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Firearms Rules



WWN Firearms Rules, excerpted from Atlas of the Latter Earth and slightly modified where necessary (such as converting cartridge firearms to muzzle loaders).

The reload times and rates of fire given here are set to be historically plausible for excellent riflemen, like the average PC gunman tends to be. NPCs with less focused training in their firing drill might need to take an extra round to get their guns in order.
Reload times given are in rounds of focused effort, with repeating rifles reloadable with no more than a Move action and the use of percussion caps and paper or linen cartridges. If the user is meleed or otherwise disrupted during the reloading, however, the effort is spoiled.
Firearm Cost Encumbrance Traits Attribute Range Damage Reload
Musket 60 2 AP Dex 75 / 150 1d12 1
Rifle 100 2 AP, PM Dex 600 / 1200 1d12 2
Shotgun 60 2 AP Dex 30 / 90 3d4 1
Pistol 30 1 AP Dex 15 / 45 1d6 1

AP: Ignores non-magical armor and shields.
PM: Execution attacks do double damage and have -1 on saves.


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