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Allyara Dezlanti, Gray Elf Magus


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Level: 1
Class: Magus

Hybrid Study: Starlit Span
Background: Sponsored by Village
Deity: Yuelral
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Amethyst
Skin: Fair
Hair: Pale Gold
Race: Seer Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 26

Spell DC 17
Flyssa 1d6+2, Agile
Gakgung 100', +7 1d6+1


Ability | Modifier
STR: 14 | +2
DEX: 18 | +4
CON: 10 | +0
INT: 16 | +3
WIS: 10 | +0
CHA: 10 | +0

Hit Points: 14
HP/Level: 8 + CON
Armor Class: 18
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft

Perception: +3 ◆
Fort Save: +5 ◆◆
Ref Save: +7 ◆
Will Save: +5 ◆◆


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Appearance: Tall and willowy, with the unearthly beauty possessed by much of her kind, Allyara's appearance and equipment gives the barest hint as to her exact origin. Having temporarily doffed the traditional masks worn by her kin from the Mordant Spire for the purposes of her attendance in this mysterious southerly academy, Allyara doesn't seem particularly different than her aiudeen cousins. Perhaps the main telltale signs of her origin of hailing from the lingering edges of old Azlanti lands were the violet of her eyes or the slight modifications to her bow and blade to lighten them for use in cramped, seaborne conditions.


Background: Allyara is only vaguely aware of the complicated schemes and tense negotiations that had passed between her Spiresworn kindred, their Ekujae interlocutors and the instructors of the Magaambya as to how she ended up being introduced to the academy as a prospective student. Ostensibly, there was some interest and much concern amongst her kin of the Mordant Spire once it came to their attention that there existed such a human magical school of lengthy pedigree and knowledge, and they sought assurances that the inquiries being performed there were not headed in the same direction as that of the magic of the doomed Azlanti. She did have her own suspicions that her elders feared the breadth of the Magaambya's knowledge had even surpassed elven skill at the arcane, though as far as she was concerned, her kin only had themselves to blame for shutting themselves off from frequent contact with even other elven communities.

Of course, as an elf just halfway into her third decade of existence, Allyara was certainly nowhere near mature enough to act as some manner of spy or investigator. If anything, she assumed her being forced to attend was to provide some polite fiction to her mother's infrequent visits to this distant region. There was a sense in the back of her mind that, given both of her parents' long careers now since their return from Sovyrian as travelling diplomatic agents of the Amaranthine Council, that they had pulled her from her more comfortable existence as a simple Spire Defender initiate to try and give her the experiences that would allow her to follow in their footsteps. At least, she hoped that was all they actually knew about her activities back home. There remained a nervous suspicion in her psyche that they had actually caught wind of the progressive ideas she had been dabbling in with her young peers, and that this all was some elaborate punishment to isolate her from her fellow schemers so that their plots to end the Mordant Spire's isolation in a couple centuries or so wouldn't come to pass. Regardless, now that she been thrust into a situation where she couldn't help but interact with all manner of different races, she determined to make the most of it. It was rather uncomfortable though, how they insisted she not wear a mask until the ceremony...

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