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Hardal Far-Gilortek, Dwarf Adventurer


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Traits and Skills
d8 d8 d6 d6 d8
Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
Athletics d6 Battle d4 Persuasion d4-1    
Fighting d8 Common Knowledge d4      
Shooting d6 Language (Dwarven) d8      
Stealth d4 Language (Norsk) d6      
  Notice d8      
  Survival d8      


7 (d6) 5 8 (2)
Pace (Running Die) Parry Toughness
Racial Abilities

Low Light Vision - Dwarven eyes are accustomed to the dark of the underearth. They ignore penalties for Dim and Dark Illumination.

Reduced Pace - Dwarves have short legs compared to most races. Decrease their Pace by 1 and their running die one die type.

Tough - Dwarves are stout and tough. They start with a d6 Vigor instead of a d4. This increases maximum Vigor to d12+1.


Loyal (minor) - The hero is loyal to his friends and allies

Thin-Skinned (minor) - The character is particularly susceptible to personal attacks. As a Minor Hindrance, he subtracts two when resisting Taunt attacks.

Tongue-Tied (major) - The character often misspeaks or can’t get her words out. –1 to Intimidation, Persuasion, and Taunt rolls.


Favored Terrain (Forest) - Free reroll to Survival and Notice and draw an additional Action Card for initiative in your chosen Favored Terrain.

Fleet-Footed - Pace +2, increase running die one step

Woodsman - +2 to Survival and Stealth in the wilds.


Armor: Masterwork Studded Leather Jacket (2; Torso, Arms). Masterwork Studded Leather Leggings (2, Legs)


Weapon Skill Damage Range Notes
Dagger Fighting Str+d4 3/6/12 RoF 1
Sling Athletics (Throwing) Str+d4 4/8/16 RoF 1
Unarmed Fighting Str Melee  
Warhammer Fighting Str+d6 Melee Masterwork, AP 2



Gold: 245

Masterwork Studded Leather Jacket, Masterwork Studded Leather Leggings, Dagger/Knife, Masterwork Warhammer, Sling, Sling Stones (50)

Mount / Companions




Novice Agility -> d8
Novice Athletics -> d8, Notice -> d8
Novice Edge - Favored Terrain (Forest)
Seasoned Edge - Fleet-Footed


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