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  1. Indeed... thanks for the catch. I must have messed up the initial table write up when the character was created. Updated table and level up information... Now to get work to leave me alone enough to finish reading all the posts and crawl out from underneath some debris or something :)
  2. L2 Incubus lvl HD - d8, +1 BAB, Save (3/3/3), 8 + Int Skill (10), +2 INT (now 14), lesser incubus powers 1/day, telepathy 100ft. Lesser powers: arcane sight, detect good, detect thoughts, suggestion, fly (50' average 10min/lvl with wings) | Sorcerer lvl 2: HD (overwritten), BAB (overwritten), Save (overwritten), Skills (overwritten), Sorcery Points: 2, New Spells Known 1 (Mage Armour), Additional Spell Slots: 1 1st
  3. I understand being at maximum capacity. I suspect that the restart will be primarily one on one threads for a bit, so there will be ample opportunity to jump back in if you change your mind. Otherwise feel free to keep an eye on things for entertainment value if you like.
  4. I'll be brief: the night I returned back in the late fall to start things up again, my teenager totaled a car. Things went to hell without bothering with the handbasket. That said, life has finally back to normal where I'm going about picking up what were deemed the 'fun, non-essential' parts of life. I suspect that a lot of you have wandered on from interest in this game, but I thought I would take a roll call to see who was still curious and would want to be part of what I'll call the spring revival of the game. Like I mentioned so many months ago, I have too much planned for this game to just chuck it all out the window.
  5. And now I'm back from a whirlwind of RL, hopefully will be able to catch up on reading and be able to jump back into play. Paul just runs around schlepping food most of the time, so not much impact on the world when he misses out on things after all. :)
  6. Hello everyone... I've been suffering from a lot of RL that put me into what I can only call 'I'll get to that tomorrow' doom cycle. It's that cycle because you keep thinking you're just putting off getting back to all those posts you want to write by a day, but you rack up a lot of days before you realize just how bad it has gotten. That said. I really like what you all have been putting into this game. And I don't want all that effort to fade away before we actually get deeper into all the goings on that I have planned out. So if you'll bear with me, I'll get my thoughts in order and get things rolling again. I do understand if some of you are tired of the stopping and starting we've had so far, and will have no malice to those that want to say 'I've had enough.'
  7. I'll advance the public scene. Sorry, work grabbed hold of me this week and shook a bit. I meant to advance it on Monday and got sidetracked.
  8. I'm thinking that Paul might follow up on something Michael said about working in the day and leaving the night to others. Sounds like he may have used his ability to show up and disappear to scout out some of the others. Maybe he has a contact or at least a lead Paul can talk hom into sharing.
  9. Week has been hectic, trying to go back and get a grip on what I've been missing in Paul's take on the city.
  10. Julien Male, Medium Outsider (Tanar'ri, Extraplanar, Evil, Chaotic), Incubus, Sorcerer 1 HP: 9/9 | AC/Touch/FF: 14/13/11 | Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wis/Cha: +2/+3/+1/+1/+0/+6 | F/R/W: +3/+5/+2 | Speed: 30ft Julien moves on in, following after Brandisher at least halfway up the stairs to get a view of what's going on up there. "Anything up there?" he calls out as he closes the distance a bit. Then as he draws closer, "What is that dreadful noise?"  
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