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About This Game

Unfathomable hidden forces manipulate life, death and the very reality within Ravenloft. These mysterious deathless beings are the architects of the Domains and have secreted these pockets of terror deep within the Plane of Shadow. With their gaze drifts, they reach into other planes to collect heroes and villains to add to their terrifying menagerie.

Game System

D&D 5e



Detailed Description

The mist always has its own cryptic purpose of claiming people, but these intentions are left in a haze of ambiguity and mystery, leaving it up to the players to unravel the secrets of the realm through their new journey and search for a way back home or a way to live their new lives in the Domains of Dread...

The atmospheric theme of the setting is gothic horror, akin to classical tales of Edgar Allan Poe and Bram Stoker - set in a gloomy world and themed by deep moral choices and one might say dark horror.

Looking for 4-6 players to brave the mists known as the Domains of Dread, this (I hope) will not be a hack and slash kind of game, oh sure you will be fighting, but more importantly you will be investigating, trying to find the truths, helping those that cannot help themselves. All the while attempting to keep your characters sanity and morals intake, just maybe find a way home.

“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”




  1. What's new in this game
  2. No, I'll keep it at 6. And I'll have the first post up tomorrow. Currently away from my laptop.
  3. "This is *not* that sort of establishment!" Replies a curly red-head from one of the tables.
  4. This will make for interesting party dynamics !
  5. hopefully its a bard to witness the epic journey as Maximus slays the beasts of this land to rescue his beloved in his greatest victory yet. (and whatever your stories are too i suppose) ;)
  6. Welcome ! 🙂 Will we be joined by a seventh player? (In case there is still an invite out)
  7. Maximus Human Barbarian 1 AC 16 | HP 14/14 | HD 1/1 | Passive Perception 10 Str 18 | Dex 14 | Con 14 | Int 8 | Wis 10 | Cha 10 Baebia? Baebia! BABE! Maximus called out to the darkness as the fog began to clear around him. Obviously confused given the circumstances he was equally irate. His bride was nowhere to be seen and he found himself in the middle of some godforsaken swamp. The only thing around seemed to be the strange tavern. Without thinking about it He strode toward the door ready to tear the place down if he must. Wherever Baebia was this was his only clue. The massive brute slammed through the door his bulky frame blocking the exit as he looked around frantically, several of the patrons turned to look at him and in an unusual moment of self-consciousness he calmed. "maybe its best if i ask some questions see whats going on here....but if there's any trouble..." The Gladiator rolled his shoulders feeling the weight of his weapon as he approached the bar. In an bold voice he spoke up "My name is Maximus, Brometheus Maximus of Olympus... I am looking for a woman."
  8. I believe someone asked about a beefy fighter type? Brometheus Maximus will be joining the fray.
  9. Did you send the invites to two different players? (If so, I think they will both accept on Monday 😉)
  10. Weekends are more difficult for some. Feel free to get us started.
  11. I sent out one invite, but nothing. I sent out a 2nd, if nothing we will proceed on with the first post tomorrow morning. Sorry about the delay.
  12. - Dhampir - HP 08/08 | AC 15 | Move 35' | Initiative +2 | Darkvision 60' | Passive Perception/Investigation/Insight 14 Since I was in "hiding" mode for so long that I had forgotten, I thought I might do a quick character introduction. But first, as a Player introduction, I have been gaming since Gygax put the rules out on what seemed like mimeographed pamphlets. I played in quite a few MUSHs and Star Trek SIMs as well as the infamous Red Dragon Inn of AOL. Kharybdis (and feel free to spell it without the funky a, which lets me have her complain that no one can pronounce her name correctly) is based in a large part on an Oracle I created for a game which ran for a month and then sank. I really enjoy the Curse of Tongues, which has her babbling in a strange language when she is upset. I really liked meddling with the rlang tags on the old site, someone put a lot of work into them and I hope some of it eventually is imported here. I am going to use it as one of her quirks here, I guess that is what it is called. I will attempt to not overdo it. On to mechanics, sort of. Dhampir race, which 5th has done an excellent job of making different instead of just another humanoid with a strange skin color. Her class is Warlock of the Tome with a Celestial Patron. I wanted a lot of cantrips and I did not like the other patrons very much. Her background is Investigator, and the role I intend to fill is skill monkey and back up healer. Her personality is very outgoing and cheerful. I wanted her to be set apart from the typical grim dhampir. I do intend to dial things back from how flighty she was in the Prologue. A little. These open cast forum areas can bog down in people arriving and trying to find a corner to watch everything and I intentionally tried to get people chatting. She will remain super fascinated by Outlanders, but will have a touch more decorum about it. I really hope to engage in more discussion of philosophy with Cassandra. I picked the Cult of the Morninglord as her patron because it most closely matched Shelyn from Pathfinder. With each of the Domains being slightly bent from the next, Khy's beliefs might be fractured from where we end up at. I do not intend for her stand on "No one says the Name" to be completely correct. I intend to use this color for speaking. But I am not married to it if someone prefers it for their own. I can always use dark red. OOC My Guilty Pleasure is that on weekends I play WoW with my brother in law and his daughter.
  13. Yes. And a beefy type might work out better than a flashing blades type. If that is even a thing now. Am learning the differences of 5th edition.
  14. I forgot some are private. Someone said I mentioned it.... I don't remember saying that but that is my bad. I prefer not to wait to long on everyone opening their applications up. So if you all will just give me a class, I'll make the pick. As I see you all want a HtH character. If that is the consensus, please just acknowledge and I'll send an invite so we can get rolling.
  15. Looking a bit more at the Prologue and character sheets, I'm good with Stanislav or Trystane. For the latter, I've run parties with two of the same class before, and encourage them to choose different archetypes/spells/fighting styles/etc. to feel unique enough, but would also want to double check if they feel different enough roleplaying-wise too, that they're different breeds of Paladin just to let each stand out if that ends up being the choice.
  16. Ditto Done…. I believe. You’ll have to tell me if I did it correctly I usually don’t. A comment was made early on that it was requested and I had forgotten that I’d done it. There isn’t a big, obvious, message like the old site.
  17. A fighter would be a good add. Our wizard has the ability to pick locks and disarm traps. Not as good as a rogue could, but he can. And the Blood Hunter has the stealth area covered. And both the paladin and cleric are heavily armored. So while the cleric might not like the front lines, they could step up if needed. So yeah a fighter to help hold the line would be good. And I second the request to make their applications visible so they can be considered for the 6th slot.
  18. Ah, so we have an invisible warlock. Can they at least make their thread visible? They can then hide all the stuff they want to his, but at least give us a basic description that we can refer to. Right now we don't know race, sex, or even name, so it is kind of hard to interact with. I personally don't understand why people want to hide their characters, but hey you do you. But at least give us something. Please.
  19. I'll go ahead and vote Stanislav Ferenc. He is a fighter, and he seems fun.
  20. That is a good point. I can't see all the applications - : do you think you could ask the players with hidden apps to make them public if they want to be considered for the sixth slot? I must say I liked Trystane too, so I have no problem with doubling up on paladins, even though it could get a bit boring for the party.
  21. That leaves Zandar the Rogue or Bromethesus the Gladiator. Either works for me. I rather liked Trystane in the prologue, he seemed to try and interact -and more importantly, be inclusive and try to reach out to others. But I suppose it might be too much to ask for doubling up on Paladins. But as I look at things I realize, with about half of the group in privacy tags, it becomes difficult to remember which one is which and I may be forgetting someone.
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