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Character Generation


Character Creation



Stats: Please feel free to roll for your stats. Anything below a 27-point-buy and you may use that instead or accept your results as is.

HP: Max per level, roll, or average thereafter.

Character Level: 3rd

Starting Gold/Equipment: Per Class and Background + 200 Sp to buy anything before the game start. (The world runs on a Silver Standard so wherever you see Gp simply replace it with Sp.)

As well as:

a. 2 Common Magical Items to start with for free


b. 1 Common and 1 Uncommon Magical item to start with for free.

Allowed Material: All official, Subclasses from the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn.

Banned Material: Any flying race.

Players Needed: 5

Prohibited Alignments: Any Evil

Supernatural Gift: Please choose a Supernatural Gift from the Mythic Odysseys of Theros.


Please feel free to read up on the setting at this Link: The Serene Holds

There you will be able to find settlements, regions, deities, and much more to help you flesh out your character. The world is much wider than this small piece of land so if none of the areas fit with your character please feel free to have them come from somewhere else, the world is still wide open for world-building.





  • Create a new thread on the (Applications) page.
  • Use the format (Player Name)'s Application to name your thread
  • Please use the Template for your app in the (Extra's) Page
  • Reserve the first post for your application
  • Reserve the second post for amendments/updates as needed.


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