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Gravendirsh, Awakened Stone Golem


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Character Information

Gravindirsh, Awakened Stone Golem

Race: Stone Golem

Gender: Male?

Class: Sentinel/Mage Knight. (Archetypes TBD)

Role: Tank/Battlefield Control



Theme Song:

Quote: "I seek a life with meaning. The question is, is that meaning determined after all deeds are accounted, or is it determined by how one lives in the present as they move toward the future?"










Awakened Stone Golem:


Generation Tradition: Fabricated Soldier,

Size: Large  Type: Construct (Golem)








A lone tower stands in the vast wilderness, forgotten by memory and time. A remnant of a war long since passed. The scars of which have healed as the countless centuries moved on, allowing this desolate place to rest. Standing vigil for the long time, a lone sentry that bares silent witness to the long lost past stirs from its ancient rest. The realization that its mission to guard this structure are no longer required. But with that a new realization. Since when did it become aware? The construct roamed around the desolate tower only to find bones of a long lost master and creator. The very reason and purpose for its existence seemingly lost with the times. And so the constructs moves on to contemplate on what it should do from this point.


Off in the distance a scream can be heard. Someone’s in danger. Someone to protect. At first there is hesitation. Leaving the place in which they are meant to guard, but for what reason is there to stay now. It was from this point the construct truly became its own and forged forward into the wilderness to find the voice calling for aid. The golem came upon a child, standing back from the bloodied remains of what could be her parents, though the golem did not know the terms at the time. A creature with a fanged maw, slicked with the blood of the fallen, growls as it is readying to devour the child as well. With a mighty swing the golem intercepts the predator, summoning a stone hammer to batter the creature back into a bloody lifeless mass. Then all was quiet, except for the sobbing of the child. The golem didn’t know what to do next, so it stayed to watch over the child as it mourned their parents.


The days have passed and the unlikely duo have started venturing further into the woods. Further away from all the golem knew. Hunger set in for the young life and the golem understood, that like the beast before, this child needed nourishment to survive. Not understanding why it knew what it did, the construct called on experience that perhaps came from the saturation of magic that permeated the tower prior. It hunted for food, finding berry bushes and plants the golem understood were edible. Animals with magical traps it seemed to know how to use as well as a means to prepare it. They were basic survival measures at best. The two eventually found themselves on a well travailed road, happening upon a merchant who was having a bit of difficulty with their wagon. At first the merchant didn’t know what to think and cautious with the new arrivals until the golem looked over to the merchant. Finally a living being to take this child in. As the golem looked at the merchant and their present dilemma, they moved over to the wagon and lifted it to release the wheel. Backing away from the wagon after, the golem simply gestured to the young child. A glow in the constructs eyes conveying a very human emotion flickering out as if blinking and dimming or brightening to show understanding, relief and other emotions that might not be seen otherwise.


The merchant nodded with recognition and held a hand out to the child and also gesturing to the golem to follow him. The man was Travis Virdenheim, a merchant on his way back home. Travis was quite knowledgeable and took great care of the young life as well as further teaching the construct other matters of life and how to speak, an accidental lesson at first until Travis realized his stony companion was capable of such. He then gave the construct a name to help establish it as it’s own, Gravendirsh. As time passed and the years went on, Gravendirsh learned more of it’s abilities and gained an independence of it’s own. Wishing to discover more, the golem, with the assistance of Travis, joined a guild of adventurers to help, Gravendirsh learn and grow further as well as to find meaning behind why it became a living construct.



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