobold tribes into the surrounding mountains. Various noble houses feuded relentlessly amongst each other over the region's silver mines for centuries before finally uniting under Dejan's conquest. During the Avakonian Empire's occupation, these houses gradually fell under the sway and power of Abhidi pilgrims who set about turning the region into a home away from religious persecutions elsewhere. The various Kings, Lords, Ladies, and Knights of Draknor gradually and willingly gave up the daily responsibilities of rule until the monks practically ran every aspect of the region for them. Peace reigned as well as religious corruption, even if it was not to be prolonged. Under the black and violet banners of the Kalipsa Khaliphate, the Abhidi feudal states were replaced with a new holy order at the cost of many lives. The site where Kassandra's armies met the armies of the monks in their final battle remains blackened and bloodied, a massive stain of rotten ruin leftover from the clash. All of Draknor's original ruling families kept their seats after bending the knee to the Goddess of the Sun and the Moon though they are held in line by their Drak'ow overseers. Even the most devoted of Abhidi have proven themselves capable of becoming ardent worshippers of Kassandra after viewing her holy might. Those who won't convert, face severe persecution. Geography and Wildlife Similar to Drakkis, Draknor features a wooded coast that is divided by a large and rolling hilly steppe from the mountains that make up its eastern border. Draknor's forests are largely deciduous and thick with deer, bear, and an assortment of other woodland critters. The steppes are largely barren save for wild horses and scavengers, having long been brought to heal by the men that inhabit the region. The mountains remain wild, save for scattered mining villages, and have already proven a great home for the wyverns that have followed their masters south. The most dominating feature of Draknor is a massive volcano rising out of southern Draknor tall enough to cast a shadow over the rest of the land. The abhidi fear the site, filled with the ruins of an ancient temple, and refused for generations to go near it. The Drak'ow have named it Dragon's Womb, and immediately set about studying its magmatic passages. Economy A rather fine and elegant metal, silver becomes a key decoration in Drak'ow weaponry and armor. Ornate inscriptions and beautiful garnishments are but a taste of the wealth this resource potentially brings to the Khaleesi's war machine. Regional Resource: Silver.
  5. Region 21: The Bleeding Steppe (Formerly the Crystal Steppe) Pending Approval Faith Jalyeong-Bo permeates every facet of the 'Crystal' Steppe, with the locals assigning spiritual value to every single thing in the region, whether it be animals, to the moon opals they peddle. Used as grounding stones to better commune with spirits, the Maghyri quickly began to ascertain the truth of these stones, and found their supposed magical properties to be a falsehood. Though the court of eyes now rules the land, they have made no concerted effort to destroy or convert the locals, allowing them to believe whatever they wish to believe in their blissful ignorance of the true way of the world. Geography and Wildlife A largely flat steppe stretching out from the mountains to the north, it blends seamlessly into the Nezran border of the east, slowly gaining more foliage before meeting the great forest. The Bleeding Steppe boasts a healthy ecosystem of all kinds. Lynxes prowl the mountains in the north, while herds of antelope and bison wander the plains. Buzzards and owls fly overhead, and small creatures, herbivorous and carnivorous alike run every which way. Yet in the east, the animals closest to Nezra begin to show the telltale signs of their proximity to the nightmares within.. and with the steppe passing into 'new management', it is only a matter of time before the more heinous beasts begin to journey into the peaceful plains. Economy "What use are these petty gems to us? Acquire what we can, but take care to keep the markets intact. They will serve just fine for our future plans." Regional Resource: Moon Opals. History Once the pride of the local regions for their strength of arms, the people of the Crystal Steppe were fiercely defensive of their people's way of life. Nomadic merchants that wandered the steppes, the people organized into great caravans defended by well-trained guards. Against the horrors unleashed from the depths of Nezra however, many turned tail and fled, and those that did not found that defending merchants from wolves and bandits was not the same as defending them from unending hordes mutant thralls and their vampiric masters. While the territory is now under Nezran control in an official capacity, the Maghyr have done little to keep the realm 'actively' oppressed, and the smartest of the merchants have already begun to fan out in favour of new lands. It is a shame then, that there is no true safe haven for them in this world.
  6. The Dryads of the Misty Wood Queen Atlantia of the Oaken Dynasty Region 22 Turn 5 Diplomacy (5), Military (2), Economy (7), Faith (8), Intrigue (3) Actions 1. Military - Raise Unit 2. Military - Raise Unit 3. Military - Raise Unit 4. Faith - Seek Aid 5. Faith - Convert Region 32 to Dryadic Mysticism Non-actions - TBD News and Rumours -TBD Bookkeeping Next Round: Diplomacy (5), Military (3), Economy (7), Faith (9), Intrigue (3) Capital: Region 22 Faith: Dryadic Mysticism Size: 14 Embassies: 1 Region 25 - Court of Eyes Trading Posts: 4 Region 20 TP 1 - Horses Region 22 TP 1 - Paper Region 24 TP 1 - Slaves Region 32 TP 1 - Clay Military Units: 0 Treasure: 1
  7. And once again, conversion resistance fails. Old Gods still going to remain a minority I believe
  8. So despite seeming to accept it several times, my edits on my Turn 5 post are not showing up (nor is the post itself, half the time) The 5th action's numerical result is an 18. There's some new material in non-actions.
  9. The Purulosii Archonate Vassal of the Avakonian Empire Regions 39 & 40 Ruled by Red Teeth Diplomacy 4, Military 6, Economy 1, Faith 1, Intrigue 5 Round 5 Actions 1. Military - Raise an Unit 2. Military - Raise an Unit 3. Military - Raise an Unit 4. Military 5 Special - Recruit a General 5. Diplomacy - Carve Up Karydes Non-Actions News and Rumours Bookkeeping Stat Gains +2 Military Military Units Blue Mantises - Heavy Spears Red Mantises - Heavy Spears Military Specialisation Swarm Tactics - Roll 2d12 when attacking with greater numbers Trading Posts R39 TP1 - Dyes R39 TP2 - Dyes R26 TP1 - Granite R26 TP2 - Granite R69 TP1 - Seashells R38 TP2 - Sapphire Tonic Great Projects The Dye Road - 2/5 Treasure Income - 1 Reserve - 2
  10. The Grand Duchy of Velka Ruled by Grand Duke Anastasi II, Grand Duke of Velka, Warden of the Great Forest, Protector of the People from the Darkness, Keeper of the Great Oath, Acting Commander of Dejan's Forces in Emjata, Guardian of the Dejanist Faith D: 2 M: 9 E: 4 F: 8 I: 2 [Faith] Convert region 102 [Faith] Convert region 17 [Faith] Convert region 58 [Faith] Convert region 49 [Diplomacy] Velka attends the Emperor's coronation Due to being a vassal of the Empire, it is of course expected for the current Velkan Grand Duke or a representative of his to attend the coronation of the Emperor. Stat changes: +2 F Subactions: Velka signs the Silver Tide Accord at the coronation Nonactions: News and rumors: Citing his heavily advanced age, Lord Tomas officially retires as special advisor to the Grand Duke. At his suggestion, Boyar Andrei Sucran takes his place on the Grand Duke's council, a man well versed in the ways of intrigue but doubtlessly loyal to the Grand Duke and his family. Grand Duchess Alina is once again with child and will be staying in Velka while the Grand Duke accompanied by his younger brother Fyodor will be going to the capital of the Empire for the coronation Meta note: Because I did not realize the dice would do that if I set up multiple dice here is the order and the results of each: First roll: 3+3+9=15 Second roll 5+6+9=20 Third roll: 1+4+9=14 Fourth roll: 1+5+9=15
  11. Here's a new map for Round 5! Congrats on pushing into two regions for those that did, I think we're seeing what benefits military alliances can have this way ;)
  12. Sounds good! We'll get that sorted in the tables. Also remember, you get a bonus sixth action this round as a new player! Spend it wisely! ♥
  13. The League of the Hundred Pearls Region 70 - The Myrianese Ruled by Archon YUAN Ziyou (he/him/his) Diplomacy: 6 Military: 4 Economy: 6 Faith: 1 Intrigue: 7 Expected Stat Gains: +1 Economy, +1 Diplomacy Round 4 Actions [Economy] [Secret] [Treasure Expended] (No roll.) [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Region 69 - Siphraia (Result: 13+2 = 15. Success.) In the end, it was a foregone conclusion. With Avakonian armies on the march, battling war chariots just across the Torrentine, on the one hand; and the Empress' support for Siphraian membership on the other, the fragility of the legal arguments are carefully ignored. Siphraia takes her seat in the Assembly, old animosities set aside. This is, after all, preferable to chaos. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Region 60 (Result: ) [Faith] Kassandra's Crown - Great Project, 2/5 [Economy] Non-Actions TBD. News and Rumors TBD. Bookkeeping Regions Region 70: The Myrianese Claims Region 60 Region 69 (2/2 successes) Trading Posts R60 TP 1: Perfume R60 TP 2: Perfume R60 TP 3: Perfume R33 TP 1: Maize R61 TP 1: Bananas Treasures Turn 5 start: 0 From trading posts +1 Expended for actions -1 Turn 5 end: 0
  14. 1: Yes the 2d8 resistance from Conversion. 2: I'll replace the general with Raising a third military unit they. And ya the 2d12 on defense works well.
  15. Drakkis, Residential district of Obs'dum, year 108 The Day The theater is packed, the Swan's Fortune have been in Drakkis for two years now, building up a certain reputation, they worked hard for this, they took risks, everything need to be perfect, a single error might spell their doom. They secured the largest available theater in Obs'dum, enclosed, due to the rigid weather. In the stands an area has been reserved for the queen, front and center, at middle height, at the perfect distance from the stage, to be on the safer side the troupe kept empty every seat within 5 meters of her, in case she bring companions. The tickets were sold at different prices, the wealthy have been able to secure the most comfortable places while the commoners found seats at reasonable prices, everyone is happy and the theater is filled to the brim. On Kassandra's seat there is another letter, from the Swan's Fortune, written by the same hand Thank you, Holy Khaleesi, for gracing us with your presence, we'll strive to leave you speechless, wish us good luck. The show begin Duck, elegantly dressed, in the role of the Narrator, he resume the events of the previous show, with particular attention to the ending, as the last remnants of the resistance were being crushed by the evil empire Kassandra jumped through the portal, going back in time, a long way back. The play is divided in three chapters, the first one begin with Kassandra stumbling out of the portal, not knowing where, or when she is, over the course of the first chapter she find the answers to both questions, she is still in Drakkis, 180 years in the past, her foe is busy conquering the world. Nightingale portray Kassandra, with cosmetics she has colored her skin black and is wearing a white wig, she is dressed in leather armor, give a strong ranger vibe, on her back a rater average bow has been painted azure and at her hip there is a quiver, inside of it there are brightly colored arrows; it may diverge a little from reality but the Swan's Fortune Kassandra is an exceptional arcane archer who wield a magical bow, the various arrows represent the spells, the red one is a fireball for example, the blue one encase foes in ice, the yellow one is the most powerful, the thunder arrow, the only thing that can kill the deity. This Kassandra has a mission and pursue it with dogged determination, she begin her search for the deity and along the way meet and kill an enemy general, the champion of the deity, this foe is portrayed by Rooster, he wear a fake bronze armor that glitter enough to almost blind and wield a gargantuan prop sword thats bigger than nightingale. Supposedly the armor make him invulnerable. Nightingale "The ending is nearer than you think, and it's already written" After a choreographic fight she stab him with a green arrow, in the eye.
  16. North Baria Region 10 Ruled by Saul Bransown, Governor, and the Council of Nine Diplomacy:6 Military:5 Economy:10 Faith:1 Intrigue:3 Round 5 Actions [Military] Great Project: Road Network 3/5 Defensible stone buildings are dotted along the roads for travelers to rest in or seek refuge in times of danger. Small armories are locked away and hobgoblin guards and messengers with horses attend them. Stocks of water and dried food are also kept out of the sun there. [Military] Special 5: Good Neighbors (2d12 to Defend Neighboring Regions from Invasion) Not only is North Baria unwilling to conquer peaceful neighbors by force, as many across the world have begun to do, but it declares itself ready to step in & defend its neighbors from illegitimate encroachment. [Diplomacy] Great Project: Road Network 4/5 The roads are connected with Baria, Region 8, and Region 12. As each wide, stone road arrives at the border, a small celebration is thrown with gifts for the neighboring nation and a small trading stall is opened nearby with North Barian copper products [Diplomacy] Great Project: Road Network 5/5 Chariot rides are available for dignitaries passing through North Baria, while traders and common foreign travelers can receive passes to travel the major roads. Small shrines to K'nack, the Perijan pantheon, Jalyeong-Bo, and Dejan, as well as unmarked shrines for use by other religions, are dotted along the major arteries. [Economy] Special 10: Economic Unity It took longer than intended and the position isn't quite as secure as he'd wish, but the attempt is made. Non-Actions Resist any and all attempts on Barian TPs, religions, borders, or neighbors*. If a Military action is required to physically defend a neighbor from invasion, I will remove first the Military Road Network, then the two Diplomacy Road Network actions to do so. If I remove exactly 1 Diplomacy Action, I will convert the other into a Military and Sack a Slave TP News And Rumors There is talk that Governor Bransown is getting tired after 10 years of excellent governance. He may step down soon. Grumblings among the varied people of North Baria that slavery is allowed to go unchecked across foreign lands. The newly-elevated K'nack deity has led to new closeness between its adherents and Perijanists. Meanwhile, the religious conversions and wars happening around concern the multicultural people of North Baria. Can't we all just get along? Governor Bransown has proposed to his childhood sweetheart, Eleanor, now a Duchess in Baria (Region 11). Potential Results New Military Specialization Merchant Prince (if still hold 10 TP) New Governor ?!?!?!? Military Forces Hobgoblin Swordsmen, location: North Baria Human Spears, location: North Baria Lizardfolk Warriors, location: North Baria Estenule War Chariots, location: North Baria Human Ballistae, location: North Baria Trading Posts Salt, Region 8, TP1 Copper, North Baria, TP1 Copper, North Baria, TP2 Copper, North Baria, TP3 Iron, Cliffs of Cladern, TP2 Tin, Varqua, TP2 Ballistae, Western Inyaka, TP2 Shipyards, Region 47, TP3 Horses, Region 49, TP1 War Chariots, Southern Estenule, TP1 War Chariots, Southern Estenule, TP2 Great Projects Road Network: 2/5 Treasure Per Turn: 2 Reserves: 2 Technology Siege Killboxes ..
  17. The Commonwealth of Uhrasa Graiar - Region 47 Ruled by Kairos Windrider, Tidewarden of Uhrasa Diplomacy: 3 | Military: 2 | Economy: 8 | Faith: 3 | Intrigue: 10 Expected Stat Gains: +2 Diplomacy Round 5 Actions [Diplomacy] Press Claim to Region 45 Claim gained through: Adjacent Majority Religion Subaction: Spend Treasure (Result: 8. Failure.) [Diplomacy] Press Claim to Region 46 Claim gained through: Marriage Subaction: Spend Treasure (Result: 9. Failure.) A lavish wedding is set, hosted in [[Region 46]] in order to honor the father of the bride. However, it seems that Kairos had misjudged the political situation of the region, and few people worth talking to showed up to the wedding. Perhaps his wife was less politically favored than he was led to believe? Now he has to talk to his in-laws rather than anyone he actually wishes to speak to. [Diplomacy] Attend the Coronation of the Emperor! Subaction: Sign the Silver Tide Accord [Diplomacy] Great Project: Deluvian Athenaeum [1/5] - Develop Paper Waterproofing The realm of Emjata is woefully bereft of a great center of learning. Palaces across the continent hold private collections, that's true, but most are curated to only the niche interests of their lords. Nationalist sentiment in Uhrasa has bolstered an intellectualism movement, and a public library open to all was planned and funded. In a clime as dreary as Stormharbor, waterproofing is a must. Waterproofing preservatives are developed in order to preserve the knowledge that will be kept in the Deluvian Athenaeum. [Intrigue] Secret Action (Result: X) Round 3 Non-actions Silver Tide Accord: Length of Treaty: 8 Years (4 Rounds) Uhrasa gifts a silver trade post to the Grand Duchy of Velka. If said trade post leaves Velkan hands, Uhrasa will reclaim it at the earliest opportunity and return it to the Grand Duchy. In exchange, the Grand Duchy of Velka pledges to defend Uhrasa against all foes until the treaty expires. If Uhrasa needs to reclaim the trade post for any reason, the treaty's length resets. News and Rumors Bookkeeping Treasure Income: 2 Treasure Reserves: 2 -> 2 Military Units: Artifacts: Cultural Identities: Military Technologies: Economy Technologies: Faith Technologies: Intrigue Technologies Religion (Perijanism): Size 5: +1 to Buyouts Size 10: +1 to Establishing Claims Size 20: 2d8 to Resist Conversion Size 50: Undetermined Largest Religion: Seek aid provides +4 to investigation actions and can be taken as a subaction of them Trade Posts: 11 Region 2 (Silver) TP2 Region 11 (Pink Horrors) TP3 Region 12 (Navigators) TP1 Region 18 (Giant's Silk) TP1 Region 30 (Paper) TP2 Region 47 (Shipyards) TP 1 & 2 Region 50 (Tin) TP1 & 2 Region 60 (Slaves) TP 1 Region 66 (Engineers) TP 1
  18. [Military] Road Network 2/5 [Military] Raised a Unit of Ballistae [Economy] Bought Out TP 2, Region 10, Copper [Economy] Bought Out TP 3, Region 10, Copper [Economy] Bought Out TP 3, Region 47, Shipyards
  19. The Kalipsa Khaliphate Region 1 and 2 Ruled by Holy Khaleesi Kassandra I of the Kalipsa Khaliphate, Goddess of the Sun and the Moon, Daughter of Drakkis, Mother of the Drak'ow, Tamer of Serpents, and Bane of Dejan D:1 M:8 E:3 F:8 I:5 Round 3 Actions 1. [Diplomacy] Aid the League of the Hundred Pearls claim in Region 60. A surprise visit from a Maghyr, claiming to represent the Council of Eyes, is initially welcomed before shocking the Khaleesi to her core. His gift of five, exceptionally beautiful slaves is accepted rather awkwardly. Their offer of an accord however, is unexpectedly refused. Kassandra releases the slaves, against the advice of some of her council, inviting them to join her servants as free men and women. She makes it clear to the foreign dignitary that the abolishment of slavery is now a prerequisite to a formal relationship with the Kalipsa Khaliphate. If that wasn’t enough to cause a diplomatic row, one of the former slaves whom joins the Khaleesi’s handmaidens tells a harrowing tale of growing up in Region 60 under the control of a cruel slavemaster. The Khaleesi dispatches a mission of priestesses to this land, aiding the League of the Hundred Pearls in their efforts to foment a growing slave rebellion. 2. [Diplomacy] Press claim on Region 3. (8. Fail.) Following the conquest of Draknor, the Khaleesi sets her ever wandering gaze on a region even further south. It's people already worship her and her advisors counsel that it would be easy to incorporate the territory into the Khaliphate. Unfortunately, the region's occupants are more interested in the Goddess then her messengers whom they pay little heed. 3. [Faith] Convert Abhidi in Region 2 to Drak’owism. 4. [Faith] Convert Perijanists in Region 8 to Drak’owism. Missions of priestesses continue the work of spreading word of Kassandra and her accomplishments across the peninsula. Soon there won't be a soul in Emjata that has not heard her name. 5. [Faith] Kassandra’s Crown (Great Project 1/5) Following a triumphant parade of the Khaliphate's returning legions throughout Kalipsa's capital, the Drak'ow celebrate the victorious conquest of Draknor in a flurry of feasts, parties, religious masses, and even a show put on by the Swan's Fortune. The dark city is more alive then ever before. At the end of days of such festivities, a public ceremony is held wherein thousands stand together to hear an address from Kassandra in which she affirms the Kalipsa Khaliphate's crusade against Dejanism and the crux of a corrupt Avakonian Empire. At the end of this speech, a group of priestesses produce none other then the Blade of Dejan before the hurried gasps of the crowd. It is handed to Kassandra whom presents the sword above her head before she releases it into a waiting cauldron of volcanic lava. One of her generals lifts her now empty hand high and announces that the weapon of the evil one shall be reforged into a new symbol of Kassandra's divinity. A throng of smithies retrieve the now red hot sword and begin to work around the clock on turning it back into its base material under the watchful guise and prayers of the priestesses. +1 Diplomacy +1 Faith News and Rumors …
  20. Day of the Feast of Irekh the Devouring Sky He won. Great gods of the universe, how?! He was in disgrace, the army distrusted him, his own city's troops didn't accompany him... where did it all go right?! Now we need to incorporate Ascalante without ruining it. And those Velkans turning up might warrant a letter to their superior, make sure those dogs stay on their master's side of the fence. My life has become vastly more complicated. Oh well. Raam will bleed for this, so that's something. Day of Morkai the Faceless Well, that was highly satisfactory. The City Fathers of Raam really stepped in it, and now Khurnath has stepped in their exposed brain tissue. Those sheep-shaggers will be a long time recovering from this! Note- Look into finding a way to heal the little girll's hand. At least this example will keep that sort of thing from happening to anyone else. Note- Absent many prisoners of war to sacrifice, might follow Urak's example in celebration. Keep an eye on the Omagruthan priests, the bastards would have the Ascalnteans howling for our blood with all that " the land must be watered with the blood of the heretics" nonsense. Yes, the Dejanists will eventually have to go, but it's far too soon to start massacring anyone in that province! Day of Bhael the Emptiness Kheri is growing up so fast. Might need to send her abroad, lest she grow up believing all of the ludicrous nonsense about how we "beat Avakonia." If she is to rule, she needs to have some conception of the world the gods have placed us in. A realistic one. I will miss her if she goes.
  21. The Holy Kingdom of Khur Region 55 and 54 D:1 M:7 E:3 F:9 I:2 Ruled by Priest-King Khyrus-Kha (Long May He Reign!) From failure to triumph in only two years, the successful conquest of neighboring Ascalante clearly caught the Khursani off-guard. A people who had long tried to pretend the outside world didn't exist had gone from a few missionary endeavors to doubling the size of their nation, absorbing a religiously heterogeneous population, and most shockingly, acquiring a major port city in the form of Tarsis. A great deal happens. Raam- It is a very bad time to be one of the six City Fathers of Raam- not only has Khurnath of Kalid redeemed his prior failure... he did so without the Thunderers of Raam being present in his army. Much of the kingdom starts to buzz with word that perhaps it was the unruly dwarven charioteers that caused the first invasion to fail, rather than the general's personal deficiencies. When Khurnath demands the return of his wives and children, he is horrified to see the state they are in after two years as slaves in Raam. The fact that his youngest daughter has had two fingers cut off of her left hand "for insolence" brings him to a boiling fury, and he demands personal satisfaction. The City Fathers appeal to the Priest-King to forbid the duel, on the grounds that they violated no laws and merely honored the sentence of shame upon Khurnath. His Holy Highness responds icily, noting that any city that makes a habit of mutilating its slaves is perhaps not governing well, and that the whole point of holding Khurnath's family as hostages to his renewed efforts is rather badly undercut if they are abused while in custody. Not only is the duel approved- multiple duels are declared mandatory. Six of them, in fact. And no champions may be substituted without direct proof of divine mandate. The Old Gods being less than prone to offering signs that spare mortal lives, no champions are approved. In one bloody afternoon, Khurnath slaughters the six City Fathers in a series of laughably one-sided single combats. And then, for an encore, the slave-masters who abused his family are brought before him in chains to do with as he sees fit. It goes about as one might expect, with Khurnath's blood-caked hammer needing some repairs after the blows it administers. Some priests in attendance are saddened that Khurnath never studied, as his skill at inflicting both death and pain with a hammer would make him a natural for the rites of Shargaas the Mad Howler. All the same, Raam is humbled... but not restive, for the pointlessly brutal treatment of the hostages didn't sit well with many of the junior officials. Khur-Alak- The Dragons of Khur-Alak return home in glory- veterans of both efforts to invade Ascalante. Their prior experience proved crucial to the success of the second campaign, and their prestige further amplifies Khur-Alak's standing among the cities. Some of them also acquired wives during their time in Ascalante (four years in a place tends to make an impression), and the infusion of outside cultural influences makes itself felt in many subtle ways. His Holy Highness Khyrus-Kha (Long May he Reign!) is suddenly very busy, trying to set up administration of the new province, plus dealing with complaints from the Priests of Omagrutha that the new province must be converted by fire and sword. A few of the priests suffer tragic mishaps, and one who made the mistake of being openly disrespectful is disemboweled while still alive and then lit ablaze, but the mutterings continue. Urak- The Firstborn distinguished themselves by protecting the flanks of the army during the long campaign, and return home to a rapturous welcome. The city hosts a monthlong festival in honor of Shireth- the longest time without human sacrifice in Draxa's recorded history. Some priests grumble, but the signs remain favorable. Draxa- The Sons of Asdramallech did their duty, but the big news is that the senior officer got a nasty case of swamp rot while on campaign and perished. His gruesome demise is seen as sign of anger by Oukranos the Hidden Blight, and the city organizes a fresh round of sacrifices to allay the god's wrath. Kalid- Raam's misfortune sees Kalid's star rise. Khurnath is a national hero, and the Hammers of Kalid are freed from Raam's control. Khurnath's wives and children are given every luxury, and the priest-king of Kalid finds his own authority somewhat eclipsed by the military... until Khurnath makes a point of abasing himself at the temple and offering his tanks to the Gods for guiding his hand- and for allowing him to foil the designs of the soulless Dejanist interlopers. Tarsis- The largest city in the newly-conquered territory of Ascalante is, ironically, the least changed by the developments. The Khursani don't quite dare interfere with the port city's smooth operation, and the Port Captain spends much of his time filling his priestly advisors in on exactly what his job entails. Khur having no serious maritime tradition, they're utterly mystified and a little afraid of these madmen who sail on the seas ruled by Omagrutha and Nibeneus... and who seem to do it in safety. Round Five Actions 1. [Faith- Attempt to Convert Ascalante- Region 54] roll It simply won't do to have a Dejanist plurality in the Holy Kingdom. So priests get to work explaining how any idea of Dejan's divinity is an utterly laughable and pathetic concept, the most egregious form of mortal hubris. 2.[Faith- Claim Size Bonus] (Reasonably sure the Old Gods have enough pull to qualify for this) The faith's spread has given plenty of missionary experience in not simply persuasive tactics, but in choosing which deities from the vast swathe venerated in Khur are best used to broach the subject (+1 to conversion rolls) 3. [Military- Raise a Unit] The City of Tarsis' maritime traditions allow for the raising of a suitably impressive force- and one unlike any other in the Khursani army. Marine infantry deploying in low-slung galleys for coastal operations, but quite capable of long marches on foot for inland operations, the Sea Eagles of Tarsis are most distinguished by the beaked boarding ramps they add to their vessels. 4. [Military- Hold Maneuvers] The lessons of the recent campaign are worthy of study, and General Khurnath holds maneuvers across Khursani territory to improve coordination between the disparate units- especially since at no time has the entire army marched together. Drilling in the foothills of the mountains the Ascalanteans call the Spine of the World and the Khursani are still a bit scared to even try to name, the army drills as one for the first time. 5.[Faith- Attempt to Convert those Heathen Bastards in The Isle of Veyhr/Region 56] roll: 2d6+9 While the killing has stopped for the time being... so have new arrivals of missionaries. The Priests of Omagrutha, already in place and now not being killed off, continue to whisper that the kinder, gentler approach being employed is a lie.A trick to lull the faithful into a false sense of security. The masked priests move with less blood in their wake, but also with less subtlety. Of note, once again, none of them have much to say about Khur itself. (, here's your number for resistance rolling purposes) Stat changes: +1 to Military, +1 to Faith Non-Actions The literacy campaign, a phenomenal success, starts to branch out into more generalized education for the populace. The border with Velka is observed intently, but no hostile moves are made. Kheri, the nine year old daughter of Khryus-Kha (Long May He Reign!) starts writing letters to various personages- including one to the soon-to-be former Empress-Regent of Avakonia expressing her admiration. Khyrus-Kha (Long May He Reign!) also writes to the powers that be in Avakonia, extending a polite request- as he now borders one of their vassals, he would take it as a courtesy if they made sure their dogs stayed on their side of the fence. For his part, he swears not to permit any conversion attempts within the territory of Avakonia or among its vassals without the express request and permission of the rulers, whatever the reply may be. "We may never be friends, but it does not follow that we need to be enemies." Now that they've actually expanded, the Khursani realize they could probably do with some insignia. After a healthy round of vicious bickering as the Five Cities dispute which deity should be most honored by such a standard, His Holy Highness, in consultation with the oracles, hits upon the obvious choice, even if it causes a few priests to tremble in fear- the national insignia will honor Khashai the Serpent, the deity who both guards the sun- and occasionally swallows it whole.
  22. Isle of Vehyr Regions 56 + 57 Ruled by Kiama Jiraa-Biria Amarsin’An D:5 M:8 E:5 F:6 I:2 Round 4 Actions [Diplomacy] Great Project - Birth of A Nation, Peace in M'Rath'Nor [3/5] Fluff Incoming [Military] Great Project - Birth of A Nation, Formalizing the Warrior Class [4/5] Fluff Incoming [Faith] Convert Old Gods in M'Eykro (R56) to Pa'Fron Fluff Incoming TBD Fluff Incoming TBD Fluff Incoming Non-Actions ... News and Rumours Celebration. In 109, Kiama visits her home, the So'Ron of Amarsin’An to bear witness to the results of the Unta Er'vos of her first born daughter. Safiri Garai-Kiama Amarsin'An emerges from the roots of Amarsin'An, a success. A day of celebration is held, and Safiri is taken under the wing of her mother to begin her adulthood. Celebration. In 110, Kiama visits the So'Ron of Irkalla'Ku to bear witness to the results of the Unta Er'vos of her first born son. Onke Vusa-Kiama Irkalla'Ku emerges from the roots of Irkalla'Ku, a success. A day of celebration is held, and Onke is taken under the wing of his mother to begin his adulthood. Every few months, Kiama's camp is visited by a human, identified as Cynsige Saroca. Some swear that Kiama looks upon him differently than other humans. Some days he brings supplies, some days he brings nothing. But he always seems to leave the next day with nothing in hand. Expected Stat Increases ... Bookkeeping Diplomacy Cultural Identity = N/A Embassies = 0 Alliances = 0 Military General(s) = None Units 1 unit of mixed Dinma'ari Economy Trade Posts Number of TPs = 4 R31TP3 = Tin R56TP1 = Exotic Produce R56TP3 = Exotic Produce R57TP1 = Sailbacks Treasures = 0 Faith Official Religion = Pa'Fron Pa'Fron Size = 7 Size Bonus 1 = +1 to Resisting conversion Size Bonus 2 = N/A Size Bonus 3 = N/A Size Bonus 4 = N/A Holy Order(s) = 0 Holy Relic(s) = 0 Technologies Close Combat Weaponry = N/A Ranged Weaponry = N/A Armor and Wards = N/A Cavalry = N/A Warbeasts and Live Weaponry = N/A Logistics = N/A Drugs, Medicine, and Blessings = N/A Reconnaissance and Divination = N/A Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps = N/A Fortifications, Sappers, and Siege Weaponry = N/A Tactics = N/A Regions Number of Regions = 2 Region 56 - M'Eykro Region 57 - M'Rath'Nor
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