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Gray Greencastle, Human Fighter!

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Gray Greencastle

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Sex: Male

Level: 1

XP: 0/2000

HP: 9/9

AC: 15


A blonde-haired, emerald-eyed, quixotically-minded fellow of noble descent, Gray’s given name is Grayden.  Grayden Greencastle.  Not the worst name in all the realm, until it becomes abbreviated as multi-syllable names so often do.  Gray…Gray Greencastle. 

Gray hails from Slateholm.  He is a member of, wait for it, House Greencastle.  Where, as a child, he received noble tutelage with a silver spoon tucked snuggly in his youthfully pompous mouth.  Making noble bones squiring for snobbish knights, until he’d just had enough of their collective stuffiness.

“No sense of humor at all, the soldiering lot!”

But through sound learning and nurturing of noble lineage, young Gray instead had what can but only be called…well, a knightly experience.  Sensing the call to be an adventurer.  Leaving home with but a humble spelunking pack and a commoner’s sense of fashion, Gray aspires to one day shed his common outfit, make good on his namesake, and return to a noble life of free-spending and riotous living.  Surely the path of ADVENTURING is the way to go!

“Oh yes, friends.  An adventurer!  Oh the tall tales they’ll tell of me.  Of us.  I meant us!  LET’S DO THIS!”


Attribute Score Bonus
Strength 17 +2
Intelligence 11 +0
Wisdom 13 +1
Dexterity 15 +1
Constitution 15 +1
Charisma 15 +1


Type Total AB (Melee/Ranged) Damage
Longsword  +3/- 1d8+2
Warhammer +3/+2 1d6+2
Dagger +3/+2 1d4+2


Type Notes
Leather AC 13
Shield AC +1
Dex 15 AC +1


Saving Throws
Save Score Bonus
Death Ray or Poison 12 +1 vs. Poison
Magic Wands 13 +1 vs. Charm and Mind Effects
Paralysis or Petrify 14 -
Dragon Breath 15 -
Spells 17 +1 vs. Charm and Mind Effects


Item Notes
Belt Pouch  
Clothing, Common Outfit  
Dry Rations 6/7
Grappling Hook  
Iron Spikes 12/12
Oil 2/2
Rope, Hempen 50’
Torches 6/6
Winter Blanket  
Official Fort Papers  


Item Amount
Platinum Pieces 2
Gold Pieces 10
Electrum Pieces 2
Silver Pieces 4
Copper Pieces 10


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Rolls n’ such.  Second roll for Starting Gold.

Edited by guitarist
Figuring out Dice. (see edit history)
Ability Scores
15; 15; 17; 11; 13; 15
drop(4d6,lowest);drop(4d6,lowest);drop(4d6,lowest);drop(4d6,lowest);drop(4d6,lowest);drop(4d6,lowest) [6,2,6,3]; [6,2,6,3,5,5,2,5]; [6,2,6,3,5,5,2,5,6,6,5,3]; [6,2,6,3,5,5,2,5,6,6,5,3,2,2,3,6]; [6,2,6,3,5,5,2,5,6,6,5,3,2,2,3,6,5,3,1,5]; [6,2,6,3,5,5,2,5,6,6,5,3,2,2,3,6,5,3,1,5,6,2,4,5]
3d6 4,1,5
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2 hours ago, guitarist said:

Reserved for Character.  
I need to figure out the Dice Tower.  Wish me luck.

Good luck! I'm trying to figure this out to. Have played on Gamers Plane and Tavern Keeper, new to Myth Weavers though. Honestly, if you have real dice and would rather use them, feel free to.  We're all adults here. 

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Save for a few remaining formatting issues, I think I’m good to go.  

Gray’s a pleasure.  Had him in an AD&D 2e game a while back, that game died.  Dropped him into another 2e game after that, that game also died.  Poor guy can’t catch a break lol.

Hope everyone’s well today.

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