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Serinda Elderwood LG female Silvanesti elf (Mage of High Sorcery) / Wizard (Bladesinger) 8 / Ranger 2 

Leader of Underground Rebellion in Port Balifor

Str 12, Dex 20, Con 19, Int 20, Wis 14, Cha 14

Age 129
Speed 30 (40 bs)
Languages Elven, Trade Tongue, Draconic, Ogre, Giant
Proficiency Bonus +4
Initiative +10

AC 20 (w/ mage armor), 25 (w/ bladesong) + shield (30)
HD 10d4+2d10
HP 71

+1 Strength
+5 Dexterity
+4 Constitution  + Int mod conc on spells in bs
+9 Intelligence*
+6 Wisdom*  adv vs charm, magic can’t put to sleep
+2 Charisma

Mage of High Sorcery
Adept of the White Robes (mind spike)

Proficient Skills
+9 Arcana*
+9 History*
+9 Investigation*
+9 Nature*
+6 Perception*
+6 Performance*
+6 Persuasion*
+9 Stealth*
+6 Survival*

+9/+9  shadow blade (4th-level slot)  3d8+5
+12/+12/+12  +3 vicious scimitar  (hasted) 1d6+8 slashing, on nat 20 +7 damage
+10/+10/+10  +1 longbow (hasted) 1d8+6 (150/600)
+10/+10/+10  +1 dagger (hasted) 1d4+6 piercing
Attuned Magic Items
amulet of health
bracers of defense
ring of feather falling

Spellcasting DC 17, +9 spell attack, 13 per day
cantrips (4)  message, true strike, friends, dancing lights, fire bolt, blade ward
1st (4) mage armor, magic missile, chromatic orb, disguise self, (shield, detect good and evil)
2nd (3) misty step, mirror image, shadow blade, earthbind (mind spike)
3rd (3) tidal wave, nondetection, haste
4th (2) summon elemental, locate creature

Darkvision. 60
Keen Senses.
Fey Ancestry.
Elf Weapon Training.  longsword, shortsword, shortbow, longbow 
Cantrip. 1 bonus
Arcane Recovery.  4 spell slots
Initiate of High Sorcery.  (shield, detect good and evil)
Training in War and Song  scimitar
Bladesong. Bonus action + Int mod to AC 1 minute, +10 walk sp, adv on acrobatics, Int mod to Conc checks. 4/long rest
Extra Attack.

Magic Items
cloak of the manta ray, figurine of wondrous power (silver raven)

1st: chromatic orb, sleep, identify, detect magic, mage armor, disguise self, magic missile, alarm, absorb elements, fog cloud, feather fall, expeditious retreat, jump, summon familiar (r)
2nd: arcane lock, augury (r), misty step, invisibility, knock, continual flame, alter self, earthbind, skywrite (r), see invisibility, hold person, shadow blade, mirror image
3rd: counterspell, dispel magic, protection from energy, remove curse, tidal wave, haste, water breathing, sending, leomund’s tiny hut, nondetection, wall of water
4th: summon elemental, locate creature, divination (r), polymorph, fabricate, hallucinatory terrain, banishment, magic circle, dimension door



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