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The Hook

Several weeks ago, the party of adventurers was returning from a previous adventure when they discovered a cache of scroll-papers. The scroll-paper was made of an excellent vellum parchment. On the journey home, the characters were caught in a sudden rainstorm and the entire cache was drenched. Upon the party's return to Specularum, it was found that none of them were magical. Still, magic-users can always use good paper for spell research and writing their spell books, so the characters carefully spread the paper out in front of a fire to dry out. Much to their surprise, as the paper dried out, writing appeared on several of the pages. The heat had brought out secret writing on the parchment:



Character Creation

Follow standard Ironsworn rules. To reflect the slightly advanced nature of the module, each character will start with 5xp that can be spent on anything, and may take an additional 5 bonus xp that can be spent specifically on companions. In addition to the standard companions in the Ironsworn Assets deck, you may spend 2xp rather than 3xp to acquire a Hireling:


Your hireling is a paid servant. While not skilled in battle, they can assist in other ways, such as keeping watch around camp, scouting paths, bearing burdens, managing animals, etc.

Helpful: When you make a Make Camp, Resupply, or Undertake a Journey action, subtract 1 from the higher of the challenge dice. If the challenge dice are a match, add 1 to the action die instead.

Watchful: When you Face Danger +wits to detect an approaching threat, or when you Enter the Fray +wits against an ambush, add +1.

"I Go First": If you must make a Suffer Harm action in the companion's presence, you may make a Companion Suffer Harm action instead.




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