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Te'ehli, Human Wizard


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"You are no good at this! No good at all!"- said to him Te'Ehli's father.
"Is that so? Then I must simply be on the wrong path. One is bound to be the one for me to carve"

Level: 1
Class: Wizard
Background: Laborer
Deity: Irori

Height: 1.69m
Weight: 65kg
Ethnicity: Mwangi
Ancestry: Human
Pronouns: He/His
Gender: Male
Age: 34yrs

Traits: Human, Humanoid

Languages: Common (Mwangi), Draconic, Fey, Elven, Gnome, Xanmba

STR: +0
DEX: +2
CON: +2
INT: +4
WIS: +1
CHA: +1

Hit Points: 16
Armor Class: 17
Size: Medium
Speed: 25 ft

Perception: +4 ◆
Fort Save: +5 ◆
Ref Save: +5 ◆
Will Save: +6 ◆◆

Spell Attack Modifier: ◆
Spell DC: ◆


Middle son of a family of humble origins, Te'ehli's life has been one of struggling to stand out. To his father's frustration, Te'ehli failed to inherit his siblings' innate physical strength and knack for hunting.

Feeling cast aside, young Te'ehli sought his place in the world by learning about and practicing multiple disciplines - from farming to martial arts to scholastics. It was in his pursuit of a meaning that he came upon Irori's philosophy of seeking to perfect one's body and mind through one's efforts, adapting as needed to individual circumstances.

And so Te'ehli set out to find his place in the world with naught but a rough plan and a dream: to learn from the sages at the ancient Magaambya. With no sponsor or resources to his name, Te'ehli was content to find a job performing menial tasks such as cleaning and errand-running in exchange for access to the academy's library where he begun to teach himself magic. That is, of course, until a mysterious benefactor's sponsorship granted Te'ehli formal access to the Magaambya as a prospective initiate.




Wizard Class Features

 Initial Proficiencies | Arcane SpellcastingSpellbook | Arcane Thesis: Staff Nexus | Arcane School: Civic Wizardry | Arcane Bond



Versatile HumanHumanity's versatility and ambition have fueled its ascendance to be the most common ancestry in most nations throughout the world. Select a general feat of your choice for which you meet the prerequisites (as with your ancestry feat, you can select this general feat at any point during character creation).


LaborerYou've spent years performing arduous physical labor. It was a difficult life, but you somehow survived. You may have embraced adventuring as an easier method to make your way in the world, or you might adventure under someone else's command.

Choose two attribute boosts. One must be to Strength or Constitution, and one is a free attribute boost.

You're trained in the Athletics skill and the Labor Lore skill. You gain the Hefty Hauler skill feat.




Skill Feats Class Feats Ancestry Feats

General Feats

Hefty Hauler


FamiliarYou make a pact with a creature that serves you and assists your spellcasting.

You gain a familiar


Natural Ambition

Armor ProficiencyYou become trained in light armor. If you already were trained in light armor, you gain training in medium armor. If you were trained in both, you become trained in heavy armor. If you are at least 13th level, you become an expert in this armor type.

Special: You can select this feat more than once. Each time, you become trained in the next type of armor, as detailed above.



Trained: ◆ | Expert: ◆◆ | Master: ◆◆◆ | Legendary: ◆◆◆◆

Acrobatics: +5 ◆
Arcana: +7 ◆ 
Athletics: +3 ◆
Crafting: +7 ◆
Deception: +0

Diplomacy: +0
Intimidation: +0 
Lore (Labor): +7 ◆

Medicine: +1
Nature: +1
Occultism: +7 ◆

Performance: +0
Religion: +1
Society: +7 ◆
Stealth: +1 (ACP)
Survival: +4 ◆
Thievery: +1 (ACP)




Staff, Monk, Two Hand: D6 ◆, +3 1d4 B

Dagger, Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10ft, Versatile S +3 1d4 P

Fist, Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed ◆, +5 1d4 B

Dagger, Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft, Versatile S ◆, +7, 1d4 P




Wizard Spell Tradition: Arcane | Arcane Save DC: 17 | Arcane Spell Attack Modifier+7

Cantrips: Prestidigitation, Electric Arc, Frostbite, Figment, Light, Phase Bolt, Telekinetic Hand, Time Sense, Message, Read Aura, Warp Step

1st Rank: Hydraulic Push, Summon Construct, Interposing Earth, Runic Weapon, Shockwave, Jump, Grease



Current Bulk: 4.3L Encumbered: 7 Maximum Bulk: 12

Currency: 0 Platinum, 5 Gold, 2 Silver, 0 Copper

Held: Nexus Staff, Steel Shield

Worn: Chain Shirt, Dagger, Backpack, Spellbook

Stowed: Writing Set, Rope, Waterskin, Chalk, Flint and Steel, Rations (x7), Torch, Bedroll, Soap


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Hi! I just wanted to acknowledge I'm new to posting in these forums. I do have some PbP experience in the Paizo forums though, and I think I'm getting a hang of the forum posting tools quite quickly (these features are so nice BTW).

I have quite a bit of PF 2E experience as both a player and a DM and have been excited about playing this AP for a long, long time, so I think I would be a good fit. Please let me know if you spot anything wrong with the character sheet above, or if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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