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Tindafulus the Fabulous


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Tindafulus the Fabulous male forest gnome Illusionist 7 alignment: unknown [Ravenloft 5E]

Small Humanoid (gnome)

Realm The Carnival (sideshow)

Background Man in the Mirror

Outcast Rating 2 (gnome), 1 (from The Carnival)

Cultural Level 9 (Red Death)

Languages Mordentish, Gnome, Thieves Cant

Tool Proficiency Thieves Tools

Carnival Quirk always finds candy in pockets

Carnival Quirk narrow

Wizard Ambition You will prove that wizardry is more powerful than any god

Wizard Eccentricity Your lack of fashion sense and grooming sometimes causes others to pause

Wizard Spellbook a Tome full of black pages whose writing is visible only in dim light or darkness

Curse Tindafulus the Carnival Performer (sideshow) became trapped in his own reflection of a mirror, while casting mirror image. He existed in a mirror, visible to any who looked in the mirror, as he yelled "Help!" to get out, as he believes a duplicate of himself is out on a murder spree somewhere in The Carnival, perhaps somewhere in Litwick Market where mysterious fey merchants deal in lost memories and love potions, grudgingly doing business with The Carnival. Tindafulus's curse was foiled when Betty the White cast remove curse on the mirror. Tindafulus then broke the mirror. The actions removed nearly all of the curse. Some lingers, however. Since the mirror was broken, Tindafulus can no longer cast the spell mirror image. Any attempt by him to do so instead results in a random Wild Magic Surge from the PHB.

Proficiency Bonus +3

Str 9 Dex 17  Con 12 Int 20 Wis 12 Cha 14

HD 7 HP 36


Str -9, Dex +3, Con +1, Int* +8, Wis* +4, Cha +2, Hor +2, Mad -1


Speed 25

Skills  OR 3: +3 Hypnosis, Intimidate; -3 Deception, Performance, Persuasion

Arcana*, Insight*, Perception*, Performance*





Gnome in the Mirror you are compelled to check your reflection in mirrors, for vanity, curiosity, or insecurity reasons. A successful Control Self skill check (DC 10 + your base proficiency bonus) allows you to refrain from looking in a mirror. When you are alone, that is the time that you can have a conversation with you - the other you, your reflection in the mirror. Your reflection may be in a good mood or bad mood. When it is in a good mood, you gain advantage on Deception and Persuasion checks with yourself. When your reflection is in a bad mood, it gains advantage on Deception and Intimidation checks against you. When your reflection rolls an Intimidation skill check on you, you must roll an opposed Control Self check. If you fail, you cannot resist punching the mirror into shards of glass.

Darkvision 60

Gnome Cunning  adv on all Int, Wis, Cha saves vs magic

Natural Illusionist

Speak with Small Beasts can communicate simple ideas to small beasts


+6 straight razor 1d4+3 slashing (light, finesse)


Various grooming products

can of snake oil

a set of fine clothes

a pair of shined black shoes

disguise kit

a straight razor

spellbook (see above for description)


pouch containing 15 gp.

Gothic Trinket a deed to a one-acre plot of land in the realm of Darkon



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