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What befalls, gentles


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Hi everybody,


I've DMed and played in a bunch of PbP games over on GamersPlane, so I'm pretty familiar with PbP.


I tend to DM WotC 5e modules, with Descent into Avernus being my current favourite. As a player, I tend to only play 5e games in the Forgotten Realms.


I'm interested in what MW can offer me over GP. I see you've moved over to html and CK editor (which seems a fairly solid choice), and I also see you have a development team (which is very cool), and a lot more users.


I'm not looking to DM or play at the moment, but it seems a bit creepy to lurk on the site without introducing myself.

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Welcome! The new Baldr site is a nice improvement over other PbP sites I've seen, but I haven't seen them all so no offense ment. There are a lot of different systems played here, including some 5E.

And yeah, the dev team is awesome!

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No offence taken! I'm sure all sites have their advantages and disadvantages. I'll probably miss some of GP's features, but that would be offset by not having to compose posts in damned BBCode! Stuff like that. Besides, it's the players and the community who make a game, not the tech's bells and whistles.


I'll be lurking about for a while to get a feel for the place, the people, and the processes, and I hope to play with some of you in the future.

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