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Shanrix Marshguard, Human "Canoe" Kineticist


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Shanrix Marshguard

Myth Weavers Sheet Pathbuilder Sheet


Basic Details
Level: 1 Deity: Mazludeh
Class: Kineticist Alignment: NG
Ancestry: Human (Versatile) Primary (Prospective) Branch: Uzunjati
Background: Herbalist Secondary (Prospective) Branch: Emerald Boughs
  (Prospective) Magaambya Archetype: Druid (Wave)

Languages: Common (Mwangi), Sylvan



Physical Characteristics

Gender: Male

Age: 23 years

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Deep blue-green

Hair: Black

Skin: Medium


Ability Mod
STR +1
DEX +2
CON +4
INT +0
WIS +2
CHA +0


Ability Origins:

Source Boosts
Ancestry DEX, CON
Background CON, WIS
Class CON


Skill Mod Proficiency
Acrobatics +2  
Arcana +0  
Athletics +1  
Crafting +0  
Deception +0  
Diplomacy +0  
Intimidation +0  
Lore (Underworld) +3 T
Lore (Others) +0  
Medicine +5 T
Nature +5 T
Occultism +0  
Performance +0  
Religion +2 T
Society +0  
Stealth +5 T
Survival +5 T
Thievery +2  


Combat Stats

Max Hit Points: 20

Current HP: 20

Armor Class: 17

Size: Medium

Speed: 30'

  Mod Proficiency
Fortitude +9 E
Reflex +7 E
Will +5 T
Perception +5 T


Kineticist Features

Impulse DC: 17

Impulse Attack: +7

Gates: Dual (Water, Wood)

Impulse Actions Kinetic Element Level Taken
Channel Elements 1 Water and Wood *
Base Kinesis 2 Water or Wood *
Elemental Blast 1 Water or Wood *
Deflecting Wave R Water 1
Ocean's Balm 1 Water 1
Timber Sentinel 2 Wood 1
Hail of Splinters 2 Wood 1


Feat Type Level Taken
Fleet General 1 (Heritage - Versatile Heritage)
Natural Medicine Skill 1 (Background)



Shanrix is rough and hardy. He's clearly an outdoorsman. He wears plain and practical, sturdy breeches and tunic. His brown leather boots go halfway up his calves. Shanrix has many scars on his body, including several on his arms and one long, jagged scar across his left cheek. He keeps his hair short.


He is frequently shrouded in a light veil of light fog, tiny twigs and leaf fragments. Another unusual feature about him is his eyes, which are an unusual blue-green color.



Shanrix has a demeanor which is a strange combination of serious and carefree. He seems coarse on the outside, but he has a heart of gold. He wouldn't hurt a fly (well okay, maybe if it bit him), and although he's a bit of a recluse, he greatly enjoys listening to others and helping however he can. Shanrix enjoys whittling, carving, swimming, tending to trees, and watching wild animals. When he finds a dead tree of sufficient size, he will not rest until he has carved it into an ornate canoe and matching set of paddles to honor it.



Shanrix grew up in a village near wetlands which he would frequent as a child. In fact, as he grew older he rarely went in to town at all. Spending so much time tracking and gathering, he got injured quite a bit, and since he was alone he would fix his own wounds. He gained a reputation as a quirky marsh kid to search out when you're hurting. Shanrix's skills weren't flawless, though. As he healed more people, he also accrued more failures and, in a few cases, enemies. His parents relentlessly pestered him to get professional training in his healing arts, both mundane and magical. He eventually caved in, setting off to Nantambu.



Money: 5g 1s 1c

Encumbrance: 3 (6 encumbered, 11 max)



Item Bulk Item Bulk
Quilted Cloak 1 Backpack (Adventurer's Pack) 1
Healer's Tools 1 Sack L


Backpack (bulk: 1)

Item Bulk Item Bulk
Bedroll L Chalk x10  
Flint and Steel   Rations x2 L
Rope L Soap  
Torch x10 L Waterskin L
Clothing, Explorer's L Signal Whistle  
Dagger L    



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