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Take to the treetops in chainsaw-powered ships to hunt down the legendary Tyrant's Bloom in the Wildsea! Three centuries ago, the world began anew, the old world ending in an eruption of green that covered everything in a deadly forest a mile high. Now, the survivors eke out a new existence above the canopy, clustered around mountaintops and ruins scattered across a thrashing sea of ever-growing leaves and branches: the Wildsea. Those courageous enough to brave the rustling waves do so in chainsaw-driven vessels, tearing paths between ports seeking fame, fortune, and knowledge; these are wildsailors. In the verdant and spectral reach known as the Florid Sepulcher, a massive rootquake caused the forest to heave, thrash, and grow again, swallowing entire ports and unearthing ancient ruins from far below the canopy. This Shudder is the first sign of the coming of the Tyrant's Bloom: a titanic carnivorous flower born in blood rumored to have powers beyond mortal comprehension. Wildsailors from near and far have come to find it, putting chain to thrash in their search even as they establish new trade routes, uncover old secrets, and discover new wonders. You will take on the role of a wildsailor, crewing a chainsaw-powered treetop-sailing ship to explore the Florid Sepulcher and search for the Tyrant's Bloom, using a modified version of the Wildsea RPG. Come sail the seas of green!

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Premise/Setting: Every fifty years, in the treetops of the Florid Sepulcher, a titanic carnivorous flower born in blood, hope, and death blooms. It pushes its way up through the tangle and thrash, from a source deep in the Darkness-Under-Eaves. The legends that surround this bloom are myriad, but all agree that it will grant those who find it, and avoid being consumed by it, immense power.

Recently, a terrible rootquake shook all of the Florid Sepulcher as the mile-high treetops that its inhabitants call home rearranged themselves in the first sign of the Blooming: the Shudder. From all across the reach, and from far distant, hopeful explorers are gathering to claim the prize for themselves, their motives as varied as the legends surrounding their goal.

You are one of these explorers, come from either near or far to Verdurance, one of the central ports of the Florid Sepulcher. Before setting out to find and claim the Bloom, you need to find a crew—one that you can trust, won't leave you for dead on the rustling waves, or steal the Bloom all for themselves—and acquire a ship to take you across the Wildsea, that forest that engulfed and forever reshaped the world three hundred years ago in a single night.

As sailors set sail in their chainsaw-powered ships to search for the Bloom, you prepare to join them, risking life and limb to find a legend, for whatever reasons you may have...

System: The Wildsea RPG (free rules available here). No prior familiarity with the system required! The system is narrative-based and easy to learn.

Posting Frequency: Ideally, an average of 2 times per week. There will be at least 2 updates per week to keep things moving.

Length: As a GM, I find it difficult to run short games, so this will be a medium-to-long campaign. However, I am open to players dropping in and out as need be (within reason).

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  2. Tharr looks at Park briefly, aware that something is amiss with cook, but unsure of what it might be. "We would be happy to give you the location of the manticore. Such a thing ought to be exterminated," he says. He looks at the map without touching it, his antennae twitching.
  3. "Yoho...this be a tricky one...avast...ahoy..." Wattson gave a soft beep that sounded like an echoed 'ahoy'. Alfred thought for a moment before he had an idea and dug into his pack for his superconductive pipe. "Now...I wonder if I can send enough amplified energy to magnetically affect the locking mechanism or otherwise break the lock. Possibly will not be too loud or noticeable. Hopefully the rod will be fine as I have plans for it but oh well, needs must..." he muttered to himself before noticing the others and added an extra "yoho" to the end. Looking for a moment that would have fewer potential observers and some sound (crescendo of any music playing or the like) to cover him, he removed his left hand glove, placed his hand to rod to keyhole, and thought about Sally abandoning him and likely laughing at him as any sentient skiff would. Action: If Alfred may, going to try a hybrid lockpick/break attempt using Alfred's amplifier metal rod and his own natural electricity charge (Not sure if these would add an extra dice or two), I will roll it as a Veils and Break (Outwit is the same score as Break and I figure it is more of a forceful lockpick anyway, and the veils is Alfred doing it in a single stealthy motion if possible.)
  4. Sevenstones Scene: Rancid Berry, Below the Waves Cecily crawled into a dark corner to await further instructions, and Alfred and Wattson ducked into the RANCID BERRY. They stuck to the walls, and thought initially that they would avoid the pub-like area and lurk around the piles of wares and haphazardly scattered tables instead; then they realized that the pub was full of drunkards, even at this early hour (or maybe especially at this early hour?), as opposed to sly marketeers keeping a close eye on their wares. Weaving through the drunkards was a far safer bet. The ketra and his skull companion dove into the mix. Ham looked to Torvek and Old Stumps. Torvek smiled sheepishly. "I don' think y'want me in there; most of 'em know my face an' don't like it much. I'll keep watch out here." Old Stumps shook his head and stepped inside the BERRY, and Ham followed after him. Fortunately, even the bartender was half-drunk, and apparently Old Stumps was a familiar enough face that those who did notice Ham simply assumed he was supposed to be there and didn't spare him a second glance. The ektus lead Ham through the market section of the establishment, where there were more eyes, but Ham thought of those eyes as nosy neighbors and let their gazes roll off him.Sense + Instinct (pushing this a bit, but I think this is appropriate for Ham's approach): 1, 4, 6! Whenever one hawker looked too closely at him, Ham subtly shifted around to the other side of Old Stumps, letting him draw their eyes. To his astonishment, this approached worked, and soon they were at the far end of the RANCID BERRY. Alfred, meanwhile, simply looked like a pirate. He had the swagger, he had the floating skull and crossbones, and he knew exactly how to move to stay unnoticedOutwit + Veils: 4, 5, 6. Small straight!. He was waiting for the other two at the far end of the establishment, before a large oaken door with a large keyhole. It was around a corner and behind a pillar, deliberately having been placed out of the way. Old Stumps nodded and tried the door. It was locked. "This durr. Ye knock or get key, ke yah? Bartender have, methink." The ektus said, then chuckled. "Or pixy lock." A pause. "Or smash." OOC Nice sneaking, both of you! :D Yes, the walking cannon would have drawn a lot of attention, much of it envious. :P The door is locked, and you have three approaches: try to sneak the key from the bartender (another Outwit+Veils Test), pick the lock (if you have a salvage that is like a lockpick, the same test or similar), smash the door in (Old Stumps can do that but your element of surprise will be lost), or knock and hope someone on the other side answers and is either friendly or easily pushed aside. Down far below, Myla heaved herself up another branch. "No good comes from sneaking about in the morning, when good souls should be sleeping off the night's revels."
  5. In the rain, on the top deck, Atus watched as the spark from his fingertip created a web of purple and blue chromatic lightning that danced across the cudaskin patch for nearly a full minute, mesmerizing him. As the patterns faded, he noticed that every raindrop that hit the skin also flashed a different color; first green, then pink, yellow, orange, purple, red, blue, green, pink, orange, red, yellow, white, blue... It was with some difficulty that he finally stood, drawn away from the dancing kaleidoscope on their deck by worry for his friends, and the two strangers on board. They had been invited, it was true, but that did not mean they meant no harm. He stepped into the galley in time to hear Tolliver's tzelicrae acquaintance mention the map, and Shahan Farr's offer to take it if the Argos' crew did not. Atus cut across the tzelicrae to first address the gau, who listened intently to Atus before inclining his head. "You are wise, and lucky, friends, that you did not venture into that red grove. Few who venture into a manticore grove emerge on the other side. If you remember its location relative to here, I am sure the Deathblossom would hold you great esteem for giving them that information, and would eradicate the blooms themselves. "Tolliver? Ah, yes." Shahan Farr nodded to his fellow gau. "Yes, I am here to do what I can. I have had some experience in the extraction of varieties of parasitic growths; as I mentioned to Tharr and Park here, it is delicacy in many places. My experience with manticore blooms specifically is only indirect, but I have come to examine Tolliver and add my insights to your own, if he would permit me to." He paused. "You need not feel poorly. This is a hazard only rarely encountered; most parasitic blooms are not so... virulent, and the manticores mimic the appearance of many other harmless blossoms. You did not err; the sea is wild and full of as many terrors as it is wonders." Then, the tzelicrae was the center of everyone's attention, and especially Atus'. It actually hissed as Atus seemed to imply that, perhaps, its chart had no value. "This is not a chart to the Bloom." Everyone could almost hear the tzelicrae cut off a word. "It is a map to where the Bloom once was. There is no chart directly to the Bloom; none know where it will chose to emerge next, but it may have left behind clues when it bloomed last. This chart was wrested from the depths of Inkspill, taken from the grasping hands of a jealous tzelicongress who wanted to only complete the quest it had begun. This chart was drawn by the navigator of the Boughbreaker, who found the Bloom last: Seer-Who-Sees-Beyond-the-Wind. Anyone sane should-" Park, panicking, placed a fresh round of tea in front of everyone, including Atus, who could not partake. The ironbound stared, bemused, at his cup. The tzelicrae, for his part, froze, shocked into silence by the display of hospitality. Carefully, it picked up the tea and took a sip, the liquid vanishing into the bandages. "This is a fine cup. Thank you. I apologize for my outburst. Maybe the chart should speak for itself now that you have heard its story." The tzelicrae uncapped the tubular case and laid a crackling chart upon the table. A corner of it crumbled to dust as the tzelicrae carefully unfurled it. It was a chart of Blossomfall, with Inkspill marked near the crumbled corner, and Port Sakura at its center. Far to the west of Port Sakura, a massive fanged flower with too many petals had been drawn... and a second, smaller flower had been drawn to the north of the port and far west of Inkspill. Two blossoms. Around them, a complex pattern of ridges, lines, and hazards were marked, and a path was drawn from the western flower to the northern one, and then to Inkspill, which was marked with a bloodstain and one word: lost love. True to his own word, the tzelicrae did not speak, and let the others evaluate the chart on its own merits. Instead, it enjoyed Park's tea, relaxing more with every sip. OOC You can try to make some more sense of the chart if you think you have some sort of relevant skill or if there is something more you'd like to know about it, but handling it may damage it further.
  6. Park Stadium | AspectsBloodline: Ardent - Tough as Nails (4-Track Trait) - You’re a natural survivor. Rolls made to treat or heal an injury you're suffering from treat conflicts as triumphs. - Ironclad Mind (4-Track Trait) - You are immune to hallucinations, mesmerics and mental compulsions. Origin: Ridgeback - Archaeodermis (2-Track Trait) - Your skin (or whatever you have as an outer covering) mimics the mountain you were raised on. You're immune to keen damage, as well as bites and stings from small creatures. - Shamanic Idol (4-Track Gear) - Holds a sliver of power from a not-quite-god. Deals LR salt damage. Post: Char - Taste Test (4-Track Trait) - You're immune to poisons, and can determine their presence and characteristics by taste alone. - Seasoned Cleaver (2-Track Gear) - As useful on the battlefield as it is in the galley. Deals CQ hewing damage. Increase impact when acquiring dangerous or disruptive specimens. Extra - The Manticore Recipe (3-Track Adventure) - Park can spend an action during a montage or journey and consume a manticore bloom specimen to learn more about it. He must pass one Cook test (done), one Harvest/Tides test, and one Tend/Tides test to fill the track. When he does, he will be able to come up with a cure. - Hakuna Matata Stew! (2-Track Adventure) It can be marked to clear two boxes of mire from a friend. | EdgesGrace, Instinct & Tides | SkillsDelve: 0 Vault: 2 Wavewalk: 0 Hunt: 2 Study: 0 Sense: 3 Harvest: 3 Scavenge: 0 Tend: 2 Concoct: 0 Cook: 3 Rattle: 0 Flourish: 0 Outwit: 0 Sway: 0 Brace: 0 Break: 0 Hack: 0 | LanguagesLow Sour | ResourcesCook Utensils (Salvage) Bag of Spices (Specimen) Tonic of Health (Specimen) Liquid Fire (Specimen) Carrion Weed (Specimen) Manticore Bloom (Specimen) Park doesn't know about what is happening before his eyes, suddenly the ship becomes a bazar, for a chart. Maybe more than one, and he doesn't understand its value. He thought they would only trade recipes over tea, and be done. So he chooses to remain observing the situation and don't intrude in the negotiations. But something must be done to defuse the increasing animosity on the air. More tea? - He says with a sincere smile on his face, offering it to both newcomers. OOC
  7. Ham limbers up and catches his breath during the descent. All of this moving around has made him forget about shying away from the locals. The breeze feels like it is lifting them up as it slams against the spit. "Thank you. Truly. We wouldn't have made it without your help." The Berry greets them with a bloody gesture, a pool that reminds them of the tufted thugs. "I guess we can't outpace the hooligan." "This might get hairy. Old Stumps and Torvek, do you want to come with? Where can we come to find you after?" Setting foot into the Rancid Berry, the gau resorts to visualization and meditation. The best way Ham thought he could act like he belonged was to pretend he was grocery shopping with his grandma. "Imagine these hardened criminals as helpful neighbors and nosy busybodies. Imagine making your way through the cramped wet market, filtering what you hear is of value amongst the hawking and the bartering."
  8. Alfred tilted his head down to look at the blood then back up to the door and back to the blood. "Curious..." he muttered. He straightened his back and flexed a gloved hand. "Alright, a bit of sneaking I think is in order." He glanced at Cecily, "Though maybe you will have to stay here and guard the way back, dear Cecily. You might turn a few too many heads..." Cecily gave a short beep. "Why yes...that too. Wattson is almost piratical enough looking, so I don't see why he can't come at least. I guess if I do not return in 30 minutes make your way back to the ship...punch core 132. If you are needed I will yell out the punch core, you better be listening." Action: Alfred's going to try the sneak method if he may? I'm assuming taking Cecily with us would have given a cut so if that would be the case I guess Alfred will be leaving her to guard the way back if we take that route?
  9. Well luckily he's got his rattlehand kit on rather than his dapper trader suit! Not sure how bookish he is, he's good at picking up and learning when he focuses on it but is otherwise socially awkward unless it is a matter of trade or business which he has learnt to excel at. He did grow up on a crowded spit so he probably is able to outwit and blather out of any confrontation. But his manner of expressing himself might give him that sort of bookish air. Funny really, the last character I made for this game system was an ardent ghost navigator who was almost always smiling and calling everyone 'friend'. Alfred's emotions are a lot less potentially fake (i'm not quite sure how much my first character was genuine) but are only really visible from the subtle facial feature, electrical jolts, and movement of eye markings.
  10. Sorry, I am late. I agree. Reconvening is our priority, with or without the fur. I don't know how bookish Alfred is, but picturing the two of them trying to blend into the seedy bar seems intriguing. Let's do it. Maybe Torvek and Stumpy are also interested in Joren's predicament.
  11. Ah, my apologies for misunderstanding your question! Your character does have to speak the whisper out loud, and when you shout a whisper your character generally is also shouting it to imbue it with force. However, I play this fairly loosely, and while your character still must say the whisper out loud, speaking it with intensity (but not necessarily volume) qualifies as a "Shout" and so you can preserve your stealth. :)
  12. Would I need to, like, actually shout or just declare I'm doing it OOC? Cuz f I do start yelling uh that might attract the other guy to our location, which would put the final nail in the coffin any sense of stealth I was going for
  13. If you choose to shout your whisper, it will not be a bad thing. If you spend a resource, it will (almost) always have a good effect, as it is no fun for anyone to lose something AND make things worse. :) You can shout either before or during. During makes the most sense to me.
  14. Alright, I do not like how you make it sound like So anyways do I Shout it before or during my next post?
  15. Okies, what be the plan ? Alfred can be good in a fight and is pretty sneaky. Less potent on any agility/wavewalking tests. I assume rejoining Helena is our main goal right now. Slipfang herself personally I think is viable for a quick ram attack but she's lacking any other weapons so in a longer fight i'm not sure she will last against what may be several ships (if the crew are around - and Alfred doesn't know that Helena might just be facing a couple.)
  16. That would be an Outwit + Grace (to try and fake a parley) or Tides (to try and distract by calling attention to something in the surroundings, such as the sticky leaves). Not great odds, but even a conflict will accomplish something. ;) That Whisper also would definitely work for a twist. If you want to Shout it, I have an idea for something... interesting, but if you want to speak it and you have an idea of how it may help, you are welcome to suggest your own narrative twist. Or if you prefer, you can try the distraction and then use the Whisper should that fail/not be to your liking. That's fine with me. :)
  17. Hm... Only Whisper I see applicable would be the "Drowned and Not" one. Though just so I know, what skills would it take to distract/fake a parley with Myla to let the fur close the distance and grab her?
  18. Atus looked down at the cuda skin, colour shifting in the rain- Pretty. Almost mezmerising. He took a knee next to the skin and prodded it gently with a spark, just to see what would happen. Could he impact the colours with his spark he wondered. Regardless of the result, the thought of so many strangers aboard the ship, made him feel ... careful. Slightly on edge. He felt his friemds might need his help in the galley. He tried not to disturb everyone and walked down the stairs quietly, enough that he could hear the conversation coming up the stairs. Someone to help Tolliver! That is great. Atus was almost at the door when the conversation moved to the chart. Tolliver would not fall for a scam, would he? He must know that the chart is genuine? But an interesting thought crossed his mind. He stepped into the gallery with his usual heavy tread. First he turned to Shahan Farr. You are here to help Tolliver? Welcome to the Argos, anything you could do to help him would be appreciated. I still feel guilty that it happened while I was at the Helm. I did not notice my friends being infected in time. Makes me wish I had stayed behind with Biff and burned that grove of red flowers to ashes. Atus then turned to the chart being waved around by the tzelicrae and he smiled again. Another chart to the Bloom? How interesting. Of course it occurs to me that selling charts to the location of the Bloom to Bloomseekers, must be demanding and dangerous work. You know, first you have to convince the Seekers that your chart is real, and there are some mighty suspicious people in the world. All those questions like where did it come from, and you need to remember all those details, because if you cannot, the price of what you are selling gets degraded. After all, making a chart is not exactly hard. It is the story that goes along with it, the provable providence, that is what makes it valuable. And say you convince the Seekers that what you have is real. Then you would have to deal with the Bloomseekers who care about the competition aspect. Making sure that yours is the only chart, that you did not make copies of it. Maybe even the unscrupulous or particularly ruthless Seekers who would go so far as to kill the previous owner of the chart, just to be sure. That all sounds terribly tiring and dangerous if you do not mind me saying. Atus sat down and looked at his hand as a small crackle swirled around his fingertips, and then up at the ceiling, but not to admire his handiwork, rather to see past them to the sky and he smiled. My chart came from Dajel. The centuries old living storm drew me to her heart and talked with lightning, thunder and electromagnetism. I know my chart is real, Dajel is not quiet, her words penetrate deeply. I know that I am the only one with this chart and I know that my friends trust me as I trust them, and that we will do whatever we have to in order to protect each other and fulfill our quest. So your chart, good Tzelicrae, only has one possible piece of value, it might confirm mine. But I am not sure what that is worth. Atus then turned to Shahan Farr. Cure my friend and I will share my chart with you.
  19. Aster's Scar—Tolliver Tolliver, after a moment of hesitation, agreed to show the tzelicrae to the ship. The pair of them stepped outside into the pouring rain. Tolliver was immediately drenched, despite his best attempts to duck under overhangs as he led the way back to the Argos, but his new tzelicrae acquaintance was unbothered by the wet; the bandages it was thoroughly wrapped in seemed to be water-repellent. Tolliver was jealous. They made their way quickly down the docks, navigating the tangled maze of piers and jetties, and the gau only lost his way twice. Eventually, he let the smell of the vessel moored next to theirs, the Grand Gourmet, guide him, and they hurried onto the deck. Tolliver nodded to Atus, who was spreading cuda skin onto the deck of the ship. The ironbound did not seem to notice them, but Tolliver's new acquaintance was very interested in the skin. The gau paused for a moment, shrugged, and then went belowdecks with his tzelicrae companion, who still watched Atus and his skin carefully. Abovedecks—Atus Atus worked fairly efficiently, using bone to create a firm structural reinforcement (and potential spot for future weapon-mounting) and then sealing the exposed bone-planking with chameleocuda skin. Park, Tharr, and their new gau friend said the noise was no bother; the hammering wasn't much louder than the pouring rain, Shahan Farr quipped. The skin, it turned out, was a very effective sealant, and in the galley below the water stopped dripping. The now-hidden bone planking was also very strong, allowing for Atus to stand upon it without ill effects. The skin did have the interesting result of creating a fascinating visual effect on a path of the deck, as the skin still rippled with shifting patterns of vibrant colors; this would be quite eye-catching from above. As he admired his work, he caught sight of Tolliver leading a heavily bandaged individual down belowdecks. He was not sure how he felt about all of these guests on the Argos. OOC The deck has been repaired and the damage undone through chameleocuda-based repairs! I have removed a piece of Cuda-skin instead of the engine piping for this. Because the roll was a Conflict, a (potentially) negative trait was also added to the ship: essentially, with shimmering Cuda-skin on the deck, you will be easier to spot from above. Atus is now free to join the others down below or do whatever else he wishes. :) Galley—Tolliver, Tharr, Park, and Friends In the galley, Tharr and Park, sitting around the table in the galley (which was no longer leaking), mulled over Shahan Farr's offer while processing his never-ending stream of chatter. As they thought, a very wet Tolliver stamped through the door, trailed through the door by a tzelicrae wrapped in suspiciously dry bandages. Tharr immediately noticed two bright red flowers rowing on Tolliver's skin, likely encouraged by the rain outside. One seemed to be growing from the side of the gau's neck, while the other poked was growing out just above his ankle, poking through his clothes. Shahan Farr put down his team, put away his drinking tendrils, and stared curiously at Tolliver. "This is he then, is it?" Tolliver, unaware of his new growths, was somewhat discomfited by the gau char's intense gaze. "Have we met?" Tolliver asked politely. Shahan Farr shook his large head. "We have not had the pleasure, no. My name is Shahan Farr, the Wandering Char. I am blessed to hold the post of captain of the Grand Gourmet next door. I have been brought here at the request of your ship's excellent char to help you with your... flowery problem." Tolliver was not sure how to feel about this, but felt he should introduce his own companion. "I see. This good tzelicrae here has an offer for us; a chart marking the precise location that the Bloom made its last appearance fifty years ago. In exchange, they would like some of the Cuda meat we have." The tzelicrae produced a cylindrical case from beneath its bandages. "Yesss. Here, within this cassse, liesssss a chart marking both of the placccessss that the Bloom lasssst grew. Yesss, two; it hassss multiple headsss. Not many know that." It tapped the case for emphasis. "My crew ssssseekssss to enjoy the finer tassstesss of life, and hassss no ussse for the Bloom. A chameleocuda... we have never tassssted before. For a hefty sample of flesh, we will trade this chart." Shahan Farr's eyes moved from Tolliver's manticore blooms to the newcomer. "You do not say? A most intriguing proposition... we, too, might be interested in such a map, if these ones cannot meet your expectations. We have many fine tastes aboard our vessel." OOC Tolliver has brought an offer to the entire crew: a sample of the chameleocuda loot (definitely a pickled eye and some or all of the salted flesh) in exchange for a chart leading to where the Bloom made its last known appearances... or so the tzelicrae claims. Exactly how much it will cost you will depend on an Outwit/Sway/Flourish and Edge roll for haggling, should you choose to accept. If you do not feel like accepting this offer now, Shahan Farr will snap it up.
  20. Wow. :P No re-rolls, alas, but you can introduce a twist by spending a Whisper: they can be Whispered to learn a secret about them, Spoken to allow you to define a small twist in the narrative in your favor related to the whisper, or Shouted to let the GM greatly impact the narrative in a related manner completely outside of your control. If you flub a roll very badly I will let you spend a whisper to at least make the twist more in your favor. :P I think this critical twist is survivable, though. ;)
  21. Sevenstones Scene: Smuggler's Docks, Below the Waves Torvek inclined his head politely to Ham. "Open secret's a good word for it, sir. The uppity folk up at Great Cobble ignore it for a cut of th'loot they bring in. Grave injustice, if y'ask me, but no one does." The ektus patted Torvek's shoulder sympathetically, and the ketra winced and pulled out a spike his friend had left behind. "I'd love t'see your ship; sounds like a right treat. Always wanted to try sailin'; never got too far, though. The wildsea's a harsh foe." The ektus nodded solemnly. "But speaking of pirates, good mister gau sir, there's a tunnel through this 'ere Cobble that goes diagonal-like from the basement of one o'their hangouts right down to the docks. Wouldn't be much use without a way to get stolen goods up here from th'docks, now would it?" He shrugged. "We can take y'there; it's not a pretty place though, an' the booze sucks." As the place was on the way toward the ship, and they would have to descend the cobble anyway, and they quartet hurried down, Ham advocating for getting the Slipfang and Alfred thinking the ship might not do much good. "Good thing we've got some nice upgrades stored away that may help," Torvek said. "Can't put 'em fast enough to help for this time though, but when you're outta this mess we can make sure it doesn't happen again!" They arrived shortly after at the aptly named RANCID BERRY, a cross between a slummy bar and a poorly disguised black market, built from wood and stone into the side of the cobble. Alfred and Ham both noticed, in front of the door, a pool of drying blood. Perhaps it was from their friend Joren. "They've got a backroom, if you want to try and fight or sneak your way through it and run down the passage. Or we can go to your ship and see what it can do. Or we just wavewalk around th'Cobble." OOC I'm open to working with whatever approach you two want to take here. :) Helena rushed up from just below the branches, swinging up from a thick cluster of leaves directly behind the gau, anchor swinging. It seemed that Helena did not know her own strength, for she swung herself up higher than she had anticipated, and her spectral anchor bashed only empty air. The corsair lost her balance and spun, literally falling onto the lithe gau. A limb broke beneath them as the gau fell on her back, Helena atop her, and the pair plummeted through the gap in the treeline below the waves. Up above, a fading voice shouted in surprise. "Myla? Where you go? Myyyylaaaaa!" There was a gap in the thick leaves and branches here, and the pair fell for a good second or two down a shaft of open space. Helena was able to see the thick branch approaching below them, and rolledVault + Grace: 2, 3, 6. to the side, landing in a thick bunch of leaves. The gau twisted and landed lightly on the branch below, then turned up to look for Helena. Helena was a good thirty feet below the treeline now, in a vertical tube of open space, firmly lodged in a cluster of leaves. The gau, Myla, was another twenty feet down, balanced atop a thick tree limb. It was gloomy, almost like dusk, this far below the surface. The hole they had made was already covered again by leaves, marked only by a slightly brighter patch of dim light atop the tunnel they were in. Myla's eyes locked on Helena. "A clumsy blow." She began to climb up towards Helena, rapier held firmly in hand. Helena struggled to free herself from the leaves, but to her surprise found her legs were bound (her arms, thankfully, remained free). In the false twilight below the leaves, she could see that her legs were resting on leaves that were larger and a brighter green than those around them. These leaves also glistened with some kind of dewy liquid. Based on the fact that her trousers were firmly stuck to these leaves, as if with glue, Helena suspected that said liquid was a powerful adhesive. Thankfully, only her trousers were stuck. On the opposite side of the shaft, Helena made out the ragged form of the fur, which had fallen with her. It was not entangled, thankfully, and seemed to be slowly creeping around toward Myla. OOC Sorry, no re-rolls. :P You can, however, spend a Whisper to introduce a related twist if needed! The fur looks like it might be sneaking around to grab Myla, but you can let me know what action you would like it to take that would match your own plans; it's good at picking up on cues.
  22. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed. :) Bigger update coming for the Argos (hopefully tomorrow, but possibly Saturday) to move you all right along, and the Slipfang probably a hair sooner. :)
  23. Take your time. I hope nothing permanent goes wrong. I can't relate about the mites. The worst I've experienced were ants and the occasional cabbage looper. The twins and the rose do intimidate me to take more Seals. Enough is never enough with them around.
  24. As the others left Atus waved cheerfully and then stared at the hole in the decking he'd caused upon impact. He first cleared away the damaged crate and splinters to see the extent of repair necessary. His mind was split in focus. Part was simply thinking of the repair job in front of him and possibly how to improve it. The other part thought about Dajel's message, and occasionally he would glance at the scorched words in the deck. A few ideas sparked on one side of this mind. The position of the hole might work as a placement point for a new, small weapon. Perhaps something in the future, when he had time, but doing a solid mounting foundation now would save him time and effort in the future. He went to his workshop and quickly grabbed a piece of Cuda skin and some rope and with rapid efficiency set up a waterproof cover over the hole to stop more water getting below. That done, he went back to the workshop and collected tools and selected pieces of leviathan bone from the crate. After cutting any damaged boards back to their supporting beams, it was the relatively simple matter of measure, cut and fix in place, apologizing to the others down below for the noise when hammering the bone into place. He then cut a segment out of the piece of cuda skin, and covered the bone and the join to the rest of the wooden deck, making a strong seal with some resin to stick the skin down. While his hands moved almost of their own accord, his mind wandered on the rest. The chart in his head felt like a small pin of warm inspiration. The thunderstorm with its rain of scrolls, a reference to Inkspil perhaps? If that assumption was accurate, then the cyclonic tallshank should be in that area. But am I reaching? What if it is not that simple? OOC I used the salvage from the ship. The closest salvage to use to repair that Atus possessed was the engine piping. Rattle Roll
  25. I am back from Spain. Work a bit of a catch up. I will try and get a post/roll up tonight.
  26. Well, the fur hasn't rolled anything yet so all hope is not lost. It might be that as Helena misses the fur latches onto the gau's face like some Jim Henson-esque furred facehugger. *Shudder*
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