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Character Creation/Applications

This is where you can create your character, ask questions and/or get help with it, etc.

Character creation is pretty simple and straight forward.

My three house rules when it comes to creating a character are:

1) Abilities Scores. Roll 4d6, drop the lowest. Do this 6 times. Assign the scores to your abilities however you want.

2) Starting HP. Start with the Max HP for the Hit Dice of the type of character you are making. So, if creating a Magic User, Hit Dice is 1d4. So, starting HP would be 4. A fighter is 1d8 Hit Dice, so start with 8 HP, etc.

3) All magic Users start play already knowing Read Magic. This is automatic. I don't count this toward spell count. So, a 1st level MU has Read Magic plus one other spell. 

That's pretty much it. 

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