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About This Game

The first two generations of heroes have been shattered due to an intergalactic war. A quiet school has been formed to teach the next generation of DC heroes.

Game System

Mutants & Masterminds 3e

Detailed Description

Setting Background:

In the 1970s, Superman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, The Flash, and several others, formed a society of superheroes who would join together for a common cause of protecting the weak, fighting evil, and generally doing good deeds. This group was known as the Super Friends. The Super Friends brought about a golden age of heroes, each member being an upstanding citizen and highly regarded in popular culture.

In the early 90's, Batman, a vigilante who was more myth than common knowledge, formed a second society of superheroes known as the Justice League. Unlike the Super Friends, this group wasn't public facing. On top of that, the group's goal was to prevent the formation of large supernatural gangs of villains and to prevent major crimes from being committed. Batman focused on those who were either in control of large areas (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aqua Man, Black Lightning), or who had shown great skill in detective and investigative work (The Question, Black Canary, Constantine, Huntress, Martian Manhuspacer.pngnter).

The two groups operated more or less independently, and it was questionable how much the Super Friends actually knew about the Justice League. At the time, no one was prepared for what was coming.

Darkseid, the self-proclaimed new god and ruler of the planet Apokolips was searching for something known as the Anti-Life equation. In his efforts, he opened a portal to a realm known as the Phantom Zone. Finding General Zod, and his two lieutenants, Darkseid was forced into a desperate battle. It is unknown how long it took, but Darkseid eventually conquered the three Kryptonians and enslaved them to his will. Finding that Kryptonians had fragments of the equation but that similar species would have more, Darkseid found out that Earth would hold another piece of the equation he searched for.

On June 10th, 1998, with no warning, the east coast of the United States was assaulted by an alien army of Parademons lead by Kryptonian General Zod. The war was bloody and lasted over 5 years. Heroes were born and fell, and countries shuddered under the assault of Apokolips.

The general public, to this day, is unsure what Batmand did to end the war. But what is known is that Batman flew in through one of the Boom Tubes and suddenly there was a flash of aqua-marine light, and then all the boom tubes closed. Without reinforcements, the Apokolips slaves were freed, the parademons were slain, and Earth was saved.

Superman, after aiding in reconstruction, retired from being a superhero. Wonder Woman created a new group that mixed the Justice League with the Super Friends, and named it the Justice Society. But many of the current heroes are either weak or beaten. The powered cultures of the Amazons and the Atlantians have suffered catastrophic losses. And as far as we are aware, Darkseid still lives.

Current Setting:

The Wayne Foundation for Gifted students has formed a school for those with 'unique gifts'. These are students with abilities and talents that will allow for them to be the newest generation of Superheroes. Rather than these heroes growing independently and forming fractious groups as their predecessors did, the Wayne Foundation is secretly training these heroes in how to participate and work as both individuals and teams. Letting these children learn how to grow into the greatest heroes they can be, in the hopes of being prepared for any future conflicts of the Darkseid nature.

Game Rules:

System: Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Power Level: Funky (PL 12)

Power Points: 100

Build Level: Build as a PL 6, but know that the limits are set as a PL 12.

Powers Allowed: All except Variable. There will be powers I will watch, however.

There will be a class schedule. What classes you choose and when; WILL change your character sheet over time.

No one knows, and no one believes, that Bruce Wayne is Batman. This is an in-game rule. Bruce Wayne was crippled during the war and has retired to a summer vacation home, but has been seen on several occasions. He is very much alive and signing the checks. Batman died by going through an exploding interdimensional portal. No one knows WHY the billionaire decided to donate his family home to be a training school for the next generation of heroes. Or what dirt Wonder Woman had on Bruce Wayne to have him do so. But it is the source of much gossip among the students.


This game will start off small adventure/slice of life, and build from there in both power and danger. You are not experienced heroes. Many have just discovered their powers and have begun to use them.

You will be doing team training, much of that will include varieties of Player Vs Player. I don't mind rivalries, I do mind someone going supervillain. There will be games, challenges, and field trips. I will be sprinkling in Easter Eggs as I think of them. And as the characters grow into their powers, they will steadily get sent out on missions. The end goal of the game is for the players to earn and learn their way up to being notable superheroes.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Dodge 6 Parry 6 Fortitude 6 Toughness 6/1 Will 6 Jocelyn asks Maya: "So how do your powers work?" She didn't really know anything about physics and how teleport really works, but understands the basic concept. "How did you find out you could teleport? What is the story behind that?" She was curious about her origin. For Jocelyn she could feel the other alt-realties happening but dismissed it as an overactive imagination to deja-vu. "Sorry if I'm asking so many questions. I'm just really interested in how and why certain people get powers. For me, I think it came from my grandfather, but no one else in my family has powers or even special abilities. I'm the first. So what does that mean, will my descendants get it from me or am I one-in-a-million?" OoC Just chit-chat.
  3. Jack Aldrich - Eldritch Hero Points 0 | Damage 0 | Initiative +2 | Perception +5 | Insight +5 Dodge 2/11 | Parry 4/11 | Fortitude 4 | Toughness 4 | Will 6 When Mr. Duncan starts to depart the scene, Jack casually approaches June. "Hey June. What's happening? Are these guys hassling you? I can escort you to your next class." He looks at everyone wondering what they are thinking but doesn't have a clue.
  4. Francis King - Lionheart Mechanics & OOC Voice Claim for Francis - Voice Claim for Maahes - OOC: -
  5. (I'm gonna hold off on Francis' post until Jake's skill checks are resolved, just in case.)
  6. It was a typo, it was Jake and Francis, not Jack and Francis... Sorry sorry.
  7. not currently, but I'll keep you in mind. We're going through an arc right now and I'll do a head count at the end.
  8. Volker Riese - Der Drache Math class awaits, and he's looking forward to it if more for the teacher then the subject. Fire/Ice and puns like that. Title
  9. Dodge 6 Parry 6 Fortitude 6 Toughness 6/1 Will 6 Jocelyn tells Maya: "Science with Dr. Isley." She is a little hesitant to teleport and asks: "You have done this before, right? I mean with other people. I'm not going to end up in a wall or something horrible like that, right?" She begins to feel her anxiety rise a bit and remembers her powers sometimes alter the actions of other in her favor.(*) Regaining her calm she: "Ok. Sorry. I just freaked out a bit. Why not." Relaxing some more she grabs Maya's hand so they can teleport and says: "Yes. My family know something is 'special' about me, but my powers are not flashy or noticeable. It is hard to explain. They just work in the background to my benefit." OoC (*) She has Luck Manipulation to help others succeed.
  10. Xerin For the two boys, Jack and Francis, you get June's shocked face and a shake of her head. "Uh, no offense, but I don't know you and these are stupidly expensive. I'm more than happy to take care of these myself. Especially since they're already a job I work." I don't understand this interaction. Jack never got nor planned to get anywhere near June. thanks
  11. "Sure, I can teleport, so let's go to your class. What do you have next?" Asks Maya as she lets Jocelyn take the lead. "So I can step between places to show up somewhere else... It's hard to explain. And, well I'm a first-generation 'powers' in my family. So no one knows anything about my abilities in my family. What about you?" For the two boys, Jake and Francis, you get June's shocked face and a shake of her head. "Uh, no offense, but I don't know you and these are stupidly expensive. I'm more than happy to take care of these myself. Especially since they're already a job I work." She says as the music teacher is watching the entire thing play out. You can immediately tell that he knows what's going on but now he's measuring and judging your actions. However, the last sentence makes him raise his eyebrow. "I do like your band Ms. Moone. People often undersell the value of dance music and happy music. Ska focuses on both. Though it never really got mainstream." June got excited. "You've listened to 5th Wave?" Mr. Duncan nods. "I like your personal songs better than the covers, but that's just my bias. I feel that you often don't get an artist's soul in a cover. I must tell you though, when the teachers were discussing you students, you forced Barbara and me to spend more time together than I had planned. Expect a couple of your music videos to get absolutely dissected in the upcoming semester." That causes June to pale. "Yes sir." "Now Gentlemen, I believe we're too early in the year to be giving confessions, you're not in my next period, and I won't have you assaulting a student in my room. So those three options aside, choose your next moves carefully." Mr. Duncan's voice had been deep and melodic in his conversation, the sign of a consummate professional used to pitching and tuning his voice for the public. Something that actors and singers were well versed in. So when you heard him ask you to choose your next moves carefully, you could practically feel in your bones the sound of ominous music fill the air.
  12. Sorry for slight delays of posting... power's been crazy lately.
  13. FWIW. I've nothing to respond to either at the moment, too. Read the Private Message, and he won't follow up with that thread. ceers
  14. Super sorry, I'll post something up for you either tonight or tomorrow.
  15. Dodge 6 Parry 6 Fortitude 6 Toughness 6/1 Will 6 Jocelyn looks a little bit surprised starting at Maya, the girl who could literally be anywhere, and said to her: "Hi. I'm Jocelyn. Thanks." She self-consciously fixes her hair to make sure it is presentable. "You got great style Maya." She feels the need to complement her on something too about her appearance. "Teleportation?" She had not really thought about her powers working that way, but it could if you think being aware of your existence across the multiverse is a form teleportation. "No. Nothing like that. It is a little hard to explain. You want to walk and talk about our powers?" OoC Not sure if I need to hide this conversation.
  16. Francis King - Lionheart Mechanics & OOC Voice Claim for Francis - Voice Claim for Maahes - OOC: -
  17. Kannd'r Hero points 0 | Damage 0 | Initiative 0 | Perception 4 | Insight 4 Dodge/Parry: 3 | Toughness: 9 | Fortitude: 6 | Will: 4 Advantages Attractive 2 Power Attack Skills Acrobatics 2 Athletics 10 Deception 5* Insight 4 Intimidate 6 Perception 4 Persuasion 5* Attacks Unarmed: +10 Damage. +2 Atk. DC:25. Star Fist: +14 Damage. +2 Atk. DC:26. 19-20 Crit. AutoAttack. Split. Heat Vision: +3 Damage. +6 Atk. DC:18. Penetration 3. Star Bolts: +5 Damage. +4 Atk. DC:20. Classes went well, still a good amount of 'not getting it' but she was at the very least trying and paying attention and didn't appear to be frustrated at difficulty. That was in truth because she didn't consider much of what she was learning to be all that important but understood a base level of knowledge was needed. Mechanics & OOC Character Sheet: OOC: Translation:
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