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  1. I'm sorry but I inform all GM and players that Kaeon and me will be on vacations from tomorrow until the 14th of July. Please bot if needed.
  2. (I think Kaeon has no possibility to heal. Neither do I.) The half elf replies: "Let's be cautious." He draws his weapon and forms his solar shield to raise it.
  3. The half elf continues to fire towards the foe. Membrane holdout pistol Damage Reflex Then he raises his shield. (photon 2)
  4. (I think Dmerilo and Kaeon would have used a resolve during the rest) The half elf tries to react to the electric arc. Reflex Then he enters photon mode and draws his pistol and fires. Membrane holdout pistol Damage (photon 1)
  5. The half elf smiles to Dmerilo. "Well some of us should probably get a rest before we continue."
  6. The solarian moves forward and fires again. Membrane holdout pistol Damage Crit! -> 1d6 burn (photon 2)
  7. The solarian enters in photon mode and draws his weapon to fire. Membrane holdout pistol Damage (photon 1)
  8. "Well, no use to tell they must not get the last console online. Possibly they sent someone to the next inhabited planet. But they also could have sent them to another planet. Where should we go? To the inhabited one?"
  9. The solarian moves towards the airlock and fires towards the Jangly man. membrane holdout pistol Damage
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