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Applications are open for Chapter 2 of an ongoing adventure/mystery, sandbox-style game, set in homebrew world called Trellunnd.

Game System

Pathfinder 1e

Detailed Description

Welcome to Trellunnd

ship1.jpg.55f4c4762b496435db4c57dcffb04d63.jpgThe name means 'Three Lands' in Old-Giantish.  It is a name passed down from ages long past when Giants and Dragons fought for dominion over the world.  

In the present, Third Age of Trellunnd, however, few civilized folk believe either was ever anything but myth. 

But now ominous omens have been spotted, strange times are rising and many missing pieces from the past must be uncovered before it is too late.  



The world is medieval in nature, with sailing ships, cities, and trade, akin to the 'Age of Sail".

Characters will continue an epic journey to unravel an overarching mystery of grand proportions, whilst completing side quests for favor and/or profit. You will work together to survive in a variety of harsh environments, both environmental and political. 

Geographic and historic exploration are major themes, but all knowledges will prove valuable to the learned and all skill sets will be utilized.

The game will include widely diverse themes, conflicts and settings. All unique and intriguing character applications are welcome.

Players with a fondness for creative and descriptive writing are encouraged to apply.


For more information about the world, please refer to the SETTING page. It will be further filled out as players ask questions and characters discover more about the world as they journey along.


Two weeks ago, you awoke, inexplicably, in the middle of a harsh and barren desert with almost no memory of your former lives. You vaguely recall having spent the past several months or possibly years in a non-descript 'Facility' of some kind...

Besides the loss of memory, you share a common trait with your companions. Like the tolling of a bell, you can not escape one, crystal-clear, reverberating thought upon which you feel compelled to act...



In the harrowing days that followed your inexplicable awakening, you and your companions struggled to trudge your way out of the inhospitable desert.

You were forced to fall back on primitive means to fight off wild animals and endure the unforgiving climate. Miraculously, when nearly all hope was lost, you were rescued and brought to a vast and remote military fort city.


Feel free to read Chapter One, about how one group survived the ordeal.

*Completely optional read.

**Much of the latter half of the chapter was separated into private texts as the party became split and therefore may be confusing to read after having removed the private labels



A Tenday has passed since arriving at the fortified, military-encampment.

You are in the merchants' quarter of what is more like a sprawling tent-city. There, you have been allowed to slowly recuperate from the desert's toll on your health.

You have regained much of your memory in the preceding days and can finally recall details about your former lives.

You cannot, however, account for the vague recollection of the "facility", nor how you came to find yourselves in the middle of a desert.

You are without money or possessions and are now indebted to those who have given you aid.

 Above all else though, you feel compelled to heed the incessant, tolling call to... 'Stop the Doomsire'!!

The journey must continue, lest all becomes lost...




All old applications have been moved to the Archive.

If you would like to reuse an old character application, let me know and I will move it back to the Applications page for you to continue working on.

Otherwise, you are welcome to make a new application.

One character from Chapter 1 (a rogue) has been preselected for the coming journey.

The other remaining spots (4-5) are available.


Application Deadline is:


Please submit new applications here.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. The tense scene unfolds and the wanted criminal is mortally wounded by arrows, despite Lassen's desperate attempts to stay his rescuers' hands. In his dying moments, the soldier apologizes for his part in the murder of his commanding officer. He makes no excuse for himself, despite not having wielded the knife nor having wanted the officer dead. And only fleeing out of fear of being accused and hanged. Feeling wronged by his partner, who both stabbed the officer and abandoned him, without word, in the cavern, he tells the group of the man's plans and heading, before taking his last faint breath of life. The captives are freed from their restraints. Exhausted and dehydrated, they wearily, make their way out of the strange cavern to the awaiting camel cart, on which they are all transported back to the fortified military encampment to rest and recover... END OF CHAPTER ONE
  3. Very well, I shall bow out now. If you decide to give this game another chance, please remember me! All the best.
  4. Cheers ! Yes, please do keep me posted. I enjoyed the pre-game and like the world.
  5. Hey! I'm glad you're still interested. For this game, particularly, I will eventually want to trudge forward, even if there are long breaks in action. It's a world I'm building for a book, so it's very useful to me to keep it going. I don't think is going to make it back. He was only involved in this game and hasn't posted on the weave in a couple of months. I will try to pick up some players soon. If this storyline proves too difficult to get through, I may either move the party forward, create a whole new storyline within the same world, or write up some short 1-off adventures based in the world. I'll keep you posted.
  6. I for one would be delighted to continue if that is still possible, but I realize we have lost many players.
  7. STATUS UPDATE: I've gone through and deleted all the private tags from the previous few pages of posts. So, if it interests you, you can see what Tannus and Ichiro have been up to the past day and a half. So, here's my plan. We have three active players, including our new player, who I'd like to get involved in the game as soon as possible. I'm going to send out a couple of game invitations to fill our gaps. In the meantime, and , please chime in with your comments about how you'd like to handle the scenario described below when you get the opportunity and I'll write up a summary of current events that will bring the party to the next stage in the story and out of the desert. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully we can get you involved very soon. After Tannus and Ichiro traveled closer to what everyone assumed to be a shimmering body of water, they came to realize it was, in fact, a mirage. What they were seeing was a vast military encampment of white tents, spotted with blue flags. They made their way to the camp and sought an audience with a Captain there to seek help or requisition some horses to save their friends but were turned down. They were however informed of a pair of soldiers who had recently mutinied, killed their commanding officer and fled. As the Captain assumed Tannus and Ichiro would not relent from traveling back out into the desert to save their friends, they were informed of the bounty on these soldiers and offered 500gp for each of the fugitives if brought back alive. (Half if dead) Tannus and Ichiro were eventually directed to a silk merchant, named Ramshik, who offered to assist the men at the expense of their promised labor, but demanded they at least rest for the night. Ichiro became ill from heat exhaustion and it was determined he should remain in camp. Early the following morning, Tannus and Ramshik made their way toward the cave that Tannus' fellows had traveled, with a cart being pulled by a couple of camels. There, they found their friends, alive but bound by the wrists and under the guard of one mysterious man, named Ames, dressed in soldiering apparel. After some heated pressure from Tannus and Ramshik, the soldier finally admitted that he was involved in the mutiny, but wasn't who killed his commanding officer. It was his comrade, Collier, who had committed the act and who likely would have killed Jinx, Lassen, and the others if not for Ames' contention. It seems obvious now that Collier has fled, abandoning Ames and likely South, toward the only township in the vicinity. There, he'll likely seek passage aboard a ship, to get far from this part of the world. Ames has pleaded with the group not to take him back to the camp, for surely he will be hanged there. He wishes, instead, to be allowed to depart on his own.
  8. Sorry to hear you're exiting. I've very much appreciated and enjoyed your participation and character. I wish you good luck in life and gaming. Wellness friend.
  9. All, Pardon my delay, but I was taking time to consider whether to continue in this Game. My post of 4OCT will be the last IC post for Tannus as I have decided to discontinue play. Thanks to for having selected my character at the start and best wishes for enjoyable gaming to the rest of the Players. -- Vedast
  10. Ramshik, the elder human, who accompanies Tannus, is typically a resolute man. At the moment, however, standing poised with a long spear held in one hand and a short spear in the other, he looks to Tannus for guidance. Ramshik doesn't have a horse in this race, though it would not sit well with him to abide for long in the company of criminals. "Two murderers fled from the Imperial Camp, three leagues Easterly of here, one night before last... Are you one of these men?" Ramshik calls out. The elder man is a law-abiding man of honor and would prefer to do what is right. That being said, he is a simple silk merchant and never pledged himself to the duties of bounty hunting. "I don't know anything about that," the man with the crossbow calls back from behind the stone pillar.
  11. Jinx - Human Rogue AC: 14 | HP: 10/10 | Speed: 30' | Initiative: +6 | Fortitude: +1 Reflex: +6 Will: -1 | Hero Points: 1/1 OOC N/A
  12. The man's eyes grow, somehow, wider than they already were when the two newcomers suddenly and assertively advance on him. He bounces to his feet from his sitting position, crossbow in tow, and immediately moves to put the stone column between him and the approaching threat. "TELL THEM TO YIELD!!" he cries out, desperately, toward Lassen. "I DON'T WANT A FIGHT!!!" he adds, addressing the newcomers. He doesn't raise his crossbow, but watches their movement closely, ready for what may come. "Take your friends! I've not harmed them!! There doesn't need to be bloodshed!!!" the man continues, his voice echoing off the stone walls of the cavernous hall. OOC If Tannus wants to take a shot at the soldier as he begins to move into cover, he can do so, and we'll roll initiative. Let me know...
  13. Lassen - Human Swashbuckler 1 AC (CMD): 14 (14) | HP: 12/12 | Init: +3 | Prcptn DC: 14 | Fort: +1 | Ref: +5 | Will: 0 | Speed: 30 |   Seeing the situation rapidly unfolding in a way he did not expect, Lassen drops all pretense of being bound. Trying to draw the guard's attention away by showing his hands free, Lassen shouts, Guard, both of us have our hands free. Your best hope is to drop your weapon! Then to Tannus and his unfamiliar companion who, Lassen notes, seems to be not an enemy: Tannus, hold fire if he drops his weapon! He saved our lives by providing water, and he has not been rough with us.  
  14.    Tannus - Human Ranger (Infiltrator) 1 AC (CMD): 16 (17) | HP: 12/12 | Init: +3 | Prcptn DC: 15 | Fort: +5 | Ref: +5 | Will: +1 | Speed: 30 | Well met, Tannus!  Chagrined at having their stealthy approach 'blown,' Tannus & Ramshik quickly separated somewhat as they closed with the formerly sleeping guard, both of them wary regarding a possible trap as they were expecting two deserter/murderers. Their goal was to confuse 'Not Collier' by making him look to two or possibly more targets (Lassen & the others) assuming Lassen could act. See Actions below. Note that Tannus is "readying" a ranged attack with his bow triggered on Not Collier.   ACTIONS Tannus: Move: 30' in such a way as to keep a clear LoS and to drop the range to Not Collier to about 130' (from 150') Ready: brings an arrow to draw. Trigger: Not Collier makes any move/standard or other Action. Free (Speak): "Hold! Don't move."   Ramshik: Move: 30' to close range with Not Collier. He will divert from Tannus so that maybe 15' between them (enough that Not Collier would have to shift his focus for targeting albeit he could see both). Move: 30' to close range with Not Collier. He would continue to move in such a way as to not interfere with Tannus' LoS and to present Not Collier with two distinct active targets. He brandishes his long spear in such a way as to convey a skewering. Free (Speak): some sort of feral sounding aggressive noise (intimidating).   OOC          
  15. The sudden outburst of noise jolts the slumbering guard awake. His hands fumble, momentarily, over the crossbow on his lap as he comes to notice the two unfamiliar men standing at the far end of the hall and silently curses his weariness. He feels a panic rising but tries to play it cool for the moment. He shakes his head and blinks away the sleep from his eyes, even as he watches Tannus and Ramshik like a hawk, the adrenaline of surprise still pumping through his veins. It takes him a moment to realize that these must be the men Lassen had mentioned; those who had gone for help. They don't look nearly so destitute though and that can only mean one thing... they'd been to the camp. 'Shit!' 'Where the hell is Collier?' the man thinks for the twentieth time in the past 12 hours.  
  16. Lassen - Human Swashbuckler 1 AC (CMD): 14 (14) | HP: 12/12 | Init: +3 | Prcptn DC: 14 | Fort: +1 | Ref: +5 | Will: 0 | Speed: 30 |   Lassen's eyes widen in surprise as he sees Tannus walk in with an unfamiliar companion. He whispers a quick aside to Jinx: Let's keep hidden for now that our bonds are free. Then he struggles to get to his feet, hoping that his awkwardness in keeping his untied hands behind his back looks as awkward as if they were tied. Once on his feet, he shouts to Tannus in a rush of words, Well met, Tannus! We had almost given up on seeing you again! Who is your friend? Do you have any food?  
  17. Just as Lassen and Jinx quietly whisper their intended plans, something catches their eye at the far end of the large room. A man they'd never seen before suddenly emerges, as quiet as a shadow, from the dark, narrow corridor. He is a thin, dark-skinned man, visibly graying but moves with poise and competence. He wears a thin cloak, sandals on his feet, and loose-fitting clothes over hard leather. He carries a long spear with him and a set of short spears on his back. In the next moment, another man emerges behind the first. It is Tannus! He is befitted in similar garb as the other man and holds a fine short bow out before him, nocked with a white-fletched arrow. Having stowed their ever-lamp upon seeing soft, amber light filtering into the corridor, before them, Tannus and Ramshik step quietly out into the large, dimly lit room, with their weapons at the ready, quite unsure what they would find. Tall, red-stone columns and a high-arched ceiling tell of a once grand hall. Calm morning light filters into the large space from somewhere high above, casting long, contrasting shadows through the room. Near the center, between two of the columns, about 150 feet from the narrow corridor, Tannus sees his comrades, some seated and others lying down and apparently bound by their wrists. Near there, across from the remains of a small, smoldering cookfire, Tannus and Ramshik see a man, in leather and metal armor and breastplate, his face obscured by shadow. He leans back against one of the columns and a loaded crossbow rests in his lap. He sits facing toward Tannus and Ramshik, but he doesn't move when they enter. OOC Jinx's bonds are free.    
  18. - Human Swashbuckler 1 AC (CMD): 14 (14) | HP: 12/12 | Init: +3 | Prcptn DC: 14 | Fort: +1 | Ref: +5 | Will: 0 | Speed: 30 | Lassen slowly moves closer to Jinx so that he can get at her bonds once his are free. He pauses frequently to gauge the attentiveness of the guard, hoping not to alert him to anything amiss. Once he is close enough to Jinx, with his own hands free, he whispers: I agree that we should not attack the guard. But I also don't want to make him any more nervous than he is, so try to keep hidden the fact that your hands are free. Let's wait to see what happens when he is ready to leave, but I like the idea of offering to join forces with him. Once he realizes our bonds are off, I hope it will work in our favor that we have not been aggressive. Once that is accomplished, Lassen will remain where he is, trying to compose himself to rest and see what happens.
  19. Jinx - Human Rogue AC: 14 | HP: 10/10 | Speed: 30' | Initiative: +6 | Fortitude: +1 Reflex: +6 Will: -1 | Hero Points: 1/1 Jinx turns to Lassen, a weak smile on her face. "Well done !" she whispers. "Yes, quick - free yourself. Only untie me if think you can." "The man has spared us and given us water. He seems pretty clueless now; he doesn't know where his comrade is, or what to do with us... I think we should refrain from attacking him or even threatening him once we are free and have the upper hand; instead, I say we offer him to join forces for the time being." she continues. OOC N/A
  20. - Human Ranger (Infiltrator) 1 AC (CMD): 16 (17) | HP: 12/12 | Init: +3 | Prcptn DC: 15 | Fort: +5 | Ref: +5 | Will: +1 | Speed: 30 | Whilst Ramshik prepared his Everlamp, Tannus explored the area with his senses. Not much is evident, but he does observe some faint, albeit indiscernible tracks: no clear ratfolk marks, no dropped items or tell-tales. Nearing the crevice, the ranger's keen senses (Perception Check in Discord = 21) pick up lingering traces of what smells like wood smoke ... possibly from a campfire? He wet a finger to test for drafts of air, but could pick up nothing. All was still and quiet. Ramshik indicated he was ready. Tannus pointed to the ground to suggest that they keep the bullseye lantern effect directed to a spot perhaps 10' in front of them. No point in advertising their presence well in advance. The latter still held his bow in the left hand; right hand free, but ready to reach for a dagger or shortsword. Ramshik kept his longspear in one hand, the lantern in the other. The two moved off. Tannus allowed himself a grim smile of satisfaction: the two of them moved in harmony with the stillness of the cave ... they moved together in silence; they stalked deadly. Discord Stealth Check = 27 (natural 20). OOC
  21. At first, the cave-room seems singular and wherever the tall, arched portals once led, now appear to be fully blocked by rubble. The room is dark near the back. Ramshik pulls forth a small iron sconce from his pack. He pulls a small set of shutters open on three sides of the sconce and clear white light spills out, illuminating the area. As you move slowly along the back wall you come upon a very narrow corridor of fractured stone. It appears to be the only such path leading from the room beside the entrance. As you gaze into it, however, you realize that it is wholly dark within. The light from the everlamp reaches about 25 feet in but you see only darkness beyond that.
  22.   Thank you. Happy to be here. Excited to get an entrance into the story.
  23. - Human Swashbuckler 1 AC (CMD): 14 (14) | HP: 12/12 | Init: +3 | Prcptn DC: 14 | Fort: +1 | Ref: +5 | Will: 0 | Speed: 30 | Lassen notes both Jinx's questions, and the guard's non-reaction. Waiting until he thinks the guard is at least inattentive, if not asleep, he whispers to Jinx: I've got my bonds close to being untied. I can probably help you with yours if we get a few minutes of not being watched. What do you think we should do?
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