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Dani McKenna


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Dani McKenna
a Resilient Quickened who...





Recovery Rolls (1d6+1):  1 Action, 1 Action, 10 Minutes, 1 Hour, 10 Hours




  • None


  • Might defense
  • Intellect defense
  • Persuading
  • Deceiving
  • Healing
  • Sneaking
  • Fleet of Foot (special ability)


  • All knowledge tasks and figuring out puzzles and problems
  • Moving, bending, and breaking things




  • Action Hero:  When acting in initiative order you always act at least every other turn.
  • Prowess: Distribute a total of 4 extra points into Stat Pool(s) of your choice; You are trained in 3 non-combat skills.
  • Translation: You can participate in he process of traveling to another recursion. When initiating a translation, choose to Initiate as a Paradox, Hasten as a Spinner, or Ease as a Vector. Action to initiate.
  • Versatile:  You know 2 additional special abilities selected from among all three character Types and may select from among these Types with future picks.


  • Practiced w/ Light and Medium Weapons: You are skilled light and medium weapons, though if you use a heavy weapon the attack is hindered by one step. Enabler.
  • Fast Talk (1 Intellect): When speaking with an intelligent creature who can understand you and isn’t hostile, you convince that creature to take one reasonable action on the next round. A reasonable action must be agreed upon by the GM; it should not put the creature or its allies in obvious danger or be wildly out of character. Action.
  • Spin Identity (2+ Intellect)You convince all intelligent creatures who can see, hear, and understand you that you are someone or something other than who you actually are. You don’t impersonate a specific individual known to the victim. Instead, you convince the victim that you are someone they do not know belonging to a certain category of people. “We’re from the government.” “I’m just a simple farmer from the next town over.” “Your commander sent me.” A disguise isn’t necessary, but a good disguise will almost certainly be an asset to the roll involved. If you attempt to convince more than one creature, the Intellect cost increases by 1 point per additional victim. Fooled creatures remain so for up to an hour, unless your actions or other circumstances reveal your true identity earlier. Action.
  • Erase Memories (3 Intellect):  Your words twist the mind of a target within immediate range who is able to understand you, erasing up to the last five minutes of its memory. The target forgets what it experienced during that time. Action.


  • Fleet of Foot (Trained):  If you succeed at a difficulty 2 Speed roll to run, you can move a short distance and take an action in the same round. Enabler.


... Solves Mysteries on Earth




Solves Mysteries

  • Investigator: You can spend points from your Might Pool, Speed Pool, or Intellect Pool to apply levels of Effort to any Intellect based task. Enabler.
  • Sleuth: You are trained in perception.




  • Unarmed Attack: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage
  • Collapsible Baton: Medium melee (4 Damage)
  • .22 Semi-Auto Pistol: Light ranged (2 Damage) Short range


  • Leather Jacket: Light (1 Armor) +1 Speed Effort penalty


  • Cypher Box (Level 5):  This small, lead-lined box is quite heavy but allows you to carry one additional cypher above your limit.

MONEY:  $300

  • Laptop computer
  • Flashlight
  • Utility knife
  • Cell phone
  • Ardeyn: Land of the Curse, player's guide
  • Keyring from Tom Mallard's house
  • Painting of a fractal landscape by the Master A recursion key to the Lamsblood taproom's pantry in Shalmarn, Ardeyn
  • Tom Mallard's filesRAMIS OF ARDEYN:
    One filing-cabinet file is a
    dossier on “Ramis of Ardeyn,” complete with a
    hand-inked likeness on parchment of a woman
    in heavy leather robes, notes on Ramis’s
    ownership of something called the Lambsblood
    Tap in a city called Shalmarn, and a timeline of
    Ramis’s occasional travel between Shalmarn
    and a known Estate safehouse in Hazurrium.
    The travel implicates Ramis as an undercover
    Estate operative.

    Another folder is labeled “Gospels of Lotan.” According to parchment scraps in this folder, the gospels are “real” artifacts in Ardeyn, though mostly lost. According to the file, the quantum code
    responsible for Ardeyn’s anomalous creation
    might actually be imprinted in any one of the
    gospels, of which seventeen are believed to
    exist. One of those gospels almost certainly
    lies in the qephilim ruins beneath Shalmarn. A
    message written on a sticky note adds, “Soon,
    the Master will have what he seeks.”

    A final folder is labeled “Master’s
    Lair.” This file is fragmentary, but it suggests
    that Tom Mallard frequently visits someone
    called the Master in a secret lair in Ardeyn. One
    loose piece of parchment contains a painted
    likeness of the Master sitting on some kind of

... Names on Ardeyn






  • Name (1 Intellect)You attempt to discern the common, given name of a person, creature, or object within short range. This ability doesn’t give you power over the target, but it does allow you to address the target by name or potentially learn the real identity of someone in disguise or the common name of an odd object. Knowing the name of a person who hasn’t revealed it to you could provide an asset to your attempts to persuade, fool, intimidate, or ingratiate yourself with the target, depending on the situation. Action.
  • Onomatology: You are trained in the origin, history, and use of names.  Enabler.




  • Unarmed Attack: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage
  • Whip: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage
  • Dagger: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage


  • None: Light (0 Armor) +0 Speed Effort penalty


  • Artifact (Level):  Description

MONEY:  17 Crowns

  • Scholar's clothes
  • Quill and ink
  • Lorekeeper's Guide to ArdeynA reference book. Study for an hour to get asset on knowledge checks about Ardeyn Lore
  • Notebook



Cypher Limit:  3

  • Analeptic (Level 1d6+2) Substance restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to the user’s Speed Pool.
  • Curative (Level 1d6+2): Substance restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to the user’s Might Pool.
  • Meditation Aid (Level 1d6+2): Substance restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to the user’s Intellect Pool.
  • [Cypher Box] Matter Transference Ray (Level 1d6+3):  This Cypher was found in Tom Mallard's house.  The user can target one nonliving object within long range that is no larger than the user and whose level is less than or equal to the cypher’s level. The object is transferred directly into a random recursion. If the GM feels it appropriate to the circumstances, only a portion of an object is transferred (a portion whose volume is no more than the user’s).



Solve a MysteryMy neighbor Tom Mallard has mysteriously vanished--what happened to him?

  • ✔️Opening: Pledging to Solve the Mystery
  • ✔️Step:  Research.  You get some background.
  • Step(s):  Investigation.  You ask questions.  You look for clues.  You cast divinations.  This likely encompasses many such steps.
  • Climax:  Discovery.  You come upon what you believe to be the solution to the mystery.
  • Resolution:  In this step, which is fare more active than most resolutions, you confront the people involved in the mystery with what you've discovered, or you use the information in some way (such as taking it to the proper authorities).

LearnHow do I overcome my moving, bending, and breaking things inability?

  • ✔️Opening:  Focusing on the Problem.
  • Step:  Finding a Teacher or a Way to Teach Yourself.  Now you can truly begin.
  • Step(s):  Learn.  Depending on what you've learning, this could involve one step or quite a few.
  • Climax:  The Test.  You put your new knowledge to the test in a real situation.
  • Resolution:  You relax a bit and decide what to do next.



Increase Capabilities: +4 points into stat Pools
Move Toward Perfection:  +1 to the Edge of your choice
Extra Effort:  +1 into Effort
✔️Skill Training/Other:  Train in a skill or specialize in a trained skill


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Might:  5/14 (0), Speed:  7/12 (1), Intellect:  9/16 (1)

Recovery Rolls:  1 Action, 1 Action, 10 Minutes, 1 Hour, 10 Hours

Numb:  Imbibing some of Ramis' medicine deadened your pain but left you feeling a little numb.  Your movement related actions are hindered.

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