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Game Expectations

1. Posting rate. I’ll assume a posting rate of about once to twice a week per participant (more is welcome). I will also strive for one post that pushes the narrative forwards a week. If someone cannot meet this requirement, then I will move on without them until they are able to return to the narrative.
2. Communication. Please communicate absences if possible. I will also let you know if I am unavailable. If you are bored, it’s always better to post something, rather than nothing (even if it is a simple out-of-character statement that you feel you have nothing to add to a scene).
3. Tracking your stats. Please keep track of your character’s statistics.
4. Contents of posts. I will not place any limitations, but I encourage you to be creative and proactive with your characters. I also encourage you to take control of the narrative to set the mood, embellish a description or develop a minor character. This is in general allowed if it does not ‘break’ the game or make your character unreasonably powerful. It is also up to you to pursue interesting subplots for your characters, or suggest some to me. The only limitation is to please try and stay true to the setting.

Please use decent grammar and spelling. We all make mistakes, but let's try to limit them if possible.

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