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After centuries of development Earth is a bustling world full of grand cities and carefully maintained parks. Gleaming arcologies rise a mile into the sky and their basements burrow deep into the ground. Carefully managed aquafarms provide food for the teeming billions, and robotic factories provide for all their material needs. All this is powered by solar power beamed from space and massive fusion plants on the ground. Corporations have grown larger and stronger, but they have not supplanted national governments. Those governments in turn still squabble among themselves for power and prestige, but a global war has been avoided for a century. And overall life is good for the majority of the world's citizens. That is until disaster strikes. Over a period of some years the moon begins to slowly shake itself apart. Scientists were at a loss to discover the cause, but the results are easy to discern as an increasing number of lunar fragments begin impacting the Earth. Under intermittent bombardment the underground systems of foundations and utility tunnels were strengthened and improved to house as many survivors as possible. Huge quantities of food and supplies were stored, but without the global aqua farms there was simply not enough for even that fraction of the population that managed to squeeze in. The underground enclaves were wracked by infighting, starvation, and strained life support equipment as the lunar bombardment reached its peak. Years later the surface and is a cratered ruin and the few surviving enclaves maintain a tenuous existence in their deep shelters. The remaining information networks of the old world link them to each other intermittently, but physical travel is nearly impossible. The world is ruined and things look bleak, but one ray of hope remains. Shortly before the lunar catastrophe leading physicists had discovered the math proving the existence of countless parallel dimensions, and experimental quantum portals had been opened to them. Now the survivors have managed to scale up that technology. Their most hardened survivors have been given the best remaining equipment and are ready to be sent out. Their mission is to find an inhabitable world and new home for humanity.

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This is a GURPS game using the Infinite Worlds setting. However you will not be working for any of the established organizations, but rather a ruined world that is searching for a new home to call their own. As such players will be free to use whatever methods they deem necessary to explore the multiverse and overcome obstacles towards that goal. The game has been running for several years, but with the site transition and general attrition we're down to just three active players. As such I am looking for a 1-3 new players to fill out the roster.


Characters will be built on 300 points with up to 100 points of disadvantages. Please post your characters as new threads in the Characters folder of this game's forum. There are further details in the Character Creation thread.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Yeah, that sounds good. Go ahead and make an application in the character tab.
  3. Are you still looking for a player or two? I was thinking I could put together an Ecoengineer with some solid military training. Background might be that prior to the disaster he served a stint in the military. He continued to serve, by working to mitigate or improve the few remaining natural habitats especially on/around various military bases or highly toxic sites. When the disaster struck he was drafted to join the work crews building a local underground facility. He even made a small scientific contribution by engineering a slightly more beneficial and productive algae for the hydroponic farms. As society deteriorated, he started researching and trying to design organisms or ecosystems that could survive the hostile and extreme environments on the surface. His knowledge, prior military training, and knowledge of hostile almost xeno-like environments (he has made a few excursions to the surface as part of the experimental testing), got him recognized by the Ark leadership as being someone who might be beneficial to the project. Perhaps by being able to help identify/analyze potential new worlds suitable for terraforming or settlement. I should be able to have a character generated by the end of the week if this sounds like it could work.
  4. I don't actually have Power Ups 3. So I'm going to have to say no to that.
  5. Sheet looks mostly okay to me. The problem with weirdness magnet is that the team gets into weird situations by design. So it's basically a free pick. So I would appreciate it if you picked up a different disadvantage.
  6. Valid points: 1. I actually edited the skills in Smooth Talker down to a medium talent, rather than a large - I should have changed the name, but missed that when I was going through. 2. Weirdness Magnet - GMs call. I'll have to figure out something else if he disallows it.
  7. Looks pretty good so far. I agree - Andreas looks like a raw recruit. Jack will grumble about that, and decide that this is an opportunity to "toughen him up." (With the goal of getting rid of LPT and Overconfident). A couple things - your sheet shows Smooth Talker as costing 10. It costs 15/level. My GCS shows 15, as does the page reference on your sheet. In the past, ArcaneStomper has taken a pass on Weirdness Magnet, so maybe have some other ideas for those -15 points.
  8. Really bizarre. It is definitely there on my laptop. I choose the file, but it is clearly not working. Let me try this:
  9. Don't know if that link works for you, but when I click to see your sheet, I get: We're sorry (404)
  10. A hacker is probably less feasible because the current team tends to go low tech on assignment. The Gate could repair any sort of android body. They are TL10 after all. You could easily arrive from another team pulling you out of your own universe. Or stumbling through a portal and ending up either on Ark or somewhere that the Ark teams were exploring.
  11. So would a hacker/cybersecurity style character be viable? If not, then I'll go with a PI type. Also, can the Gate Worlders repair a Cyberdoll THS android body? If not, then I'll go with a Bioshell. Finally, what do you think would be the most logical way for him to end up in this multiverse setting?
  12. Yes, that's permissible, but digital networks don't come up a lot. You would need a body.
  13. I'm still getting used to the new site layout and am, therefore, posting here. I noticed that this game has been rebooted and is currently being advertised. Is it still permissible to make a character from another world than the main one? If so, I'd like to port over a Ghost Mind Emulation from the Transhuman Space setting (if permitted) again.
  14. Unless we're fronting their backs, and then just talking about them in the open? XD
  15. I'll import the rest of the important bits here as I get time. >__<
  16. [img2=200]https://www.myth-weavers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=70290&d=1495853670[/img2] Name: GADc-002(General All-Terrain Devastation combatant) -calls himself 'God2' or 'Gerald' [U]Primary Function;[/U] Survival in hostile environments [U]Secondary function;[/U] Devastator Combatant field test[/indent] Personality Unit GADc-002 was designed to be cold and calculating, with enough brain-power to be resistant to enemy attempts to deter or detect him. His development phase was cut short, and thus his skillset leaves room for improvement. Post-maturation, there was mental modification made by a different scientist aimed toward further development of his innate offensive capabilities; again not improving his psychological self. The result is a very quiet, curious, and 'innocent' being- much of human emotion is lost upon him, and almost all subtleties and nuances are completely missed. He does not have vocal chords- instead the PSI amp interfaces with his thoughts, giving him the ability to communicate via telepathic message. He is able to understand and write the English language, and the survivors that initially found him wandering taught him ASL in order to reliably communicate. The times he is most human are when he 'descends'; which is what he calls the feral condition that occasionally is triggered by using his draining abilities. Background Gerald, called GADc-002 in the lab he was created in, began his lifecycle as a recon-destined Bioroid in a distant worldline. This worldline had weaponized the mind along with their genetic upheaval; creating devices known as Psi-Amps that would magnify the psionic potential of a user to higher levels. GADc-002 (shorthand as God2) was the first Bioroid to not berserk when retrofitted with a Psiamp- his predecessor's violent and dangerous rejection of the unrefined technology a decade prior caused the project to halt. God2 was the second iteration of the project, but it seemed that the bioroid was doomed to hang in a stasis tank until the space was needed for another project and he was simply tossed aside. Over the course of the decade of pause, the head scientist of the Devastator project had been assassinated. The world was at war; a war that looked to consume every corner of the known existence. On one side there were the psi-amped humans, fighting a loosing battle against insurmountable odds. The other side was an enemy from beyond human space- unknown and non-euclidean, these organic conquerors were hell bent on dissolving the human mind to create the perfect slave-race. After all, they were remarkable adapters. The conquering force had underestimated humanity- their technology, when salvageable, greatly boosted defensive efforts. The conquerors' upper hand crumbled as the humans mastered the psionic technologies, and took them to levels that the progenitors could not have conceived of; but it was not long until the humans began to fight amongst themselves. Seeing this, the Conquerors decided to change their game to a long-term goal, becoming watchers. Humanity never really stood a chance. As the infighting became more serious, and nudged by carefully placed technological 'jumps' from the Conquerors, the planet itself began to change. Pollution became rampant as factories churned out weapons and armor; natural resources depleted as more and more supplies were consumed. There was really no return at this point; Humanity so fractured and segmented to the point where they could not even rally against a common enemy. One independent PSIentist stumbled upon the abandoned laboratory in the government sub-systems of a ruined country and saw hope; Fittingly titled as 'God2'. Building the Psi amp was not difficult- the things were pretty common. Psi-created Radiation was rampant- the use of psionic superweapons had turned the environment into an enigma of its own- and so the Psientist, Dr. Vanhouven, did his best to modify the existing Bioroid to heal itself by siphoning excess psi energies. He may have tinkered too far, for when he activated the 'roid, it nearly killed him. However, Gerald, AKA god2, lived. A few years of action saw god2 replicated; his sense of independence created a tendency to disobey orders he deemed beneath him. Subsequent models had a weaker mentality and were more susceptible to controlling. Of course, before Dr. Vanhouven's team could roll out Godsub2, there was a global cataclysm. A daring group of defenders attempted to strike at one of the Conqueror's forward bases- the resulting use of a final, desperate psionic superweapon. This one was an attempt to open a reality rift which would suck the offenders out of orbit; fanatical and far removed from any approved practices, it definitely destroyed the Conqueror vessels, the moon, and then began to grow from there. Chunks of the world began to simply disappear- swapping with either nothing or strangely miss-matched chunks of another reality. Of course, GADc-002 knew nothing of this. He had broken free of his creator's will far before the final day, wandering the desolate wastes and exploring for his own... something. An unnatural hunger drove him- both fueling his wanderlust and something darker. Instinct drove him to survive. He was discovered by a group of survivors that had found a way to stabilize a small area enough that they could keep the dimensional abnormalities to a minimum, but even that was tenuous at best. The world continued to fall apart, and the group knew it was only a matter of time before they too would disappear. Amid this misery, the group had found a small thread of hope with GAD2- whom they gave the name 'Gerald'. Though odd, and occasionally unable to comprehend sorrow or happiness, he began to develop a bond with the group; they taught him how to perform maintenance on his amp; something he had been desperately needing, and helped him improve his already (mostly) impeccable control over his abilities. Over the course of a few months, the group dwindled. Less would come back from scouting missions, and the atmosphere deteriorated at an alarming pace. Not having his survival capabilities activated; (not even knowing they exist), the bioroid began to deteriorate. The last thing recorded in his memory is stumbling into one of the 'Reality Shifts'. Attributes: ST 10| DX 12 | IQ 14 | HT 10 |[ooc=Will 18]Will +4, [20][/ooc] / Perception 14 | Speed 5.5/ Move 5| FP 10 / HP 10 Language(Spoken/Written): American Sign Language (Native/None), English (None/Native) [/left][/spoiler] --- [spoiler=Advantages][left]Unusual Background: Psionic Hellworld [50] Hard to Kill 2 [4] Reduced Consumption 2: (requires 1/3 as much food and water, or 1 meal/day) [4] [fieldset=Psi Amp (Psionic Gadget)][list][*]Absolute Direction (3D Spatial Sense) [6] [*]Awareness 5 [11] [*]Combat Reflexes [9] [*]Compartmentalized Mind 1 [30] [*]Danger Sense [9] [*]Increased Dexterity 2 [24] [*]Increased Intelligence 4 [48] [*]Psi-Vampire Talent 2 [6] [*]Telespeak 4 [27][/list] [u][b]170 Points[/b][/u] [U]Included modifiers;[/U] Unique [-25%]; Can be stolen (Must be forcefully removed, will not work for thief) [-5%]; Psionic [-10%][/fieldset][fieldset=Psionic Abilities] [list][*]Psi Sense 1 (Vague Sense: psionic activity) [8] [*]Gecko Grip [1] [*]Insider Glance (Armory) [1] [*]Insider Glance (Electronics) [1] [*]Insider Glance (Repair) [1] [*]Blood Healing [1] [*]Steal Life 4 [34] [*]-Detect Life (Alternate of Steal Life) [ooc="[6]"]24/5[/ooc] [*]-Drain HT 5 (Alternate of Steal Life) [ooc="[6]"]29/5[/ooc] [*]-Drain ST 5 (Alternate of Steal Life) [ooc="[6]"]29/5[/ooc] [*]TK Grab 10 (Short Range; 20 yards; -43%) [33][/list] [u][b]98 Points[/b][/u] [u]Included Modifiers;[/u] Psionic [-10%][/fieldset][/left] [/spoiler] --- [spoiler=Disadvantages][left][list][*]Bioroid [-5] [*]Disturbing Voice [-10] [*]Low Empathy [-20] [*]Truthfulness [-5] [*]Self-Destruct (Bioroid) [-10] [*]Social Stigma (Telepath)[-5] [*]Uncontrollable Appetite (Life Energy, CR12) [-15] [*]Unhealing (Partial; Life Drain) [-20] [*]Unusual Biochemistry [-5] [*]Uses Psionics Whenever Possible [-1] [*]Attentive [-1] [*]Chummy [-1] [*]Literal [-1] [*]Unclaimed Quirk [-1] [/list] [u][b]-100 Points[/b][/u][/left] [/spoiler] --- [spoiler=Skills][left][u]See Sheet below for numbers:[/u] Psi Power Skills: 76pts [list] [*]Awareness (15) Per+1 [8] -Deep Scan (Awareness) (15) Per+1 (bought up from Awareness-5) [6] [*]Detect Life (17) Per +1 (+2 Psychic Vampirism Talent) [8] [*]Steal Life (20) Will +2 (+2 Psychic Vampire Talent) [4] -No Contact (Steal Life) (20) Will+2 (bought up from Steal Life -7) [8] [*]Drain HT (20) Will +2 (+2 Psychic Vampire Talent) [4] -Painful Draining (Drain HT) (19) (Technique, Default Drain HT -1) [1] -Far Draining (Drain HT) (16) (Technique, Default Drain HT -5) [2] [*]Drain ST (20) Will +2 (+2 Psychic Vampire Talent) [4] -Painful Draining (Drain ST) (19) (Technique, Default Drain ST -1) [1] -Far Draining (Drain ST) (16) (Technique, Default Drain ST -5) [2] [*]Telespeak (15) IQ+1 [8] -Multiplicity (Telespeak) (12) (Technique, Default Telespeak -5) [3] - Send Senses (Telespeak) (13) (Technique, Default Telespeak -4) [3] -Universal (Telespeak) (12) (Technique, Default Telespeak -5) [3] [*]TK Grab (15) IQ+1 [8] -Mass TK Grab (TK Grab) (9) (Technique, Default TK Grab -7) [2][/list][b][u]Other Skills:[/u][/b] (78pts)[list] [*]Acrobatics (15) DX+3 [16] -Body Sense (15) (defaulting off Acrobatics and then +3 for Absolute Direction) DX+3 [1] [*]Armory/TL10 (Small Arms) (14) IQ+0 [2] [*]Battlesuit/TL10 (14) DX+2 [8] [*]Climbing (15) DX+2 (+1 from Gecko Grip) [2] [*]Electronics Operation/TL10 (Psychotronics) (14) IQ+0 [2] [*]Electronics Repair/TL10 (Psychotronics) (16) IQ+2 [8] [*]Engineer/TL10 (Psychotronics) (15) IQ+1 [8] [*]Fast Draw/TL10 (Ammo) (13) DX+1 [1] [*]Guns/TL10 (Pistol) (17) DX+5 [8] -Guns/TL10 (Rifle) (16) (Pistol -2) [2] [*]Hiking (14) HT+4 [1] (Bonuses from absolute direction & equipment) [*]Judo (13) DX+1 [8] [*]Mathematics/TL10 (Applied) (13) IQ-1 [2] [*]Navigation (Land) (16) IQ-1 (+3 absolute direction) [1] [*]Scrounging (14) Per+0 [1] [*]Survival: Woodlands (13) Per-1 [1] [*]Survival: Plains (13) Per-1 [1] [*]Survival: Jungles (13) Per-1 [1] [*]Soldier/TL10 (14) IQ+0 [2] [*]Stealth (12) DX+0 [2][/list] [u][b]154 Points[/b][/u][/left][/spoiler] --- [spoiler=Loadouts][left][U]General Scout Loadout[/U] -Ranger Exoskeleton; Near miss indicator Gauss Pistol- Smartgrip, Power Holster, HUD link, APDS rounds Gauss Rifle- Hyper-spectral scope, HUD link, Smartgrip, -Armored Sunglasses: (+HUD) [/left][/spoiler] [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bWJT2-89tWtpBB77lO0FFEXJmd7vAkYC/view?usp=sharing]Character Sheet (With page references)[/url][/center] [/fieldset]
  17. Andreas Theriot Andreas had been an experiment from his conception on. The Gateway project desperately needed people to go out and find new places to live. Andreas had been orphaned in the Moonfall, and probably would have been cast out to die, but the higher ups recognized his innate talent as a smooth operator. To that, they added an experimental cyberware (Polyskin Body) to make the ultimate infiltration agent. Then, they provided the most intense schooling that they could possibly provide – including significant memory training. They went out of their way to force him into various cultures so he would be able to adapt to other cultures. He was trained heavily in impersonation (changing his appearance to match) and so on. He is basically a raw recruit, but one with a lot of training. He has put some thought into what to carry with him. He actually had a “Hori Hori” (gardening knife) made for him – superfine and vibro. However, it looks reasonable innocuous… it has a cutting edge, a sawing edge, there is a ruler on it, it is slightly curved. Yes, you are ‘carrying a big knife’, but it doesn’t LOOK like a fighting knife- and you can easily explain that you are a gardener and just forgot to take it off. “It is an invaluable tool for weeding, transplanting, cutting sod, and dividing plants. Some garden knives have a ruler etched into the steel that is useful for measuring depths when planting bulbs or seeds. The tip of the blade is great for drawing lines into the soil for planting gauges.” In addition, his plan is to usually appear ‘as a merchant’ from somewhere nearby, but not here… thus accounting for an accent, and allowing the team to equip itself locally. His preference is gold – small ingots, some wire and woven chains (where the workmanship can help with the price). Each mission, he will ask to resupply, then, as soon as possible, turn it into local currency.
  18. It does turn out that my guy definitely has more than 4 points allocated to the skills to get where they are. I'm also going to adjust a few things around. I took a lot of influence from the training packages in the Action! supplements, as well as several forum posts/discussion lines regarding just how many points a PJ would have in what skills. Rather interesting to read, especially since I was toying with doing a GURPS SpecOps campaign where PJ was an option. (Same with SF 18D Medic or USN SARCC.)
  19. Something that got kicked around in Gateway chargen that I quite liked was to allocate more than a single point to your "area or areas of specialty." I know GURPS makes it easy to get high skill levels with a single point and a decent base stat or helper advantage, but [4] in a skill says "I spent some time really studying this." For example, Jack has medical skills, and a decent IQ, so his skill levels are good. Someone who showed up with the same skill level but with [4] points in the skill will get deferred to as someone "highly trained" in that skill, and probably more rightly deserves the title 'Doctor'. I used this technique to emphasize Jack's "niches" - you can see the ones bolded on his character sheet.
  20. Beats talking about them in front of their fronts.
  21. Then my concept would fit into the combat medic role. I've been modeling him along the lines of the training a USAF PJ would get, combined with several years of experience. I'm not quite done with him, as I want to throw in some hobby skills and tweak him a bit.
  22. So this is where we talk about the generals behind their back? :)
  23. Jack Reygar is the team lead. He's a sniper and recon expert with a head for tactics and a cross-training in botany. He's also a damn good cook. Jordan Pierce is the team second. She's a field engineer and technician with cross-training in recon, urban ops, and field research. Gerald is the "weird guy." He's a bioroid with an array of subtle psionics that actually make him pretty hand for recon operations. We had a "face" character for the longest time who was also a history expert and anthropologist. He was a really good fit. We had a recent addition who was a bioroid designed for covert operations and recon. We used to have a field medic who also happened to be an unarmed combat specialist. We had a field technician with a talent for gunslinger. A dedicated scientist, a heavy weapons specialist, and/or a pilot would also be handy skill set for our team. Despite the TL level, our team tends not to emphasize or rely on high-tech equipment. In a setting where we might pop into a worldline where tech doesn't work, we gravitated toward having tech but not making it the basis of our character builds. Versatility is the key! Also, we're all members of the ARK's pseudo-military and tend to carry ourselves as a military unit.
  24. I'm not sure what role Gerald would best fit into-he's a bit of a caster, bit of a scout? He uses psionics to impede enemies at close range, and outside of his ability to "talk" to anything with intelligence, he's got decent perception, observation, and can activate a sort of 'x-ray vision' mode.
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