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Oculus Eyeland is roughly 40 miles wide East to West

and about the same North to South.


The crater lake in the center of the main island is roughly 10 miles wide at it's widest point (a line running NE to SW)


The peninsula that the Trading Post sits on is roughly 10 miles long, and is not directly connected to the main island.




  • The Light Green Areas are grassland and rolling plains, interrupted by the small villages, which are universally surrounded by farmland, grazing fields, or both.
  • The Dark Green Areas are forested tracts, a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees.  The central forest is fairly heavily logged, and the western forest is lightly logged at it's edges.  Both are well managed, and have a few small settlements on the borders.  The large Eastern forest is deliberately un-logged and allowed to remain wild.
  • The Dark Brown area is an extensive swamp, mixed with saltwater marsh on it's edges.  It is known to have a few small settlements, but is mostly uninhabited.
  • The White area is the new Mountain.  It rises in a steep, conical shape at least three miles high, with what appears to be a volcanic caldera at the peak.  It is snow covered above one mile and lightly (and patchily) forested.  There are no known settlements on the mountain.
  • The Light Blue is shallow coastal water, never more than 50' deep. 
  • The Dark Blue is deeper oceanic water, more than 50' deep.
  • The lake in the center of the island is fresh water, but had odd properties and is known to be toxic to anyone not a native of the island.
    • The light blue area of the lake ranges from wading shallows down to about 50' deep.
    • The dark blue area of the lake ranges from 50-200 feet deep.
    • The depth of the midnight blue area in the center of the lake is unknown to anyone not a native of the island, but is, presumably, extremely deep.
  • The Red Dot on the northers peninsula is the Trading Post established by the guild.  Despite the dots' relative size on the map, the actual trading post only covers an area of an acre or two.
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