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Round 11: Taumara's Supplication


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Times in Altarin were tumultuous. Though the seas and skies had been calmed, the ghouls and disease cropped up like unwelcome weeds and pests. Arms, medicines, and outside help were already enacted, thus leaving room for those turning to faith to come forward. While the Sisters' aid was welcome, Tete-kāno had insisted that they work together. Unfortunately, it seems that the Elevated Sister had forgotten previous statements: that active demagoguing was not allowed.

However, in these troubling times, Tete-kāno was willing to forgive and move forward, to turn the other petal for now.

Thus, as the Myrkran and the Toteharu worked together to hold a religious festival, word went out to all those on Altarin - Sisters included - that their prayers to Taumara would be in earnest on that day.


Throughout Toteharu - the capitol - roofing was peeled back, great basins made of stone or tin were filled with slow-burning mosses and greenwood. Dozens of braziers and polished mirrors line the streets of Toteharu, Tiaho-Pouri, and Tio-Kao all at once. At the height of the lengthy summer days, the toteharu of all three would work together in study, work-games, and prayer and adulation for the gift of life.

Tete-kāno stood atop it all, a speech prepared.

"The world today, blanketed in new and unusual dangers at every cycle, is one in flux. It is one where Taumaru has bloated and is being forced to fester. Taumaru is struggling and calling for help from Taumara, from us. There are things in this world that fester in the darkness where they deny Taumaru's cycle.

So let us pray and supplicate to Taumara to aid both twins in burning away these dark times. Let our bonfires and minds sing to one another in grand designs and work towards our own deserved time in the Shade!"

They may not be speaking directly to the Sisters and those who converted in the second half, but the tone and wording makes the message clear: This was the first and last warning to those who converted The Twin's faithful.

"To those who doubt our words, to those whose faith is shaken by these times, the Twins know forgiveness and desire understanding and cooperation where possible. We ideally have the same goals. Cast aside ulterior motives, reinforce your faith, and heed the past as we head for the future. Let us not become isolated or divided."


For a full week surrounding the Summer equinox, the plants made a celebration of keeping the fires of the three largest settlements burning and worked as long as the clergy deemed healthful and productive. Games were made of those who could finish the finest tin panels, of who could mend sails with the least stitching showing, and all manner of tests of skill and efficacy at domestic and industrial arts.

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