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My Favorite Dragon Deities Pantheon


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Hello everyone. I'm going to rank my top 12 favorite dragon deities since there are only 12 in the whole pantheon and I'm going to tell you my reason why I rank that as my favorite dragon deities. Ok here goes my top 12 favorite dragon deities:

#12: Aasterinian: Aasterinian is nothing to me. Sure she's the chaotic dragon deity of freedom, invention, pleasure, and play. But she is not considered my favorite dragon deity. I have to put her in #12.

#11: Astilabor: Astilabor is the dragon deity of wealth and treasure. The problem that I have with Astilabor because she has an issue with theft that her followers do so she turns a blind eye to them. But she doesn't seem to be my favorite dragon deity so I put her to #11.

#10: Chronepsis is the watcher and very neutral by not getting involved with other affairs. He considers Marvel's Watcher of the dragons. For some reason, I don't care for Chronepsis that much because he is somewhat a little boring, so I'll give him #10.

#9: Lendys: Lendys is all about Justice and Law. The problem I have with Lendys is he's a bit too strict with his lawfulness and he doesn't believe in second chances from what I read about Lendys. So I'll rank Lendys #9.

#8: Garyx: I like Garyx to some degree that he's all about destruction and fire but at the same time he's very insane so I rank him #8.

#7: Faluzure: Faluzure is pretty good for the dragon deity of death. However, I have to rank him #7 because there are some issues that Faluzure is hated by some deities because due to his evil alignment.

#6: Tiamat: I know what's your thinking. Why will I rank Tiamat at #6? Yes, she's very iconic and she had so much history with Bahamut. Also, her five dragon heads are very cool. She's considered my favorite evil Dragon deity in the mid-tier range but not my all-time favorite dragon deity in the top-tier range.

#5: Io: I like Io because he's the leader of Dragonkind and he doesn't get involved with other deities' affairs especially his own children's conflict with each other. Of course, I could give him a higher rank even though he's the most powerful dragon deity of the Draconic Pantheon. But I give him a #5 for that.

#4: Sardior: I love Sardior because he's a dragon deity of the Gem Dragons and psions. His appearance is beautiful. He has psychic powers but he's True Neutral. I give him #4.

#3: Tamara: I love Tamara because she's so sweet and kind. She considers herself the kindest of the dragon deities' pantheon. She does know how to fight. Don't underestimate her kindness because Tamara will hit you hard. She deserves to be in #3.

#2: Bahamut #2: Bahamut is very iconic. I love Bahamut because he's good, fair, and lawful. He has so much history with Tiamat. He's very powerful and he does care about the metallic dragons. So I'll give him #2.

#1: Hlal: Hlal Is my favorite dragon deity of all time. Because she's very funny. She pranks and jokes around. She hates bullies and tyrants which she doesn't take too kindly to them. Also, she's very good. I don't have any issue with Hlal at all. So that's why she's #1.

So there you have it. My top 12 favorite dragon deities in my opinion. smile.gif

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