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Yngvild Varangr - Human Warrior

Malkavian Grin

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Straight-forward and honorable would be the best way to describe Yngvild. She cares not for deceptions or being careful around those with weak personalities, seeing those that cannot handle themselves as self-defeating. She carries great respect for warriors and expects from others what she expects from herself. Her time spent as a húskarl taught her much about herself and how much she dislikes seeing elders that cannot truly defend anything. Yngvild tends to dislike politics and wishes the widely spread clans could comes together and unite under one banner to fight back both the monstrous creatures of the winter wastes as well as the heathen bands of religious fools trying to spread their poisonous ideas to her people.

Yngvild has a bit of a temper that can definitely get away from her, though this is in part developed as a defense mechanism to cope with the gender disparity she tends to find everywhere she goes. While not as physically strong as a man, she has more cunning and maneuverability which can give her an edge in battle. She does love to test herself in this way, seeking challenges to overcome just to prove herself in the eyes of the public.

While Yngvild does her best to be fierce and strong, she is not without kindness, remorse, and joy. She enjoys the company of friends and warriors, sharing stories of battle and tankards of mead. She finds children a wonder in a harsh world and recognizes that when she is old it will be them whom inherit Midgard. In moments by herself, Yngvild still feels sadness for her lost lover, Rikvidr, whom was killed during a surprise attack as the house burnt down around him, essentially dying a coward's death. She laments that she will not meet him in Valhalla.


Yngvild is a woman in her prime with a sleek physique, but obviously a warrior as her musculature is well defined. Her blond hair is worn in many braids kept close to her head both for the sake of wearing helmets as well as keeping foes from grabbing a handful of it, though the length defeats the latter point. Her deep blue eyes hold a ferocity in battle seen in many viking warriors, but can also hold a warm kindness when dealing with friends and family.

As a warrior first and a woman second, fashion takes a back seat to survivability. Yngvild prefers leathers layered with chainmail as well as white wolf pelts for warmth and a small amount of camouflage. Within her braided hair is beads and various trinkets woven in which represent various deeds of valor, strength, and leadership. At her side is a finely crafted longsword, a handaxe, and a dagger. Strapped over a shoulder is a well-worn wooden shield reinforced with metal, decorated with bright yellow runes, and is painted green. Yngvild wears earth-toned colors, mainly blues and greens. Typically used for pre-battle skirmishes is a bow and quiver of arrows left strapped to the saddle of a white-and-black speckled warhorse she uses for travel named Osten.



Apparent Age: High 20's
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 121
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Blond, long and braided

Worships: Freyja, Odin, Skadi
Former Career: Húskarl to Gundr Magnhild
Current Career: Wandering Shieldmaiden


Motivations & Goals
  • Live and die with honor to gain access to Valhalla.
    "Only with honor will I eventually see the Valkyries that will carry me home."
  • Prove she is just as capable a warrior as any man.
    "I work twice as hard and fight twice as fierce as you and yet you still call me weak? Let me show you what weakness really is."
  • Kill a troll and have Dagfinn turn it into a suit of leathers.
    "To wear a troll's skin as my own will set fear into many and give me an edge in battle."
  • Kill a dragon, take its teeth, and eat its heart.
    "The soul of a dragon forced to protect mine own will prove among the greatest of deeds a warrior could hope for."
  • Reclaim entrance into her clan and village and challenge Gundr for title of Jarl.
    "It was by Gundr's hand that I had to leave my home but it will be by my own merits that I am allowed to return. And on that day I will take his place as Jarl."
  • Find a way to love someone again.
    "Though my heart will always ache for Rikvidr I cannot spend eternity in solitude."


Background - Cliff's Notes
  • Yngvild challenged gender norms from an early age, wishing to be strong and wise like Freyja and the stories of Valkyries. This often put her on the outskirts of the community and served only to strengthen her sense of determination.
  • In adolescence Yngvild was well-trained with a bow but yearned for the glory of other warriors and taught herself the beginnings of swordplay. Eventually she found someone to train her in secret; an old hermit by the name Sigurd that had been all but ousted from the clan due to claiming to have visions of the future.
  • Seeing the potential in Yngvild, Sigurd taught her how to read runes as well as various stories about the gods and tales of battle. It was around this time that she began to have small visions of her own. Sigurd told her to keep them to herself for the good of her well being.
  • Around the age of twenty Yngvild proved herself to her clan by partaking in a battle under the guise of a man. She revealed her true identity after several men had congratulated this mysterious new warrior, only to make them swallow their own words. From that day forward she was allowed to fight alongside them but was given constant heckling. As before, this only made her fight stronger and harder.
  • After proving herself time and again for five winters and claiming the most goblin kills in a recent contest, Yngvild was granted title of Húskarl. This was a bittersweet victory, as it was a glorious title but the career itself involved little in the way of actual battle. She quickly learned Gundr was just a slovenly man that wanted a free ride and people to do his bidding without having the clan's best interests at heart.
  • During her time as Húskarl Yngvild and Rikvidr finally married after being together for several winters. However, this marriage was short-lived as a raid took his life while she was on patrol. She blames Gundr for Rikvidr's death and hates him for it.
  • For six winters Yngvild did her best to bite her tongue and stay her hand upon seeing the worsening condition of her beloved clan while Gundr ate like a king and had his choice in women. She finally let him know just what she thought of him which was the last straw. Exile was her reward but not before she swore an oath to return for his throne.
  • Yngvild and Osten traveled far and wide, eventually befriending Dagfinn and Kjell.
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Attributes & Derived Statistics
7+1Small shield
8Torso, arms, legs, head (3)

Advances: 4Spent on:

1: Block Edge
1: Counterattack Edge
2: Strength d4➜d8
Rank: Seasoned
Skills & Specializations

★Core Skill

★Athletics (Agility)
★Common Knowledge (Smarts)
Fighting (Agility)
Gambling (Smarts)
Language (Smarts)
d8 Vastaviklander (Native)
★Notice (Smarts)
★Persuasion (Spirit)
Riding (Agility)
Shooting (Agility)
★Stealth (Agility)
Survival (Smarts)
Taunt (Spirit)
When performing a Test with the Fighting skill, you can choose to make the foe resist with Smarts instead of Agility.
PROVOKEClever characters can manipulate their foes, drawing enemy focus on themselves to protect their allies. Once per turn, when your hero uses Taunt for a Test and gets a raise, she may Provoke the foe.

In addition to all the usual effects of the success and raise, the enemy suffers a −2 penalty to affect any other target besides the one who provoked her. This stacks with Distracted but not further instances of Provoke.

Provoke lasts until a Joker is drawn, someone else Provokes the target, or the encounter ends. Provoke can affect multiple targets, and may be combined with Rabble Rouser.
Debuff enemy for not letting me tank them. (full description above)
Some individuals have an extraordinary bond with their animal companions. These characters may spend their own Bennies for any animals under their control, including mounts, pets, familiars, and so on.
Through hard-fought experience your hero has learned to defend herself in vicious hand-to-hand combat. Her Parry increases by +1 and any Gang Up bonus against her is reduced by one.
Once per turn (if not Shaken or Stunned), the character receives a Free Attack (page 101) against one failed Fighting attack against her. The counterattack takes place immediately (before other hits against the hero on the same Action Card, if any).
There's nothing out there your hero can't defeat. At least that's what she thinks. She believes she can do most anything and never wants to retreat from a challenge. She's not suicidal, but she certainly takes on more than common sense dictates.
A vow is a commitment to others. Driven characters want something for themselves. Yngvild is driven to prove she is strong and capable of leading a clan of warriors. She takes all non-suicidal challenges.
You are born of warriors and thus you can only truly respect someone that can fight and hold their own. Those who can't or won't fight are weak of will and conviction, from your point of view, and you're happy to let them know that. This can have consequences if trying to make a deal, or gain someone's trust, because your reputation can proceed you at times.
Horse named Osten
Small shield
Chain Shirt & Leggings (torso, arms, legs)
Chain Helm (head)
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Osten is Yngvild's warhorse that has served her well for going on three winters. He is strong, dependable, and quite friendly. Unlike Yngvild, Osten does not have a temper and actually seems to sense when she is in a bad mood, nuzzling her with his nose to get a smile from her. She has sworn that he can understand her words or at least her intentions, though everyone seems to think she's crazy for it. Deep down Yngvild believes Osten is a gift from Freyja.
Dagfinn is a blacksmith that Yngvild met more than five winters ago. He is skilled as a warrior as shown by defense of his clan's territory time and again and often has drinking challenges with Yngvild whenever she visits. He would be considered one of her closest friends despite only seeing him perhaps twice a year. He loves to hear her stories of valor and she considers his smithing skills among some of the best she has seen. Their friendship has been down a romantic path several times but both realize that a true relationship could never come of it, so they leave it for what it is; two fierce souls finding solace in one another. She has tried to get Dagfinn to join her in her journeys a couple times but he also refuses, claiming that his loyalty is to his clan and his trade first and foremost. She respects him for his dedication and hopes to see him in the Golden Halls.
Kjell is a self-appointed skald that, much like Yngvild, was ousted from his community for not following the norms of society. He took it upon himself to embrace the freedom and became a warrior-skald, slinging both blade and song. Yngvild thinks his voice is heavenly but that his axework could use a lot of training. He is better with a bow and has proved to have a keen eye as well as knowing when retreat is the better part of valor. Kjell and Yngvild traveled together for a year after she rescued him from a band of goblins that were going to eat him and he has pledged his friendship to her ever since. He keeps saying he will repay her in kind one day but all she ever asks for is to hear another song. Kjell is a womanizer and tried more than once to get with Yngvild, though she knew better and prefers to keep things friendly. She has not seen him for a winter after the two decided to part ways; most likely so Kjell could chase women that would actually put out.
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Okay, this is a character I made for a different Savage Worlds game a long, long time ago. Things didn't work out and I've never been able to use her.

You'll notice some stuff in the sheet section is incorrect. I need to update it, but this is just a first pass so I don't lose my work.

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There are no half-measures with me. If you're going to do a thing, then fully commit. There's something to be said about writing too much, however, which I also do frequently.

I just like to make characters that feel real and have purpose.

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Hehehe. I don't know if this setting even has things like dragons, trolls or goblins, so I can change some details if needed.

The dragon thing actually comes from an 80s movie I liked as a kid called Dragonslayer. It had quite the impact on me, because the main character actually manages to kill a dragon, but then his king swoops in, claims the kill and eats the heart to get all the glory (and supposedly immortality). The Hero is left to be a nobody save for a few close friends, if I recall. It was an early introduction to the Sword and Sorcery genre, along with the Conan movies.

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