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Gemlia Ironskar - Dwarf Cleric of the Living Forge

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"So, ya think yer hot stuff, eh?
Let me tell ya--ya don't know the
first thing about heat!"

Personnel Dossier

Name: Gemlia Ironskar
Species: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Age: 64


Gemlia is fiery and passionate. She is somewhat prone to being boisterous, though it usually starts with an outside comment or joke. Gemlia is also hard-working and looks down on those that refuse or cheat their way out of work. She is easy with her trust, but known to burn bridges if slighted.


Gemlia stands at just under four and a half feet tall. She has bright orange hair--a common trait among all Ironskars--which she keeps braided. Her hair is shaved on either side, forming a kind of thick, floppy mohawk. She has a number of ear piercings and a scar across one eyebrow; a burn scar from hot slag in the face.

She wears heavy armors, uses shields, and carries a mace or warhammer. When she has time between praying and fighting, Gemlia etches her current set of equipment with dwarfen stylization.



Strength  13 +1   HP  6/6 (1d6)   Saving ThrowsI will subtract the Dwarf saving throw bonuses from my saving throws for ease and quickness of math. Then I'll just roll 1d20.

Dwarfs save at:
+4 vs. all but Dragon Breath
+3 vs. Dragon Breath
Dexterity  11 0 AC  16 Death/Poison  7
Constitution  12 0 To Hit  +1 Wands  8
Intelligence  8 -1 Exp  0/2000 Paralyze/Stone  10
Wisdom  15 +1     Dragon Breath  13
Charisma  11 0     Spells  11
Equipment Money & Valuables
Chain mail (40) Shield (5) 1p    =    5g    =    10e    =    50s    =    500c
Mace w/leather lash (10) 0 44 0 10 0
Holy Symbol of the Living Forge  
Backpack 25/40 Belt Pouch  
Iron spike x12 (1) Whetstone  
Oil, flask x5 (5) Belt Pouch  
Rations/day, x7 (14) Chalk, bag full of pieces  
Large sack Belt Pouch  
Tinderbox, flint/steel    
Rope, hemp x50' (5)    


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Post reserved for dice. LOL I haven't used the tower until just now. I guess I didn't need a whole post for that.

keep(4d6,highest,3) 5,3,3,2
Oof haven't used the dice tower yet
repeat(keep(4d6,highest,3),5) 1,5,5,3,5,5,2,2,2,5,1,4,1,4,2,2,6,5,2,4
Starting coinage
SyntaxError: Unexpected token nan
Uh, oops? Coins plz?
3d6*10 4,6,5
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Hello! I hope you don't mind me applying! I am setting up a game of Mörg Borg and ran across this in the OSR stuff. I picked up a copy of the book but have yet to go through it too much (working day 3 of 10 without a day off...). I'll get there soon. Anywho, I've been really interested is this vein of games and am excited to see what can come of it! Plus, I like to learn new systems. This one seemed pretty cool.

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Don't mind you applying at all. Glad to have you. Character is looking good. If you would, put your AC, HP, Equipment, etc. on your sheet also. On page 3 of the book (not sure in the pdf) there is a sample character sheet with all the information needed.

I wouldn't mind maybe getting in on that Mörq Borg game. Haven't played it before. Just ordered the book the other day. Was going to mess around with it in some solo play. My other passion 🙂

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Yay! Thank you, glad to be here. I'll get all the typical sheet stuff in there. Was currently just getting some thoughts out of my head and trying some formating-fu.

I would be happy to have you in MB. It's fun but brutally hard! When you level up, there's a chance you actually get worse! I'm kind not so big into that, but eh, it's a game about the dooming end of the world; what did I expect? XD I too have gotten into a bunch of solo play recently. Much fun! I'll let you know when I get that game off the ground--it'll be a bit though.

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On 2/13/2023 at 9:21 AM, Malkavian Grin said:

I think I'm finished with creation. Let me know if I'm missing something. Wasn't sure if you wanted a background. Thought I might try creating it on the fly as we post.

Yeah, that's fine creating the background on the fly. Character looks good. I'll give everyone's sheet a good looking over here shortly and double check everything. 

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Some quick ideas here, I am aiming for my "deity" to be like a fire elemental that inhabits a giant central forge in my home city. Thus it is a "living forge" that seems to have a mind of its own and reacts to stimuli. Everyone in my community believes in it and either venerates or at least respects it. Other dwarfs may very well not even know that it exists. Would this technically make it a demi-god? Maybe, but there don't appear to be definitive rules for gods either.

I figure I'll help fill out this idea as people ask me quesitons about it in character and stuffs.

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I just wanted to do something a bit different for a cleric. I really like how dwarfs in Warhammer venerate their ancestors as gods, so some of that idea blended into this one.

Also, any idea when you'll choose characters / get the game up and running? The ad says 3/11. Was just curious.

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Maybe but at first level, thieves are pretty useless. I took a [back]stab at creating a better thief for Basic Fantasy a couple of years ago because they are so limited at the beginning of their career. v1.3 was my favorite, but I made a few versions based on community feedback. One of the artists of BFRPG was even nice enough to contribute an illustration for it.

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Oh, really? That bad huh? I admit I didn't read through the Thief class on account of rogues don't usually interest me; I always feel like I'm "doing it wrong." I dunno. I think I wouldn't really have the experience to know whether it was bad or not until I played one, probably.

I've downloaded your Rogue, I'll give it a peek. 😉

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