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Game Expectations

Game flow and rules (more or less):

1. For character creation, when rolling for abilities, roll 4d6. Drop the lowest. Do this 6 times. Distribute the totals amongst the six abilities as you see fit for the type of character you want to create.

2. Other than that, that is pretty much the only rule for character creation. Any questions, please ask.

3. Expect at least one post every 24 hours. But, I understand life happens. If going to be out of pocket for a while, or need extra time,  please let me know. Communication is key and greatly appreciated. We can work things out. I don't ghost or quit games. Expect the same. If for some reason you have to drop out of game please let me know so I can make the appropriate arrangements.

4. Story is KING. Story trumps rules, mechanics, etc. If you don't feel the same way, then this might not be the game for you.

5. Basic Fantasy is a pretty simple and easy to grasp rule system. Once you learn it, you will pretty much know what you need to roll for anything you are trying or wanting to do. Please, feel free to roleplay out the result of your die rolls. I will do it if you prefer, but I encourage you to do it. It's your character, after all. Ham it up. Tell your story. Build your legend. Have fun with it!

6. That's pretty much it, I think. If anything comes to mind later I'll let you know. If you have any questions, please ask. I'm a pretty laid back GM. I'm here to have fun and tell a story with you. 

7. Oh yeah... If you are new to Basic Fantasy... You can get a 100% FREE Core Rulebook here: https://www.basicfantasy.org/index.html This book (pdf) has everything you need to create a character, rules of play, etc. And this is the full book, not a quick start version! NOICE!

8. If you want to use the dice roller provided by Myth Weavers, then use it. If you prefer to roll real dice, roll real dice. We are all adults here and on the honor system. I trust you.

9. That's it (I think! If not, I'll let you know if I realize I missed something.) Nuff said. Let's have some fun!

10. One other thing... When posting, I don't expect you to be a Shakespeare or a Steinbeck. A Stephen King (my favorite!) or a R. A. Salvatore. That being said, I do expect more than just a three word sentence (would be nice anyways). We're here to tell a story after all!  

11. The #1 rule... Have fun!!! Live it up, ham it up, create your legend!

12. Ok, one more thing. There's not a Basic Fantasy Character Sheet yet on MW. And, I can't add one yet. So, you can either use the Dungeons and Dragons (Basic) Sheet or just write up your own and send it to me. Or, I'm open to suggestions... 

13. One more thing (I promise this is the last thing): I'm new to Myth Weavers. Have been playing PbP for about a year now. I love it! I currently play on Tavern Keeper, Gamers Plane, and Role Gate. So, I'm a total newb when it comes to running things here on MW. Please, forgive my ignorance and mistakes when it comes to the actual running of things here. I'm learning! (But please feel free to educate me about things)...

14. Ok, now I'm done. I think...

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