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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st- through 4th-level characters.

Under the watchful eye of newly elected First Seeker Sarmak, the Starfinder Society travels to the machine planet of Aballon to undertake an archaeological survey of the ancient city of Eternity. Using a relic known as the Eternity Drive, the Starfinders launch initial explorations, uncover long-forgotten information about the fabled First Ones, and clash with a violent faction of anacite extremists named Those Who Call.


Pathfinder Society
  1. What's new in this game
  2. I am sorry. I just never had the time to get going on a toon for the game. Forgive me and I hope you guys have a wonderful time.
  3. Talemitriol looked down at the cold, lifeless landscape of Aballon on his viewing screen. For a moment, it made him think of his own home planet of Eox. Though he hadn't thought of it as home for quite some time. Of course, calling either planet "lifeless" depends entirely on the strictness of your definition... He thought to himself. The grey, desolate landscape they now flew above was teeming with artificial constructs that had developed - Evolved? - into an entire ecosystem. Including predator/prey cycles, with a variety of mechanicals filling every ecological niche. On Eox, the world had been teeming with activity, but almost all of it had been a necromantic un-life, a cursed blessing of a bygone age. Another thing both worlds have in common. Ancient legacies not entirely our own. Still...this may prove to be an excellent opportunity. Any historical information we can find in Eternity would be exceedingly interesting, not to mention valuable. Perhaps we may even find a hospital, medical records, genetic information. Such data would be almost priceless. With that thought in mind, Talemitriol began adjusting the feed on his screen, scanning the cityscape below for signs of buildings that could be medical centres. Unlikely to be recognisable at this stage, but not impossible...
  4. Opened up the game play thread. Introduce yourselves. Add your tokens to the Handouts and Maps
  5. Think I've narrowed my choices down to Nuar Mechanic or Elebrian Biohacker. Not entirely satisfied with the Mechanic build I've got though, still fiddling! I'm using Hephaistos to build characters, is that OK ?
  6. Bring what ever you wish. I will send you home crying. Bwahahaha!
  7. I'm still interested! For this level range I have either a level 1 Technomancer or a level 3 Soldier.
  8. Still interested! Thinking either Mechanic, Biohacker, or Technomancer at this stage.
  9. I've been pretty busy, but I'm still thinking I can get a day to sit down and do this.
  10. You would make the 4th. If the others check in, I'll start on Monday the 17.
  11. I am interested in playing. I have checked a few parts out from the link, but I don't check this site every day so I haven't been following closely. If we do play, I promise to check in daily. I have a ton of character options. Worlanisi solarian, damai precog, skittermander vanguard, pahtra envoy, copaxi evolutionist, and SRO soldier are just the ones that spring to mind.
  12. You make a third. I want a fourth before starting.
  13. I am interested in this - I have several SFS characters ranging from Level 1-6 that I could bring.
  14. I am sorry, but it looks like I don't have much interest in this offering. I'll continue to try, but you might want to have a look over on or on one of the Discord channels like:
  15. No issue at all. Are you familiar with Starfinder Society? It is a worldwide roleplaying campaign. It uses the Starfinder rule set with some caveats to better allow for such a campaign. You can read up on the rules .
  16. I didn't see anything about this until I saw it on the scroll. Not committing, per se, but I am interested. My TT Group all bought the Pathfinder CRB when it came out, we did a 'rush game' (I run those when we get a new system where we level MUCH faster so we can get a feel for how the system develops. They are short adventures and usually helps people make decisions about future characters for a 'real' adventure) but we NEVER came back to it, sadly. Its been sitting on my shelf since forever. I do not have any of the expansion books. I didn't even know there were rules for Mechs and things like that. Would that be a problem?
  17. I'll need to drop from potential players this time as I'm going to enroll in a class that starts in a couple weeks.
  18. Plenty of RP experience, I've done some pure RP posting stuff before and I'm pretty much the DM For Life in my friend group. Fair bit of PBP experience too, used to be quite active on Mythweavers a while ago but haven't been on in some time. Played one game that ran for a few years! Thanks for the info, I'll look into later feats to see if I can get a general idea of the build.
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