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Morgansfort: The Western Lands Campaign An Adventure Series For 2-8 Beginning Characters This campaign module combines: The Western Lands, a briefly sketched campaign area; Morgansfort, a detailed "home base" for an adventuring party; The Old Island Fortress, a two level dungeon suitable for beginning adventurers; The Nameless Dungeon, a tough three level dungeon; and The Cave of the Unknown, a dungeon controlled by an evil magic-user. This campaign module is highly suitable for starting a new group, even a group of new players!

Game System

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game




  1. What's new in this game
  2. Hi folks, just checking in to see if any chance this game might restart. cheers.
  3. Eh, even if dead, I'll probably stick around in it just in case.
  4. An update of some kind would be good. I'll give it til the weekend too.
  5. Is this game dead again? I will give it the rest of the week then I am dropping out.
  6. Cal is ready to try this again. (resisting the urge to post it four times and make fun of the wonkiness) By the way, if any of you has any extra gold, buy me a bow. haha.
  7. Yes, I believe the site was down/wonky during some scheduled maintenance late yesterday abd into the evening. Seems ok now.
  8. I'll get things started this evening, after work. Was gonna do it yesterday, but I was having trouble with Myth Weavers. It wasn't letting me post and I kept getting a " template core error". Everything seems to be back to normal this morning. Anyone else have any issues yesterday?
  9. No worries, Azeis. Just let me know when you're ready to start.
  10. Ok, I made that edit. I still havent sorted out how to embed an image. If you have a guide that would be great. Also, my mother is in hospice and is expected to pass in the next day. Then of course, there is a funeral. I MAY be a bit slow or perfunctory this week, but I am looking forward to the game as a much-needed distraction.
  11. Hey just wanted to say sorry for the slow week on my responses and updates, I've been busy with stuff for the channel and stuff involving my own west marches project.
  12. Name what the roll is 4 Put a 4 in the box where the 6 sided dice is Below that you will see the word then click on the box and a menu will drop select drop. There is a box to the right click it and click lowest then hit roll
  13. Roger doger. I came from nowhere, looking to scratch the itch, and I like BFRPG so I searched and found this PbF! I couldn't figure out how to drop the lowest on the site. I will just rearrange the stats, then. 8HP 15AC Saves Equipment Death Ray/Poison 12 Leather Armor(piecemeal mail) Magic Wands 13 2 handed sword Paralysis/Petrify 14 Satchel Dragon Breath 15 Rations - 7-day Spells 17 Waterskin Flint and Steel STR 17 +2 50ft rope DEX 16 +2 CON 11 INT 9 WIS 10 CHA 8 I hope the equipment is okay.
  14. Yup my Hobbit is trying to beg his way into Morgansfort as we speak
  15. Also, we are sticking to just the classes in the core book. None of the supplemental classes on the Basic Fantasy website.
  16. Ok, a couple things on your character. For the six abilities... I allow everyone to Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest. Then assign the scores to your character as you see fit. By all means, you are welcome to keep things the way you have them now, but to keep things fair, I just want you to know how everyone else did it. Second, start with you max HP allowed. So, whatever your hit die is plus any CON modifier.
  17. No offense, but who the hell are you?? 😂 I'm not recognizing this name. I'm assuming you're one of the guys that came over from Twitter? I must of forgotten to write your name down. Well, whoever you are, glad to have you 😀. Give me a heads up when your character is done.
  18. Ok, so from what I'm seeing... Excior, Fragwulf, and guitarist are good to go on characters. Lando and Huge Ogre have completed their characters. I just need to give them one last look over. Azeis and Reticently are still working on theirs. LuonDoveGM, also. That sounds right?
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