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Rules QRG

Quick Reference Guide for Actions
Action Basics:
Special Actions Actions that can only be completed once per Ruler per Attribute at 5 and 10 in the Attribute.
Projects Longer goals that take 3 to 5 actions to complete, have variable effects discussed with GM. Sometimes given by Organizations
Secret actions Actions that are hidden from other players. Military and Diplomacy actions cannot be hidden. Typical is limited to one per round.
Sub-actions Things that are part of other actions, typically for tactical maneuvering. Does not take another full action.
Non-actions Things that can be done for free in a round like supporting someone's buyout or resisting a conversion.
Diplomacy Actions
Host or Attend an Event Host or Attend an Event for the Realms you have contact with to trade / discuss. Make an IC thread for the Event to have the Rulers interact IC.
Diplomatic Mission Explore an unexplored adjacent region. TN 12
Raise Organization Reputation Raise an Organization's reputation with you with variable TN based on current Reputation
Stabilize a Region Remove unrest from a region ignoring the unrest -2 penalty. Does not work on rebelling regions. TN 12
Colonize Dispatch colonists to an adjacent region or a sea connected region with no inhabitants. TN 12
Establish Claim Generate a claim on a inhabited region not controlled by a Player. TN 12
Press Claim Attempt to obtain your claim. Can only successfully claim a region once per ruler. TN 12 claim succeeds in two rounds requiring actions in both. TN 18+ is obtained in one round.
Declare a New Capital Change your capital region. TN 10, TN 18 prevents unrest in the old capital.

Diplomacy Special Actions

Special 5: Establish Cultural Identity Improve a specific type of roll from 2d6 to 2d8. Lost when replaced with another non-permanent CI
Special 5: Create Embassy Make an Embassy with another realm. 
Special 10: Consolidate Permanent Cultural Identity Make a CI permanent that was made with the same ruler. It stays in play unless replaced. Any number of these can be obtained
Special 10: Elevate to Grand Kingdom Change Realm types to Grand Kingdom. Required 4 continuously connected regions attached to your Capital. Gives 6 actions and the ability to have vassals.
Use while a Grand Kingdom with 12 regions including vassals to become an Empire and get the ability to vassalize Grand Kingdoms and get 7 actions.
Military Actions
Recruiting Units Recruit / Raise a Unit or Navy
Deploying Units: Attacking and Defending Regions Send troops to Attack or Defend a region.
Break Vassalage Break ties with a liege. If the liege wants they can force an opposed Diplomacy roll with a TN of 12 to cause unrest in your Capital region.
Destroy Organization Base Make an opposed roll against the organization to destroy a base of theirs in your regions.
Purge Faith Purge religion from a region you control. TN 12
Sack Remove the owner of a trade post from a region and gain a treasure. TN 12
Suppress Unrest Make a region recover from unrest destroying a supply level of resource in the region. TN 14
Quest Send a hero to explore or perform other quests. TN 12 / variable

Military Special Actions

Special 5: Recruit a Hero Generate a Hero to lead armies, guard artifacts and quest. 1d4+6 for their stat.
Special 5: Introduce Tactical Doctrine Create a new Tactical doctrine for use in combat. 
Special 10: Raise Fortress Create a fortress, provides +2 defence for the region and allows for two units to be recruited as one action once per round (regardless of the number of fortresses)
Special 10: Research Military Technology Create a military technology
Stewardship / Industry
Buyout Trading Post Buyout a trading post. TN 12. Contested roll if another player owns the post.
Exchange Trading Post Trade a trading post with a player you have an embassy with.
Hoard Treasure Generate a treasure
Expedition Explore a region bordering yours or connected by water. TN 10.

Stewardship / Industry Special Actions

Special 5: Create Trading Post Increase the supply of a resource in a region you control from Minor to Good or Good to Great
Special 5: Upgrade Resource Change / Improve a resource in a region you control to a new kind. (IE: Cotton > Winter Coats)
Special 5: Raise City Create a city in an owned region. Provides a resource of the region type and +1 defence to the region.
Special 10: New Technology Create a non-military technology
Special 10: Economic Unity Change Realm type to Merchant Prince. Requires 15 trading posts owned, gives an additional action that can only be used on industry actions and allows for two treasures to be used on a single roll.
Special 10: Establish Trade Route Create a Trade Route.
Faith Actions
Convert Holy Site Convert a Holy site to your religion. TN 12
Seek Aid Provide a +1 bonus to another action roll this round of yours or someone who follows your faith. TN 12
Become Religious Head Attempt to become the religious head of the organised religion you follow. Roll varies.
Cast Out As the religious head of a religion you may Cast another realm out of the religion revoking their faith bonuses
Set a Holy Site Bonus Change the bonus provided by an organised religion's Holy Sites based on the quantity of holy sites.
Adopt Faith Convert to another religion.

Faith Special Actions

Special 5: Create Holy Order Create a Holy Order of your religion in a region. Limit of one per region. Gives +4 defence against purges and conversions.
Special 5: Discover or Create Artifact Create an Artifact.
Special 5: Organize Faith Organize the religion you follow. Requires 5 holy sites and assigns the first Holy Site Bonus
Special 10: Miracle An organized religion may request a miracle to provide a some effect. 
Special 10: Religious Unity Change realm type to Holy Lands. Must follow an organized religion with at least 15 holy sites. Provides a sixth action that can only be used on faith actions and a free additional Holy Order in your capital. Can press claims easier on regions that share your faith.
Intrigue Actions
Investigation Investigate a rumour, event, thing or hidden truth of the world. Hidden variable TN depending on the investigation.
Fomenting Unrest Attempt to cause another realm you have contact with's region to enter unrest. Opposed intrigue roll.
Theft Attempt to steal something from another realm you have contact with. Opposed intrigue roll.
Raids Attempt to wrest control of a trade post from another realm you have contact with. Opposed intrigue roll.
Slander Attempt to lower another realm you have contact with's reputation with an organization. Opposed roll with variable bonus to the defender depending on their current reputation.

Intrigue Special Actions

Special 5: Assassination/Kidnapping Attempt to assassinate/kidnap an individual of interest. Opposed intrigue roll. Person's with no mechanical effect do not require a special 5 action, just a secret intrigue action.
Special 5: Destroy Organization Base or Damage Organization HQ Attempt to destroy an Organization's Base in a region. If in a region controlled by a realm and the owner contests the destruction an Opposed roll is required.
Intrigue 10 Special: Spark Rebellion Attempt to push another realm you have contact with's region in unrest to rebel. Opposed intrigue roll.
Special 10: Incite Betrayal Attempt to convert a Hero of another realm you have contact with to your realm. Opposed intrigue roll vs. diplomacy of the defending realm.
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