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Eupha's Training (In Character)


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Tucked away in some mountains in Midgard, a place exists known as Afkolega that is the home of the 'afkomendur hins guðlega' or translated into common tongue, descendants of the divine. It is not fully known how it began, but ancient writings tell of a story about how in an effort to aid the mortals of Midgard, the gods, goddesses and their divine aides came down to Midgard and joined with both man and woman and created lineages of half mortals/half divine and while for a while these lineages produced heroes and others who advanced the knowledge of man and helped man thrive, something happened that threw the balance in the nine realms off causing several disasters that consumed several kingdoms in Midgard and the thought was that it was these divine blood that were the cause of it. Although this was not the truth, the fear of these people's powers caused many to drive them away and the knowledge that they shared was cast away as well and treated as power that should only be used by the gods. The gods and goddesses seeing that these people needed protecting created a place for them within Midgard so that they could be watched over and protected and for many generations that place has existed as a sanctuary for those with powers of the divine where they could safely learn and harness their divine powers.

This is where the story of our heroine Eupha begins, it has been several months since she has come to Afkolega seeking knowledge and training for her powers and swordsplay and although she hasn't reached her peak yet, each day she feels like she is one step closer to Valhalla.

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When Eupha came at the training dummy with her jumping slash her attack angle was quite off causing her sword to bounce off the dummy's armor causing a slight recoil against Eupha sending a bit of pain to shoot up her arm. She recovered and bought her shield up to bash the dummy with her shield and hit decently.

The day's training coach a rather hardened warrior was watching Eupha's training. He had slight respect for the young woman's willingness to embrace her hertiage and make something of herself but he knew she still had room to grow

"Got to watch yourself on that lass." He commented "if ye come at a real warrior like that. They are likely to get a blade in you before you them"

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Yeah, kinda figured. Just thought I'd try something that requires some hand eye coordination for future reference. And it seems my coordination was off.

*sets down my sword to rub out the pain a little bit*

I'm sure it'll get better with some more practice.

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"Aye that it should," The coach agreed

"Hrolleif! Hrolleif!" An excited male voice called out as a young man came running into the field. The expression on his face shown concern

The coach looked at the young man "what is it Tor,"

"we just got a horn for aid, according to the sound it's one of the young hunting parties under Lord Eric,

Hrolleif gained a frown "a mug of ale says they provoked a bear and it chased them up a tree." He grumbled

"I'll put two mugs to that, it's Hakon's horn that's sounding."

A cross look flashed across the old warrior's face "why does that whelp insist on getting into trouble." He grumbled "Go tell the chief, I'll be taking a few recruits and going out to aid his son, we should make it back by nightfall but if we don't, don't bother sending more out for us, we'll be back by noon high tomorrow"

"Yes Sir." Tor ran off

Hrolleif exhaled through his beard

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Hrolleif hummed as he gave a nod "I know you won't. Let's go."


After about 15 minutes of gathering a few recruits, Hrolleif set off with Eupha to find themselves the chief's son, fortunately for the search party Royd a skilled tracker was available for them and was currently leading the squad following some sort of trail that people like him could figure out and with this aid they soon found their horn sounder Hakon, a rather handsome looking young man who despite Hrolleif's annoyance seemed like he could handle himself in combat. However it didn't seem like bears were the issue in fact the 'prince' seemed to be all alone

Hakon sighed in relief as he saw the party, "Royd, Coach Hrolleif praise the gods you came"

Hrolleif grunted as he approached the prince "what's going on boy, where's your squad"

Hakon made a noise "well couple of the guys and I were out doing our hunting and when Tolen came across some sort of hole in the ground that went into an underground cave, on a courage test Tolen went into it to explore it and for a few minutes he seemed fine but then called the guys saying he found some sort of treasure chamber and wanted some aid to get the stuff out and the other guys and I went in and saw then we felt a slight rumble and then the ground opened up and swallowed them. I called to them, and they replied saying that the floor caved in and now they were trapped. I climbed out and then sounded a horn to get aid because I knew they needed it"

Hrolleif growled "and this is exactly why I try and tell you whelps when you discover a hole to a cave to let people know before you go exploring it, who knows what could be down there! It could have easily been a wild animal den or some other type of monster den."

Hakon made a face "oh come on coach, it wasn't that deep of a cave we would have been in and out had the floor not collapsed."

Hrolleif grunted "uh huh... where's the hole."

Hakon pointed "over there."

A short trek over showed a small hole that broke into the ceiling of a dark cave. Someone had put a small light down the hole illuminating the entrance showing that indeed it was an underground cave about 8 feet tall and wide enough so that most could go in one at a time

Hrolleif growled as he looked at the hole "you whelps always find the small holes to get into... Royd can you fit in there."

"I think so sir," Royd stated "let me see." He worked himself into the hole and slipped in feet first and landed with a grunt "yep, I fit, but I don't think you can sir, Eupha might."

Hrolleif growled "Eupha see if you can get into it."


Skill Check: Hole Squeeze

alright player here's your first skill check for this mission, to get into the cave, you gonna have to either slip your way in using dexterity and acrobatics, or force your way in using strength and Athletics. Please choose one and I'll explain in the OOC topic how you can determine if you succeeded or not.


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I'll go for it, coach.

*Gets into position and proceeds to force my figure through*

Look out below! *With only slight difficulty, I manage to slip my way through and even land upright with Valkyrian grace*

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Eupha managed to get herself through the hole with only a little difficulty

Hrolleif grunted "alright you two, go find those whelps and bring them back here.

Hakon grunted "Coach let me go too I can lead them right to them."

Hrolleif grunted "oh no you don't boy, you're going to help me build them a way out of that hole.

Hakon made a face "oh come coach my group found the treasure first."

"and when we get your lost troop out of the trap they fell in and back to the surface then we'll talk about discovering a treasure."

Hakon growled

Royd chuckled then lightly nudged Eupha "Coach always gives the prince the hardest time especially when he has to aid. Come on I think I know exactly which way they went." He pointed down the tunnel.

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Royd chuckles at the line "aye aye."

The duo would make their way through the tunnel and soon come out into a room that had been lit up with torches and glittered with treasure however what was notable was the chasm that was in the middle of the room that had caused the floor to collapse taking some of the treasures with it

Royd whistled "whoa what a find..." He hummed as he walked over to the chasm "Oy, anyone alive down there."

A couple of pained groans were heard.

"Royd? Royd is that you?" A male voice called out

"Aye, it's me, Coach sent me and Eupha to get you all out.

"oh great the coach." A second voice muttered "he's going to give us an earful for sure..."

"told ya that was going to happen." A third stated

Royd chuckled "Hakon already taking it, anyone hurt bad,"

"nah just a few bumps, a couple of scrapes but this hole pretty deep, I don't think we can climb out."

Royd chuckled "not to worry guys I'm prepared." He pulled out a pre knotted hemp rope and threw one end down the hole "here you go."

"Thank Royd,"

A low growl would be heard "you will not take my food..."

Royd grunted as he looked to the left "huh?"

A low hungry growl was heard as a thin and gaunt humanoid creature was behind some treasure raised it hand and made a noise.

The torches blew out plunging the room into darkness but thankfully for Eupha she could see in the dark although everything looked grayish and without color.

"those who enter here, are my food..." The creature hissed "I will eat you all..."

Royd grunted "and looks like coach was right again, there is a monster in this cave."

"I feed in darkness, be still I will be quick." The Monster hissed

~~~ Initiating Combat Sequence! ~~~

(5) Low Level Combat | D&D/TTRPG Battle/Combat/Fight Music | 1 Hour - YouTube

Player please roll initiative, Initiative is a d20 dice plus your dexterity mod, this will determine if you or the monster goes first.


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Initiative determined Player 10, vs Enemy 17, Enemy gets the first go.


The monster snickered as it moved towards Eupha, it seemed to have what appeared to be a length of chain in its thin hands. It made a noise and attacked with the chain.

Monster Attack 10 vs Eupha's AC 18, (Missed/Block)

The Chain bounced off Eupha shield

The monster hissed "Stupid armor..." It hissed then slunk backward attempting to hide however this made an opening for a counter attack

Eupha, you have a chance to counter, you can attack using your long sword by rolling a d20 and adding 5 to it, see if you can counter him

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Bam counter successful, you slash your sword against the retreating monster and get a piece of him. He hisses in pain and slips behind some treasure and takes cover and seems to start blending into it almost like he's becoming it.

It is now your turn, if you choose to pursue, you'll have to deal with determining where he is among the treasures as he blends in and hides among them. Your attack will be at disadvantage due to him hiding forcing you to roll 2 d20s and taking the lower one and then adding 5 to that one.

However you do have other attack options at your disposal, you have recently unlocked the Magic ability Sacred Flame, this attack will auto target an opponent in a 60 foot range and attempt to fry them with a burst of divine light. They will have a chance to dodge but it counters any benefits of hiding and cover making the overall attack more accurate. It is your choice on what you want to do


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