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  • Aug 27

    Leave of Absence

    I will be taking a break during this time. My availability will be intermittent at best. I will probably continue to work on the campaign offline. However, I don't know if any of my work will be posted online during this time.

  • Sep 05

    Draft Day

    Start off the season by choosing the players for your team! Or, roll the dice with an autodraft with your own rankings or Yahoo!'s default expert rankings. Good luck, here we go!

  • Sep 07

    Week 1

    Week 1 Hurts So Good     The Unnotables Evans Can Wait     GN's Spooky Skeletons Buckeye Bulldogs     Grahams' Grand Team Deck of Many TDs     Nice TD's Gnomish Overlord

  • Sep 14

    Week 2

    Week 2 Matchups Allen a Day's Work     Evans Can Wait Buckey Bulldogs     Gnomish Overlords Deck of Many TDs     The Unnotables GN's Spooky Skeletons     Graham's Grand Team

  • Sep 01

    Ringworld of Ayr - Round Close

    The Round will close at 6:00 pm Central and the IC Thread will lock for the GM Team to process the round.

  • Sep 08

    Ringworld of Ayr - Round Opener

    Round Opener will be scheduled to be posted by this time.   The IC Thread will unlock at 6:00 pm Central. 

  • Sep 16

    Ringworld of Ayr - Combat Deadline

    Combat Deadline for actions impacting other players.

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