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  1. I see players writing "make something happen". I've been doing that and it just seems going to solitary is your team plan for the most part. There's only so much that can be done in jail that doesn't have bad results. Gathering info from NPCs is the key.   Rather than being active it feels like some players are waiting for me to break the PCs out. Which is why I offered an alternative start since I had no intention of running "Prison: the RPG."   What event are you waiting for?
  2. Alright folks 😐 I thought Banaphone wanted a "prison break" kind of open for this but after about a week in I noticed most players just weren't feeling it. I like the characters you all have made and IMO it'd be a huge waste to see this team of supervillains fizzle into nothing - which is what this thing is doing. So I have a proposal:   I can restart the adventure beginning just after the Insurgency is sentenced on a new IC thread. Instead of the "prison break" scenario this would turn into "a funny thing happened on the way to jail" story which provides an opportunity for the villains to escape in-transit to the prison. I already have a few scenes worked out for this and it definitely would be more interesting than the Gaddis breakfast menu.  Thoughts? @cbenny @DecoyGirl @wtaylorjr2001 @SageBahamut @Bananaphone @Rudolf
  3. Everyone still here? I got a notification the thread was archived. Not sure what that does with BALDR.
  4. So a week will pass. My next post reflects that but I need checks to inform the post: Players need to make a social interaction check using their PC's highest social skill Players need to make an Insight check to notice the 'atmosphere' around Gaddis Players need to make a check using the higher of Investigation or Perception to gain info about the greater facility Again, PCs can go to the Exercise yard for physical activity or to wander, the Infirmary for physical concerns (illness, injury, haircut or shave), the Conference room to make contact with allies outside Gaddis, or the main cellblock to play digital games, read books or relax. Interaction with teammates or inmates can occur anywhere. 
  5. LOL @cbenny nice vid 🤣 and I'll be posting for the group probably late tonight or tomorrow morning-ish.
  6. While we have differing opinions on how long players might take to escape Gaddis, escaping Gaddis is a thing. This phase of the story is not the key focus, it's a puzzle to solve. Once solved we can get to the real meat of this story: World Domination. Apologies if you're bored to tears here and I could suggest getting as much info about Gaddis from NPC inmates as possible and/or actually performing escape-related actions.
  7. Guardbots responses seem to be dictated by a computer logic that Herbert is unfamiliar with: based on his limited exposure to them the droids interact with inmates only if their programming identifies a reaction is "important." Herbert's seen many inmates hurl various off-color remarks at the droids that are ignored. But if certain questions get asked they get immediate answers. Social interaction obviously isn't a high-priority Guardbot protocol from what Herbert has seen and heard thus far. Great to see! I'd like to fast-forward a week so Scylla returns to the cellblock and I have a question for players: What aspect of this situation is your Insurgent most focused on (building team relationships, getting info from Gaddis inmates about the facility, personally investigating the facility, establishing contact with allies outside the prison, staying quiet and out of trouble, forming relationships with inmates, or a combination of these)?
  8. THE INSURGENTS: Day one inside Gaddis SuperMax falls into a routine of meals (lunch and dinner) followed by leisure time as the revolutionary crew learns their way around the multiplex. Eventually the time comes for Lockdown and all inmates wander back to their cells another day closer to their release. As the cell doors are secured the cell lighting goes out leaving each inmate in muted darkness.
  9. THE ACCOUNTANT: MacAllister still as stone stares at Herbert for a few long seconds then smile, "That's our Granny. The consummate conversationalist. Well, Mr. Anderson I hope you have an uneventful time here at Gaddis and a large part of accomplishing that would be to heed my earlier advice. She's a troubled woman and a gentleman such as yourself does seem the type to enjoy trouble. Thank you for your time and good luck."    The screen goes blank and the Guardbots enter to escort Herbert back to the main cellblock facility.    
  10. Apologies there. Short answer: something she said about 'her power and sleeping and reality and how people were connected while dreaming' seemed oddly significant but Herbert isn't sure why.
  11. THE ACCOUNTANT: MacAllister smiles, "'Dr.' is fine and I'm pleased you're finding your way at Gaddis. The reason I wanted to meet with you was to simply touch bases. Confinement can be difficult even traumatic for many people. What can make the experience even worse is let's say the company you keep. All the inmates here are convicted felons. But some here are more dangerous than others. Do as you will but I think it would be ideal if you kept your distance from inmate Isaacs also know as 'Granny'. We've gone out of our way to help her but nevertheless she intermittently has periods of anti-social behavior. It's been an ongoing issue for some time now. Granny can get inside your head if you let her and I assure you that is not where you want her. Many among the Gaddis community have experienced her 'problems' and it causes unrest across the entire facility. If I were you I'd just stay away."   Dr. MacAllister pauses and smiles again as if he was finished then asks, "What has Granny told you?"   MAMMOTH & SIREN: The woman puts her hands out as if exposing herself, "You know me better by my true name: Motherboard. Along with my family Cyber Tribe I've tried to stay busy burning away the deep webs of deception that confuse the masses. For my trouble, I was tossed in here. But ...." She looks around slowly then back at Mammoth, "Despite the circumstances it is good to see you again Mammoth. If you want 'information' let me know. Now I'll go chat with Mueller." Motherboard sighs and exits the area escorted by several Asians including another woman.  
  12. Check result: MacAllister used to be head of Research and Development at Emerald City's AstroLab facility.  Make an Insight check to evaluate Guardbot behavior.
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