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Closed Game

This is a closed game, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Game

The ship's mission, you travel to various Galaxies of the Universe to different Earths to collect a billion year old artifact that will lead to human's creator race. Each Earth will be a different setting, places like Star Wars, Star Gate, Traveller, Star Trek. The base system we will be using is d20, so everything has to be converted to that. So the new crew can be from any setting you want, depending on when we can find and visit it, we will pick you up. You need to have a good reason to flee your galaxy and join our crew, then you need to get the crew allow you to join :)

Game System

D20 Future



Detailed Description

 Calling all space adventurers those that are looking for meaning in their life. Our group has found the origins of the human race . In fact we found that the multiple locations where humans have evolved across the universe were genetically prepositioned and our whole solar System has been created to perfectly house the human race at its infancy.

We are in the search for our creators which will take us to multiple different human settings or game systems. Some that we may visit  star trek Star Wars war hammer farscape mass effect robotech really any sc fi setting out there. 



 This is our main quest: The captain found a billion year old artifact that when investigated was the 1st piece of a compass to the creator races home world.

From the information we got from the COLLECTOR on Nowhere there are many other pieces of this scattered across the universe. Mostly on human earth planets. We found that our Solar System was artificially placed in multiple locations across the universe. Each Earth had humans evolved with different local physic rules. These alternate earths are the various system settings that are published for role playing.

Our mission is to visit these earths and find the artifacts which seem to be the catalyst of the creation of the Solar System so they are in the center of the Solar System normally on Earth. Once we've collected the compass we can then use that to point us to the creator race that have not been seen billions of years. We are sure a great treasures and technological advances will be found on their homeworld many have tried to find it none have succeeded so far will we be the ones?


The twist? The captain is a undead demi power lich that pushes us to become immortal as this quest will take many human lifetimes.  His offer is undead others are looking for other ways uploading to machines, using magic or tech to extend life ect. Soon the captain will leave to return on a god mission leaving party to continue until he returns which could be man years he says.

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