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Take to the treetops in chainsaw-powered ships to hunt down the legendary Tyrant's Bloom in the Wildsea! Three centuries ago, the world began anew, the old world ending in an eruption of green that covered everything in a deadly forest a mile high. Now, the survivors eke out a new existence above the canopy, clustered around mountaintops and ruins scattered across a thrashing sea of ever-growing leaves and branches: the Wildsea. Those courageous enough to brave the rustling waves do so in chainsaw-driven vessels, tearing paths between ports seeking fame, fortune, and knowledge; these are wildsailors. In the verdant and spectral reach known as the Florid Sepulcher, a massive rootquake caused the forest to heave, thrash, and grow again, swallowing entire ports and unearthing ancient ruins from far below the canopy. This Shudder is the first sign of the coming of the Tyrant's Bloom: a titanic carnivorous flower born in blood rumored to have powers beyond mortal comprehension. Wildsailors from near and far have come to find it, putting chain to thrash in their search even as they establish new trade routes, uncover old secrets, and discover new wonders. You will take on the role of a wildsailor, crewing a chainsaw-powered treetop-sailing ship to explore the Florid Sepulcher and search for the Tyrant's Bloom, using a modified version of the Wildsea RPG. Come sail the seas of green!

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Premise/Setting: Every fifty years, in the treetops of the Florid Sepulcher, a titanic carnivorous flower born in blood, hope, and death blooms. It pushes its way up through the tangle and thrash, from a source deep in the Darkness-Under-Eaves. The legends that surround this bloom are myriad, but all agree that it will grant those who find it, and avoid being consumed by it, immense power.

Recently, a terrible rootquake shook all of the Florid Sepulcher as the mile-high treetops that its inhabitants call home rearranged themselves in the first sign of the Blooming: the Shudder. From all across the reach, and from far distant, hopeful explorers are gathering to claim the prize for themselves, their motives as varied as the legends surrounding their goal.

You are one of these explorers, come from either near or far to Verdurance, one of the central ports of the Florid Sepulcher. Before setting out to find and claim the Bloom, you need to find a crew—one that you can trust, won't leave you for dead on the rustling waves, or steal the Bloom all for themselves—and acquire a ship to take you across the Wildsea, that forest that engulfed and forever reshaped the world three hundred years ago in a single night.

As sailors set sail in their chainsaw-powered ships to search for the Bloom, you prepare to join them, risking life and limb to find a legend, for whatever reasons you may have...

System: The Wildsea RPG (free rules available here). No prior familiarity with the system required! The system is narrative-based and easy to learn.

Posting Frequency: Ideally, an average of 2 times per week. There will be at least 2 updates per week to keep things moving.

Length: As a GM, I find it difficult to run short games, so this will be a medium-to-long campaign. However, I am open to players dropping in and out as need be (within reason).

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  2. Gonna wait on Helena's choice of action before Alfred will make a decision. He's not going to chase after the crooks on his own but likewise won't let Helena run off alone to face certain danger.
  3. Tharr's mire has kind of morphed into 'I wish I were back home in my tallshank' rather than 'I fear being pulled beneath the waves.' I'm not sure if I want to make this a permanent thing, but he's feeling more malaise and self-pity than anything else at the moment.
  4. Tharr shakes his head, still feeling melancholic. "A Slinger, more than else. I am a Steep as a hobby only," he says, then looks at the tuber he extracted with a reserved expression. "And apparently a Surgeon when the need arises," he adds, his tone one of sour disappointment rather than anything approaching pride or satisfaction. He lays the 'prize' on the table. "If there is anything you know of that bears telling about this, I would hear as much of it as you would share."
  5. You'll have the option to stay another day if you want. Buying/selling cargo we'll do when you're ready to leave and this time won't be a part of the montage, but a separate thing you can all do. :)
  6. 'What was that? Haven't I seen him ungloved? Neat..' Ham opines, double taking on Helena's footwork, Alfred's display, and Kryk T'k's fur. Ham might have heard of the ketra's zapping whilst they were working on Peter, but he hasn't thought that the lightning could have come from Alfred himself. He sheathes the shiv to not scare the fur any further, and repays this Torvek's politeness in kind. "It is a pleasure to meet you. Uhm... Ah... Appreciate the help. Up top. I've never heard a peep out of Kryk T'k's fur before, and I doubt we'll hear it any time soon. Best not let it out of our sights." Ham points towards where he had last seen the scampering injured pelt. With a body built for comfort, and not speed, Ham huffs and puffs as he gives chase, wishing the slinks' athleticism has rubbed off on him. All the while, he worries how someone could get the best out of their friend with knives for hands. On the other hand, Alfred is great at making friends. The rattlehand has quite a handle on diplomacy.
  7. The spade-headed gau chuckled. "That must have been quite an entrance, to have fallen from a storm." He stepped past Park and made a deep bow, the tip of his fungal head brushing the plants. "My name is Shahan Farr; some call me the wandering char. I am captain of the ship moored next door. Your kind friend invited me here to consult." He looked directly at both Atus and Tharr and gave them nods of acknowledgment. "Pleased to meet you." He turned back to Park. "I would be most honored to accompany you belowdecks and out of the rain; this is a fine ship." Niceties taken care of, Tharr ducked back downstairs to the galley, and Park and Shahan followed. As Park led the way, the gau admired the leviathan-bone walls. "Nice seal, this bone. Good choice of material; my own vessel makes use of Exile's Copper. We're all mostly chars on board, and we like to use real fire where possible; metal's safest." The two of them stepped into the galley, where Tharr had moved the table from under the leaking hole Atus' fall had caused and sat back down. Three steaming cups of tea awaited them, and they all sat. "Running water in your galley. Most ingenious." The gau chuckled slightly at his own joke, and held the cup of tea up near his neck. A bunch of small fungal tendrils snaked their way out from under his collar and dipped into the tea, absorbing it. He turned to Tharr. "You make an excellent cup. Are you the crew's steep?" He looked around. "And where is your infected friend? Unless your steep here is the one with the flower's curse?" His eyes fell on Tharr's parasitic tuber, peeking out of the sack Tharr had brought it back in. "Not that; that's much too large to be a manticore bloom spore. Similar in function, though, I suppose." Up above deck, the storm lightened. To most, the change was imperceptible, but Atus immediately realized that Dajel was running out of steam. Her relentless assault on the Spire had relented, the strikes becoming less fierce. He became distracted from his task, watching her dance across the sky. He did not know how long it was before he came back to himself, and his eyes fell on the crater of splinters. It was an easy enough fix; just slap something over the hole. The problem then became determining what, exactly, to patch the hole with. More wood would, of course, match the existing deck, but perhaps something stronger was needed? After all, who was to say that Atus falling from a great height would not happen again. OOC Repairing the ship will require a piece of appropriate salvage and a Rattle roll. You will need to find something appropriate for patching a hole in the deck. :) Regarding the Hakuna Matata stew (marked now on your character sheet), it will allow anyone who drinks it to immediately clear any two boxes of Mire, Mire being negative mental consequences to seeing or experiencing terrible things. Tharr and Tolliver both have one box of Mire, and you will all surely get more in the future. :) Not terribly useful now, but it may come in handy soon.
  8. Torvek shook his head. "No, sir, if it's all right with you, we'll help you out, like y'helped us. I'm guessin' these are yer crew. Look like you need some aid." The ketra dipped his head to Ham and Helena. "What can we do?" The ektus simply nodded firmly.
  9. Shakingly, Alfred drew his glove back over his hand. "Gah...the waves that rustle do rustle on so that the waves that rustle do rustle on so that the waves..." Alfred gasped out in mantra until he felt his emotion stablise and he retied his now sagging tendrils. "I erm...guess I did show you how I spark, Torvek. I think you two might be best getting in the first drink and i'll join you both soon. By the spines of the Ossified Bone Maw-Fish...I really need that drink now...and I just got here too..." He straightened and turned to his two crewmates (or at least the dotted outline where they had been if they don't waste any time like a certain Ketra) "Alright, where do you need me?"
  10. It might be worthwhile in extending the montage for a day. We need to fix the ship. Sell/buy cargo. Rest/ heal. Decide where we are going next.
  11. All excellent questions. You haven't left port yet, so maybe you'll get some answers if you search for them. ;) And I am always fond of conversing in verse. :)
  12. Sevenstones Scene: Pirate's Brawl Helena's right hook connected with Joren's head with an immensely satisfying and meaty thud, sending his head careening into that of his companion. Both of their feathered hats fell onto the stone ground as Joren staggered, dropping the bundled fur. To Helena and Alfred's shared surprise, a stocky gau slipped between them and scoopedThere isn't really any skill Ham has that can be stretched to cover this situation, so this means you roll a 1d6 with no Triumph normally possible. Roll: 4. Due to Joren being quite distracted, I'll play this as a successful grab, but the fur is quite distressed by the knife. it up, using their machete to cut the bonds and free it. It took them both a moment to recognize Ham, though neither were sure how he had gotten there or where he had come from. The fur squirmed in Ham's grasp, shying away from Ham's blade. As it unfurled itself, Ham noticed that the beautiful thing was mattered, torn, and in several places, cut. It was almost as if someone had been torturing it. It easily slipped out of Ham's grasp and began undulating and leaping away from the conflict, heading upward toward the very highest point of the tilted spit. Joren's friend landed on the ground with a loud groan, though Joren remained on his feet, face covered in blood and his eye swollen, sword now drawn. He cursed Helena. "You'll pay for that, you-" he swung as he spoke, but Helena easily sidesteppedVault + Grace: 1, 5, 6. his blade. A crackling sound stopped Joren in his tracks. Alfred, tendrils unbound, was quite literally sparking, voice shaking in rageBreak + Iron to intimidate: 1, 5, 5. You succeeded in intimidating them along with Helena's punch, but too well; they're fleeing entirely! as he addressed the pirates. Joren's eyes darted between Helena, who was looking ready to strike another blow, and Alfred, and he broke, beginning to run in the direction opposite Kryk T'k's fur, down the tilted cobble. His companion rolled to his feet and followed. Both of them left their hats on the ground. Joren's bleeding face did leave a fairly clear trail of blood on the dusty stone ground, at least. Alfred's two friends looked at them all with shock and awe. OOC Helena's punch and Alfred's sparking were enough to fold these pirates, who have taken off down towards the bottom of the cobble. The injured fur, eluding Ham's grip, is now 'running' towards the top of the cobble. You can pursue either or neither. Wavewalk or Vault (plus an appropriate edge) tests will help you use speed to keep up with either, while a Hunt + Edge test can be used to follow the injured Joren's trail, either now or later. It was a solid right hook, and is bleeding quite a bit. :P
  13. Atus hung his head in apparent shame, staring at the words he scorched into the deck as if they appeared by magic, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Dajel just dropped me." he said in a quiet voice looking up at his companions, "I didn't have any control over where I landed. She did drop me on the ship at least and not into the green sea or onto an unsuspecting citizen. So at least I only damaged the Argos a little. I mean, she could have thrown me at the Spire, like an cannonball, so it was actually quite kind of her when you think about it. It's just a little damage. I can fix it, won't take long, I promise." He looked back down at the words and drawing and gave a huge smile, "I did get a clue concerning the Bloom and she gave me a chart,"'he tapped the side of his head, "In here. Does anyone recognize the burned tallshank that looks like a cyclone? Also, I am feeling ... " Atus raised his palms to his waist and with barely an audible sound of his heart spinning, a thick band of lightning arced between them for a moment and he grins. "re-energized." If no one responds and they all head belowdecks, Atus will start fixing the damage.
  14. Park Stadium | AspectsBloodline: Ardent - Tough as Nails (4-Track Trait) - You’re a natural survivor. Rolls made to treat or heal an injury you're suffering from treat conflicts as triumphs. - Ironclad Mind (4-Track Trait) - You are immune to hallucinations, mesmerics and mental compulsions. Origin: Ridgeback - Archaeodermis (2-Track Trait) - Your skin (or whatever you have as an outer covering) mimics the mountain you were raised on. You're immune to keen damage, as well as bites and stings from small creatures. - Shamanic Idol (4-Track Gear) - Holds a sliver of power from a not-quite-god. Deals LR salt damage. Post: Char - Taste Test (4-Track Trait) - You're immune to poisons, and can determine their presence and characteristics by taste alone. - Seasoned Cleaver (2-Track Gear) - As useful on the battlefield as it is in the galley. Deals CQ hewing damage. Increase impact when acquiring dangerous or disruptive specimens. Extra - The Manticore Recipe (3-Track Adventure) - Park can spend an action during a montage or journey and consume a manticore bloom specimen to learn more about it. He must pass one Cook test (done), one Harvest/Tides test, and one Tend/Tides test to fill the track. When he does, he will be able to come up with a cure. - Hakuna Matata Stew! (2-Track Adventure) It can be marked to clear two boxes of mire from a friend. | EdgesGrace, Instinct & Tides | SkillsDelve: 0 Vault: 2 Wavewalk: 0 Hunt: 2 Study: 0 Sense: 3 Harvest: 3 Scavenge: 0 Tend: 2 Concoct: 0 Cook: 3 Rattle: 0 Flourish: 0 Outwit: 0 Sway: 0 Brace: 0 Break: 0 Hack: 0 | LanguagesLow Sour | ResourcesCook Utensils (Salvage) Bag of Spices (Specimen) Tonic of Health (Specimen) Liquid Fire (Specimen) Carrion Weed (Specimen) Manticore Bloom (Specimen) The conversation with Captain Gourmet eased Park's mind during the return trip. The fear of the sky falling ever present in his mind. He was in a good spirit. Again he was being favored by the gods, he won a friend, learned new culinary facts, filled his belly with a delicious stew, and for once he was not robbed by dastardly squirrels or poacher lobsters. When someone is at the top of his mood, he could only fall. That's when he finds Atus at the ship's deck. What the f... happened here! - he lowers his head holding a closed knuckle at his forehead and takes a slow intake of breath. - Dont mind. I wont understand the answer anyway. He presents Captain Gourmet to Tharr. Tea? I fink dat would be very gud now. Captain, you would join us? - He says already descending the stairs. OOC I didn't understand what this Hakuna Matata Stew could do. Could you explain again?
  15. No pressure. Get well soon. On the bright side, spring or fall, sinus infection season means you get more chances to get cozy. Treat yourself. Splurge on your warm beverage of choice.
  16. Ham sets the table and leaves a note about looking for the dance fighter. 'Hmm... Where to start first? Definitely leave Greater for last. We need better coordination and more bodies to cover that ground.' The scholar ambles around town, looking at the other crews' hauls, some appetizing, some intriguing. He asks around about their missing friend, and some enterprising people points him towards the Drunken Cobble. Odd. That was near where they dropped anchor. It shouldn't take long to come back, or at least touch base before pursuing something further. Ham tries to recall anything that might bring to light what Kryk T'k might have gotten into yesterday. And tried as he might, he came up with nothing. Out of the blue, he hears a wet crack. It sends shivers down his body. 'In these streets? Somebody might have partaken too much in libation. Hopefully it's some other crew.' Ham thought about going the other way, mind his business, and steer clear of the mess, but something spurred him on to check anyway. Just in case the prickly itzenko might have started something. He hears Alfred's exhortations, and he fears for the worse. 'Junkers? Wait? A shakedown?' His unwillingness to escalate things bit his behind back in the festive ruin. Ham is definitely not the most nimble, but he doesn't have five legs for nothing. He zips forward and tries to wrest the soul-charged garment. OOC Maybe this is swinging Instinct? Ham can't Vault well. Maybe he can take advantage of Helena's swing? Maybe he can take the last swig of the Breaker's Brew? The goal is to move a few paces away from the scruffy pair, wrap his legs around to steady the fur, using both hands to slip the hewing steel beneath the string without harming the nervous thing.
  17. Tharr sighs and climbs to the deck, tea in hand. Still damp from the walk home, he does not feel particularly eager to step out into the rain, and instead stands in the doorway. He looks at the ironbound's writing for a moment, then sighs deeply. "Really, Atus? Must you?" he asks, already knowing that the answer will be some version of 'Of course.' "Everyone is welcome belowdecks. I have just made a pot of a blend popular in my tallshank. Park, I also have an ... item that you might wish to look at."
  18. Got it. I felt doing the conversation in song allowed more freedom and creativity in your response. The reason Atus immediately scorched the words into the boards... because I do wonder who was at the top of the tower. The guard mentioned 'supplicants'. Which I interpret as Atus not being the only Tempest who wanted to commune with Dajel. So it makes me wonder, did the other supplicants see Atus get picked up by the storm? Did they see/hear/feel/sense in some way what happened? Will they come looking? Do they feel cheated, curious etc? Just trying to enable the emerging plot hooks as much as I can.
  19. The clues provided to Atus are designed to be open-ended enough that you can interpret them as you will and make the story as you go (I will not impose any particular backstory). I have some thoughts, but nothing set in stone. ;) Each one of you also has, or will shortly have, either a tool that can be used to continue pursuing the Bloom (or learn more about it) or a narrative hook that may be related somehow. A fleshy parasitic dahlia bulb/tuber used by Tyrant's Bloom cultists [the Tyrant's Bloom is, notably, also said to be a dahlia] (Tharr), storm riddles (Atus), possibly a chart to the Bloom's last appearance (Tolliver), and a new friend who may know more than he appears (Park). Any one of these, or multiple in combination, can lead you forward.
  20. If Ham would like to head over to the altercation, something can very easily be arranged. :) If I don't hear otherwise, I will assume Ham intends to find the others and will initiate that protocol. I'll update you all probably tomorrow. Apologies for my delay; it's sinus infection season. :P I will also probably put out another ad for one or two players to join you all if you're still OK with that plan.
  21. Atus sat up, 'Ow' tracing an idle tendril of smoke that rose from his body until the tendril became lost in the driving rain. He could hear several raindrops sizzle at they hit his metal skin, and he knew he probably reeked of ozone and seared metal. He rolled to his knees, "Ow', and then took his finger and scorched into the unbroken boards the full message given to him by Dajel. Beside it he sketched the image seared into him, the burned and cyclonic shaped tallshank, with the thunderstorm nearby raining books and scrolls. He muttered to himself all the while, punctuated with an occasional groan, completely focused on his task at hand and ignoring everything and everyone around him. After a few minutes of busy scorching, Dajel's words and vision were writ large, taking up a lot of space on the deck. Dajel's Answer "The spark, a tempest, it thinks it be, The past and future it hopes to see, If the spark, a storm like me, Then past and future shall be thee. First for roots that stretch below; The thunder's gale an undertoe, The whirlwind snared by deadly foe, To free would strike Bloom a blow. Then for stars that burn and sear, One that fell, then lost to years. From its passage come your fears, Born, the beast, from pain and tears." With that done, Atus sat back on his heels and rubbed his chin, with a sound like hardened metal scratching at hardened metal before giving a joyful laugh. Two clues from Dajel, one about the Bloom and one about my past. The second stanza, that's the clue about the Bloom. Atus touched the drawing he'd made. A physical location? He felt that was right, which meant the third stanza was about him. He tried to make sense of it and failed to immediately appreciate its nuance, but his gaze lingered on the last line. The beast? That sounds ... prophetic. Am I meant to be the beast? It was at this moment that he seemed to become more aware of his surroundings, his eyes resting on the damage he'd caused to the ship. "Ah rust it!" he said in apparent frustration and began turning towards the ship workshop for materials to repair the damage. It was then he spotted Park and a Gau he didn't recognize. "Sorry. I damaged the ship. I'll just...."
  22. I only now have realized I made an unintentional pun. Atus may be a little bit shocked. :P
  23. Deathblossom, Angler's Spire: Montage/Scenes Atus—Storm-talk Park—Cookery at the Charred Mantis Tharr—Earning respect in a gardener's shed Tolliver—Striking a bargain Charred Mantis then Home—Park Park made his proposal, and the head char shrugged. "Sure, go for it." Park, with his own small sample of the stew and a spare cauldron build over a chemical stove on the loft, addedCook (Instinct) test: 2, 4, 4, 6. a few choice parts he saw lying around on the butcher's pile, and topped it off with white slug fat. The fat diluted the deep fiery red of the stew, but added an intense aroma that had been absent before. He sampled it, and his eyes widened. He thought it was a definite improvement on perfection. He was less sure about presenting it to the other two chars. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the head char of the operation had been called away elsewhere while he had worked and was nowhere to be found. However, the gau char-captain, Shahan Farr, remained keenly interested in what Park was doing. "Bold choices; but will not that transform the flavor entirely?" When Park finished, he stepped forward, a ladle having materialized into his hand. "May I?" The gau tried a small sample, and his clusters of eyes widened in imitation to Park's own. "That is downright invigorating! Extraordinary; it is like it burns away your worries. And that fat... the texture is perfect." The gau takes another ladle-full. "You should save that. It will be a boon not only in cold moons, but for those who are deeply troubled. A curative tonic for the very soul! And quite delicious. You are a most worthy char, indeed." The two then engaged in conversationCook Test again, without an Edge this time as it is being used for conversation: 4, 6, 6! Park is on fire. about culinary arts and traveling. Park was, by his own admittance, not the best conversationalist, but he knew cooking, and that enthusiasm and knowledge overrode his awkwardness, drawing in Captain Farr. Eventually, the conversation traveled from meats to herbs, and then quite naturally to flowers. It was then that Park asked his question, about parasitic flowers. "Oh, you mean like Manticore Blooms? Very tricky, those are, and very contagious if you don't deal with it. Dried and powdered though, they make for a quite... ah, zesty addition to a stew. Not worth keeping around for that purpose, though; too dangerous. Though powdered manticore can command a high price for discerning merchants. Do you have some? I wonder what that would do to your stew." Park then hesitantly extended an offer to the chef to look at Tolliver, to see if he could help. The gau char enthusiastically accepted, and loaned Park an insulated carrying pot for him to carry his stew in. The two then shared another bowl of the unmodified stew before staring out at the deluge. The thunder outside was deafening, with lightning striking the spire once every second or two, which illuminated the streets in an eerie light. "They say the storm will last a while longer; no point in just waiting." The gau sighed. "Sometimes you just get wet." With that, the pair of them stepped out into the rain. Fortunately, the guards at the gate between the Chitinate and Deathblossom districts were nowhere to be found, likely assuming that no one would be foolish enough to try and cross the gate in the storm. They were, of course, wrong, and Shahan Farr picked the lock and the two of them passed back into the Deathblossom district unhindered. It turned out that the Argos was moored next to the char's ship, the Grand Gourmet. Shahn Farr ducked inside his own ship briefly to change clothes and grab a pair of umbrellas, and then they stepped onto the deck of the Argos, where they were greeted by the sight of a dazed Atus lying in a crater of splintered wood on the deck. OOC Park has gained a new temporary two-track aspect: Hakuna Matata Stew! It can be marked to clear two boxes of mire from a friend. It may also spoil if left for too long. He also gained a milestone: A gourmet, impressed. From the Garden the Argos, in Melancholy—Tharr Having earned the esteem of the Deathblossom gardeners, Tharr trudged forlornly through the rain, letting it soak through his very spirit. In contrast to the comparative bustle of before, the streets were nearly empty now, save for some other souls wallowing in misery, those without homes to return to, and those who do not seem to mind the rain. Those belonging to the latter category tended toward the ironbound, and none stopped to chat to the drenched mothryn. The Slipfang's springfoxes were either huddled beneath what cover they could find on the top deck or had squirreled themselves away below the leaves or dock; they didn't like rain any more than most. Dripping on the polished wood floor, Tharr made his way down to the empty galley, and stewed himself a cup of tea. He sat, alone with his memories and thoughts, trying not to think too hard about the fleshy parasitic tuber somehow connected to the Bloom that he now possessed, until he heard a crack of thunder surprisingly close, and something hit the deck above his head hard. The wooden ceiling above him cracked and a plank of wood fell down, landing on the table in front of him. The rain, which had previously been kept out, began pouring down into the galley, soaking Tharr yet again. Fortunately, he moved his steaming cup of tea out of the way as he himself sidestepped the deluge, so it remained undiluted by cold rain water. There was now a waterfall in the galley. OOC Tharr has now acquired a minor Milestone: A life saved, a flower thwarted. Should he go up on deck, he will see Atus lying in a crater of broken wood, as well as Park (holding a covered stew) and a short-spade-headed gau festooned with cleavers looking on. A Storm, a Fall—Atus Dajel's reply was instant, loud, and insistent. Atus briefly felt his soul begin to become unglued; a sensation not dissimilar from the chameleocuda's venom, but not quite as harrowing. "The spark, a tempest, it thinks it be, The past and future it hopes to see, If the spark, a storm like me, Then past and future shall be thee. First for roots that stretch below; The thunder's gale an undertoe, The whirlwind snared by deadly foe, To free would strike Bloom a blow. Then for stars that burn and sear, One that fell, then lost to years. From its passage come your fears, Born, the beast, from pain and tears." An image burned itself into Atus' mind as the storm played with his spirit and soul; a towering tallshank, blackened as if it had been consumed by flame, its bare branches twisted into an arboreal imitation of a cyclone. Nearby, a thundercloud rained books and scrolls. Before Atus could formulate another reply to clarify, he felt the lightning withdraw, and he fell. The fall was not as long as he had been expecting; over the course of his conversation with Dajel, he seemed to have lost significant altitude. However, he had still been quite high up, and he hit the deck of a ship hard enough to splinter and break open the wooden planking. Had he been anything but what he was, he would surely have perished from the fall (let alone the storm). As it was, he felt quite disoriented and felt something akin to pain from his experience. After a few moments, he realized that he was actually lying on the deck of the Argos. Was that fate, fortune, or deliberate action on the part of the storm? He looked around; the storm still raged, unabated, but the ironbound watched in awe as the spire itself lit up with lightning as Dajel unleashed her fury upon it. The tower seemed to be made of sturdy stuff, and fortified against lightning, so her rage did little to damage it, but it was impressive nonetheless. OOC Atus has acquired a new chart: A blackened windcatcher seared into the mind's eye. He has also acquired a single mark of damage from his conversation and the fall, marked to Lightning's Call. His impact with the ship deck was akin to that of a small cannonball, and so has done a single point of damage to the ship's Seals. He also gained a milestone: Tempestuous Communion. I will also not tell you which clue is which. :P Aster's Scar—Tolliver The tzelicrae secreted away the tubular case containing the chart. "Cuda? I have heard talessss of sssuch a thing. But never ssseen one, or its flesh. Pray, demonssstrate and prove that you have thissss, and for a sssufficient quantity the chart issss yoursss." The ketra stood up, face contorted in fury. "You can't do that; I made you a good offer, fair and square!" The ketra's hand strayed to a pistol in his built, but then he paused as he noticed many eyes upon him, and a bouncer striding toward him. "Watch your back," he spat out at Tolliver. He growled and stormed off, leaving Tolliver's gift of a drink behind. The tzelicrae stood as well. "If you will show me to your ship, or wherever you hold the meat, we can finalize our bargain and conclude our bussssinesss." OOC The tzelicrae has tentatively accepted Tolliver's offer, pending proof of the meat. Tolliver can show him back to the ship, or else make another arrangement to show him that the meat is real. A Ketran Vengeance track has also been added to the ship. A milestone for Tolliver is forthcoming should he conclude this deal. ;)
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