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Banner art by Gianna Michèle Kaye. A game set in Middle-Earth between the events of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

Game System

The One Ring

Detailed Description


(Art credit: Gianna Michèle Kaye)

‘It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.’


It is the year 2950 of the Third Age. Smaug has been defeated and the battle of the Five Armies has been won. It is the dawn of a time of prosperity and hope. The dwarven kingdom of Erebor has been reclaimed; the descendants of Durin the Deathless are wealthier than ever before. Dale and lake-town have been rebuilt. Agents of King Bard are now roaming the Wilderland, eager to lead Men into a golden age. In the forests, the elves of the woodland realm can again venture deep into what once was Greenwood the Great, while the Woodmen see their holdings expand for the first time in centuries. To the west, Beorn the Skinchanger has abandoned his solitude, and now leads all sorts of brave, stout-hearted folk to patrol the Misty Mountains. Further to the west, the remarkable stories of Bilbo have spread throughout the Shire, inspiring many young hobbits. This is a time for trade, exploration, travelling and all sorts of adventure.

Yet the Shadow, although defeated, has not been truly vanquished. It still lingers in places where no elf or mortal dares set foot. The Enemy awaits in hiding, scheming his return… for if the Free Folks do not unite to hold back the Darkness, the Shadow is certain to grow stronger and envelop the whole of Wilderland.


The campaign


(Art credit: Jon Hodgson)

This game started in 2016 on the original Myth-Weavers website (here). We've had three game masters, dozens of players and about ten adventures over the years. The game moves at a casual but consistent pace; most active participants are in it for the long haul.

We draw heavily from published material, especially from The One Ring (1st edition). In particular, we have ran adventures from Tales from Wilderland, The Darkening of Mirkwood, fan-made content or our own homebrew creations. For a list of our adventures thus far, click here.


The setting


(Art credit: Jeff Murray)

This is Middle-Earth in the twilight years of the Third Age. In particular, the game has so far focused in Wilderland (Rhovanion), though there are plans to potentially expand to other regions as we progress along the Tale of the Years.

The tale begins at 2946 T.A., five years following the death of Smaug and the Battle of the Five Armies. These are the last good years for the peoples of Wilderland; they are not fated to last for long. We are currently in 2950 T.A.


Tone and mood


(Art credit: Jon Hodgson)

This is, first and foremost, a game of grounded fantasy. Player characters are not great heroes (at least not to begin with). They are normal peoples with normal lives, thrust into situations that are greater than them. While the game is not necessarily always grim or dark, those aspects are certainly present, and the tone is for the most part serious.

The world itself is also low-magic (or at least, low overt magic), as befits the Third Age of Middle-Earth.


The systems

Initially, the game used The One Ring (1st edition) rules. More recently, we have been experimenting with Ironsworn as well as the second edition of The One Ring. The plan is to employ additional systems and subsystems to run side-stories, with mechanics carefully selected to reinforce the mood of particular narrative arcs. 

Familiarity with the mechanics is not a requirement. We are a friendly bunch, and happy to teach them to anyone interested in the game. Similarly, ownership of the rulebooks is not required.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Barin rejoined his companions as they completed their preparations for moving onwards. When he had a quick moment he spoke with Hartfast about the Dwarves being happy to seal the mine for the moment, and how they'd assist the menfolk of the settlement with hunting out other goblin incursions whilst preparing to flood the mines. He managed to speak with conviction, for he truly believed that his kin would follow through on the suggestion. Upon hearing the new woodman speak of the river-folk, he also added, "Aye, their reputation does precede them to the point that they're also spoken of all the way to Lake-Town. Well, amongst the more travelled folk passing through there. Still, I'd wager that whilst some of that untrustworthiness is warranted, folk like that tend to have an ear for the comings and goings in their domains, so if they're passing on whispers and rumours, I'd say there's likely more than a grain of truth to be found in them." OOC *sigh* yet another Eye 'o Sauron for Barin's conversation with his kin. So, he's coming away blindly oblivious to the fact they have no intention of flooding the mine. Stubborn fools that they are. Still, managed to pass the lore roll for the river folk with flying colours, so I'm riffing on that slightly that tell of them has made it all the way across Mirkwood amongst travellers (even though he's personally not had any exposure to them). ... also, I think that qualifies for pip 3 under Vocation APs too ...
  3. Cecil Brandybuck Cecil twisted endlessly in the night, dirt still clinging under his fingernails. If Ernstyr was to be trusted, there were threads to Radagast’s plans unknown to him. How many other wanderers moved toward Gladden by his finger? What else had he told them? And how many had not returned? That morning, he sat crumpled beside the hearth with crumbs in his lap. A great length of sun extended from the base of the wall to his feet, intercepted by the dull shine of stacked goblin blades. He spoke to Ernstyr with a tired bluntness. “Forgive me, but my companions are too polite to ask - why did the Brown Wizard send you? Did he tell you we would come? We were not told about you. We have been to the fields of Gladden. Or… at least skirted it. The fog was thick enough to spread on bread, but we slipped through. We saw no river-folk.” His eyes darted to meet Ernstyr’s. “and Radagast did not mention them."
  4. Bróin and Mogdred spoke at length on a great many things, from matters of commerce and logistics to the politics of the Woodmen clans. The Lord of Tyrant Hill was not a gregarious man, that much was clear, but like as not the Dwarf could see only suspicion and a lack of understanding at the root of Mogdred and his clan's ostracism. Black Tarn, Mountain Hall, Woodmen-Town... they see the darkness that assails Tyrant Hill and misattributed it to these hard-working folk. Their words are seen in the worst possible light, which serves only to drive them further and further away from their fellows in the Vales. By the Dwarf's reckoning it would take an outsider's perspective to sway the other clans in their attitude towards Tyrant's Hill; who better than him? It would not be an easy task - especially as he notes the wayward glances from some in the company - but nevertheless it was one that needed to be done. At the very least his work would not be done alone, for a familiar cawing could be heard growing louder and louder as the Company made to depart for the fens. Soon enough Vara has retaken her place on Bróin's shoulder, regaling the Company with a tale of her daring escape from the slings and arrows of Tyrant's Hill. Such talk follows the Company as the begin to brave the tangled woods of Southern Mirkwood... OOC Current Momentum: +5 I'll have a go at the Delve the Depths roll. Gonna use Shadow on this one. So a Weak Hit, meaning I roll on the Shadow table. We're not in a bad place now, so I'll just Mark Progress.
  5. Riders of RohanThe Men of the Mark are a generous folk, but when war is upon them, then they are fell to their enemies as they are loyal to their friends. When the lust of battle is on them, they appear as men stricken with grief, their faces deathly white, or as madmen ready to laugh at despair. The Riders of Rohan may enter a battle-fury if they roll an 11 or 12 on any attack or Protection roll. When this happens, they may choose to gain a point of Shadow, to add one Success die (up to a maximum of 6) to all their close combat attack rolls until the end of the battle. Minstrel of the Golden Hall The history of Rohan is not written in any book or tome. Instead it is secreted in the verses of those songs you were taught by your mother and father. You have sung for the living and the dead, and your voice has filled even the Golden Hall of Meduseld. But new deeds worthy of song occur each day as a darkness gathers and you would be there to witness them first-hand and weave them into legend. Basic Attributes: Body 5. Heart 5. Wits 4. Favoured Skill: Song | Standard of Living: MartialIndividuals belonging to a Martial culture often live according to their status in the military hierarchy, with simple warriors and soldiers sleeping together in a common area; probably as part of the household of a renowned chieftain or noble. Meals are usually consumed in large halls, with seats and tables arranged to observe rules of precedence or respect. Clothing reflects the military status of an individual as well, or that of his family. Martial player-heroes have enough resources to look after themselves, and to pay for such things as simple accommodation and meals. Ever mindful of the cost of any luxury, they often lead an austere life, or resort to haggling to lower the price of whatever they are trying to get hold of.| Calling"Speak no secrets! Here is a scholar in the Ancient Tongue." For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs composed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice. Favoured Skill Groups: Perception, Vocation Trait: Rhymes of Lore Shadow Weakness: Lure of Secrets "The roots of those mountains must be roots indeed; there must be great secrets buried there which have not been discovered since the beginning." Inquisitiveness and curiosity are desirable virtues in an individual, but knowledge can be put to malicious use and learned individuals can look down on others as ignorant fools. Secrets are dangerous, as the very desire of uncovering them may corrupt the heart.| TraitsMinistrelsy ☐ Story-Telling ☐ Rhymes of Lore ☐ Hero of the Woodmen ☐ Fair ☐ Reckless(Mastery) ☐ ▣ | AP: 1Personality: ✦✧✧ Movement: ✦✦✦ Perception: ✦✦✧ Survival: ✧✧✧ Custom: ✧✧✧ Vocation: ✦✦✧ ✦✧ | XP: 55(62) | DP: 0No Challenges Yet. Valour: 4Ancient Mail from Gondor(Mail) - lets you Rally Comrades from Forward Stance and allowed to attack(Found). Horsetail Helm - Standing +1. When fighting on horseback or foot in Forward Stance, if you roll a Gandalf, you receive a bonus success die you can spend on any future rolls or give to a companion(From Heruthain). Raging - quality unlock for Cenegeslit. | Wisdom: 4Old Songs and Children's Tales - When you roll a success on Inspire, Travel, Insight, Healing, Riddle, Lore check Song rating, if it is same or higher, then upgrade the quality of the success up by one: Normal->Great->Extraordinary. If the roll produced Gandalf rune, gain 1 point of Hope, once per session. Household Esquire: Add an extra die to preparation rolls: Lore, Battle, and Insight when preparing for Journey/Combat/Social. Max 6 dice. Squire can also recover horse, bring spare weapon or shield if you drop or are disarmed, will carry you from field of battle if knocked down. Ominous Blessing: Born in the shadow of Dwimorberg. When you roll a Sauron, can change it into a Gandalf for 1 shadow point. Luck turns and favors you but someone suffers. | End: 27/27 | Load: 15 | Fatigue: 1 [+1] | Hope: 11/14 | Shadow: 6 [0] | Parry: 6 | Weary: No | Miserable: No |Wound: No Skills: Body 5 (8)+Awe ▣▣☐☐☐☐ Athletics ▣▣▣▣☐☐ Awareness ▣☐☐☐☐☐ Explore ▣☐☐☐☐☐ +Song ▣▣▣▣☐☐ Craft ▣☐☐☐☐☐ | Heart 5 (7)Inspire ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Travel ▣▣▣☐☐☐ +Insight ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Healing☐☐☐☐☐☐ Courtesy ▣▣☐☐☐☐ Battle ▣▣☐☐☐☐| Wits 4 (5)Persuade ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Stealth ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Search ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Hunting ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Riddle ▣☐☐☐☐☐ +Lore ▣▣▣☐☐☐ | WeaponsSwords ▣▣▣▣☐☐ Bow ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Dagger ▣☐☐☐☐☐ | War GearWeapon | Damage | Edge | Injury | Notes | Enc Sword 5 8 16 Ancient Keen 2 Bow 5 10 14 N/A 1 Armour/Shield | Protection | Parry | Enc Mail 3d 12(6) Helm +4 2 Shield +2 3 | EquipmentTreasure: 7 War Gear: Mail Shirt, Helm, Shield Leasere: Radhors Mab's Liquor(3) Elven-Crafted Horse Reins Durin the Seeker Radagast's Tome. | SongsSong of Mourning(Tome) ☐ Battle-Song ☐ ▣ "These are them." Gramtyng nodded with a forced half-grin. "Dont mind the mixup too much. I told them about my birthplace, Dwimmerhorn's twin. Must be why they thought of it." He shrugged. "The éafolc have their eccentrics, but cant be said they dont know the places. They're a decent lot, if a bit..." He wiggled his fingers. "Whimsical?" OOC/Actions
  6. Upon hearing Ernstyr's words, Magric turned away from Gramtyng and towards his fellow Woodman. What the bowman had said seemed to make him glad: his smile grew as if one both approving and amused. "Hartfast didn't give me that byname for the sharpness of my nose," he answered, "...but likely because I hounded and pestered him after he took me in, though he's never admitted it." He laughed, and the sound of it made the grim hall seem a bit more mirthful for a moment, and a few Woodmen turned to look at him strangely, but they thought little of it, for they knew already that he was strange. The blood of fairies was in him, it was rumored-and he owed his good looks to it, or so he liked to say to any who would listen to such outlandish tales. "Still: Sharp-nosed or not, the stench is strong enough that even lesser beasts can sense it. Orcs and wargs are in the Gladden, and tales of bandits to the north-though I hear they've been dealt with. Goblins swarming in the mountains and the foothills. And the river-folk speak of the Dwimmerhorn relit and reoccupied... though that I suppose you knew already. But few trust the éafolc, and fewer still pay them any heed." He smiled at Ernstyr with hidden meaning, and he spoke no more.
  7. Scene 8: Into the haunted woods Location: Tyrant's Hill Time: Morning, five days after setting out from Rhosgobel Mogdred spoke on as he walked, and at length he led them back to the others: Radagast and Dagmar and Mogdred's hunters the rest of their wood-folk companions. He warned them at great length about this peril and that danger, counseling them on how to best approach the inhospitable marsh-lands that surrounded Dol Guldur, and served as a natural moat to it, but greater in size than any man-made fortification ever built. It would be a long journey to the fens: not owing to the greatness of the distance involved, but rather because the going would prove painfully slow. The forest that now lay ahead of them was dense and pathless and full of forgotten evils. Seven days, Mogdred reckoned; longer if they found themselves lost, which was a real possibility. As for the marshes themselves, Mogdred had little counsel for them: even his own folk rarely dared to set foot there. They would have to rely on their own wits and skill to reach the Necromancer's abandoned fortress. When they returned to where they had started in the village, Mogdred also allowed them to seek the advice of his hunters, who now spoke freely with them and answered any questions as best they could. But Bróin instead sought to continue his discussions with the lord of Tyrant's Hill, hoping to negotiate closer bonds between his folk and the rest of the Free Peoples. Dwarf and man spoke for a long time, and Bróin's openness did not go unnoticed by the Woodmen and Radagast. He was still distrusted, Mogdred, even though he had already earned renown in the field of battle against the orcs. Such ill-feeling stemmed mainly from Mogdred's harsh words towards his own kin the Woodmen, and especially Amaleoda and Black Tarn Hall. And the Woodmen that had come with Radagast begun to whisper: whispers that would surely spread if the company ever made its way back to the Houses of the Woodmen. OOC Note, on the map, the current location has changed: We're now in Tyrant's Hill. Ok, so this handles the miss for Bróin's Compel. This is how I envision the rest of the journey: Darkening of Mirkwood states that it takes about 7 days to reach the fens, and from the fens to Dol Guldur it's 3 more. I suggest we swap journey mechanics for delves to mix it up; in my experience, Delves are more fun and varied. For the first leg through Southern Mirkwood, let's define the theme/domain as a Haunted Tanglewood. The second leg can be a Fortified Shadowfen or a Fortified Stronghold (or something else), depending on how we choose to go (via Fenbridge castle or the marshes). The final delve should be Dol Guldur itself: some kind of ruin, I think, or underkeep (we'll figure it out if/when we get there). Successful completion of each Delve should count as a milestone. Additionally, we could have a few more scenes after departing: (a) Bróin reuniting with Vara; (b) some bad dreams because of the negative twist and (c) if Bróin has harsh words for the way Radagast spoke, we could have an extra scene. I will, for now, roll to determine the rank of the first delve (Haunted Tanglewood). Let's say it's 50/50 that it's Formidable (on 51+); otherwise, Dangerous. Remember, Mogdred's help bumps this down by one step. Let's see... Edit: Hey, just Troublesome it seems. Good-we need a break. Maybe Radagast being with us also makes things a tad easier. I'll flesh out the Delve in my next post. Heart of the Wild has good descriptions and suggestions for Denizens. I may not fill a full site worksheet, but still. In the meanwhile, feel free to post! And if someone wants to lead with the first move, go for it! And if you don't know how delves work, you can ask on Discord, but all the moves are freely available .
  8. So, for the low low price of Broin's good reputation with the Woodmen, Mogdred can grant us more support. I outlined some options in the poll. I can explain them better here: He can let us stay one night longer, essentially enabling one of us to make the Sojourn move. He can let us speak freely to his hunters, essentially enabling every PC to attempt Secure an Advantage (+whatever stat they like/can justify) to gain some advice. He can give us similar advice, essentially making the next leg of the journey easier. To spice things up, I was thinking of making the next part a Delve through the forest (and not a journey), so Mogdred's help could lower the rank by one level. I was probably going to determine the rank by Asking the Oracle, and roll between Dangerous and Formidable (so Mogdred's help would make this Troublesome or Dangerous). Other ideas also welcome!
  9. Mogdred nodded at Bróin's words and offer, but before long he turned to matters more close at hand, and spoke of the perils of what lay ahead, seeking to warn the companions. He spoke of the fortress of the orcs in Fenbridge, a castle raised a few miles north of Dol Guldur. It is from there that the raiding parties that attacked the Woodmen issued, and it is there where the orcs were gathered in greatest strength: for even they did not dare reoccupy the Necromancer's fortress after he had abandoned it. Maghaz was their captain and castellan: a small and weak orc that had, in years past, when the Necromancer ruled Dol Guldur, enjoyed tormenting the Woodmen and other prisoners in the dungeons of that dreaded place. Mogdred spoke his name and spat, remembering with disgust how cruelly he had toyed with the unfortunate souls that had fallen under his supervision. "Do not underestimate him, or his subordinates." Mogdred advised them. "He may look unfit for rule, but he commands with cunning, and his orcs fight in the manner of your own peoples, using ambushes and clever tricks to their advantage. I have hunted him for many days, for I owe him a debt of pain, but he is a slippery one. Without him, Fenbridge would be headless, at least for a while." He halted as he walked, and turned to them suddenly, and added: "Since your numbers are few, stealth and secrecy are your best hope. I do not counsel you to go through Fenbridge, but rather skirt around it, giving it a wide berth if you can. The swamps around the castle may seem impassable, but there are secret ways through them, though they are used by orcs. It is best to remain hidden, and wary of their tricks. But if you encounter a patrol, and are forced to fight, my counsel is this: do not spare any single orc, or they will hunt you down, and the depths of the forest are their hunting grounds. If by some wonder or good fortune you make it past the fens and to Dol Guldur, beware. They say that the fortress is unoccupied. It is not so. Ghosts and bitter memories linger there, and the place is as foul as ever. Against such things, I cannot counsel you: for I have not set foot in that prison since my escape." OOC So, a Miss on Compel states: they refuse or make a demand which costs you greatly. Pay the Price. So let's see... First of all, what was the intent of Bróin when you made that move? The fiction in your post is not 100% clear to me... is he asking for more help? In addition to what he just provided? Perhaps, aid with helping with the Old Forest Road, or something like that? We can also handle such requests in the background. As for the Pay the Price outcome (unintended effect)... maybe the Woodmen that are with us learn of all this eventually, and word spreads that Bróin is a bit too close to comfort with Mogdred for most Woodmen? Or, maybe word gets out that he tried to bribe them (see previous -1 Wealth to Dagmar et al) and that irritates the dwarves at Black Tarn Hall (such as Bofri & co)? In this way, the 'great cost' that the move mentions could be (partially) Bróin's reputation? Or perhaps Bróin has to make an Iron Vow to speak in favor of Mogdred once he is back in Rhosgobel; perhaps we can make this one a small Troublesome or Dangerous vow and handle it in the aftermath as a short, personal scene? Or maybe somehow, the information that Mogdred is keeping & torturing orcs slips out, and this makes him even more unpopular with the rest of the Woodmen? Or perhaps Mogdred asks for more tribute/support from Black Tarn Hall (in exchange for his), and the constant demands make Bróin/Mogdred unpopular? Or perhaps Mogdred flat out denies, thinking that Bróin doesn't have anything of true value to offer? Or any other idea of your own? Either way, I'll roll for a negative twist below for the doubles-I think there's an Oracle for this in the book (p. 190). Edit: 91; Unexpected powers or abilities are revealed. Hm... nightmares? If I flip the numbers (91 -> 19), what's the other twist? 19: An assumption is revealed to be false. I'll need to think about this. Either way, let's resolve this scene and the request Bróin is making, and then we can move forward... I think the information already given by Mogdred should count as a Milestone in our vow (Investigate Dol Guldur). We've spent way too much time and shed sweat and blood here to get that info, so I think it should count for something. That should take us to 3 milestones (or one and a half boxes). Investigate Dol Guldur (Extreme): ■▥□□□□□□□□
  10. "Madness it might be, yet I do not see the heroes of Númenor upon the horizon to take up the burden. And the dwarves and elves have their own concerns. No, it is for men of our age to don the mantle that our forebearers laid down. The Shadow consumes even those who strive not against it, but by striving we may yet stave off the darkness another day. Tell us, brother Woodman, what scents have reached the Hound's nose? What do you know of the dangers in our path?" Ernstyr could well believe that Magric would embellish the truth, but there would be few in all the vale who could match his knowledge of the wilderness--or his razor wit, wherefore Ernstyr chose the more direct response.
  11. Bróin bows his head respectfully to Mogdred. "I thank you my lord. Any information - or assistance - you may offer us in our venture going forward would be greatly appreciated... and duly renumerated." Looking aside at his companions its clear that Bróin isn't wholly onside with the criticism being levelled against the lord of Tyrant Hill, but when the matter pertains to Orcs what Dwarf would be? Still, nothing to draw the circle over. Matters more important than a simple difference in opinion laid before the company, and demanded far greater attention. OOC Current Momentum: +5 I'll try a Compel roll using Heart here. Hmmm... I'll Pay the Price here, and Mogdred makes a demand which costs Bróin greatly. Pay the Price: Your action has an unintended effect. The most apparent thing here is that whatever Mogdred wants/requires will have some unforeseen consequence. Maybe he wants something from Dol Guldur?
  12. (Barin-the nightly discussions with his kin) Barin found his kin eager and willing to listen to his suggestions. As he spoke, they initially did not say anything in response, and they only nodded and at length conversed about the best way to do all those things... But in truth, they had no wish to undertake the difficult task of flooding the mines. It was not that they did not see the merit of that strategy, but they had put much of their skill and time in improving them... and to ruin all of that was not something they were about to attempt easily, even with the threat of goblins. (OOC: Given the failure with a Sauron, Fundor et al will assure Barin that they'll do it... but in fact they have no intention of attempting it. Barin is oblivious to their intentions unless he passes a TN 16 Insight check; even on a success, his fellow dwarves will not be moved by any argument at this instance. You are free to attempt the check or not depending on your own preference.) (Present time, at the gathering of the Woodmen) As the companions-old and new-discussed, the tall and ruggedly handsome figure of a Woodman approached them. Without introduction, he spoke to those assembled, speaking at first only a few words: "Dwimmerhorn. Not Dwimmerdale." He turned to Gramtyng, whom he knew, and the next words he spoke were primarily for the horse-man's ear. "I'd ask if you slept on it, but looks like no-one got much sleep anyway. These your friends? 'bout to embark in this mad mission without even knowing the name of the place?" He smiled, and it seemed as if his eyes twinkled with an impish glow. OOC I think only Dahr-Ol took 4 damage in the fight, which is recovered after resting. Additionally, everyone (except those who don't have any) receives -1 Travel fatigue for resting. Barin's Sauron adds +1 to the eye threshold. Of those present, only Gram and Ernstyr know the Woodman-a man named Magric (though he often goes by the nickname 'The Hound'). He's a skill trapper and tracker, and familiar with the fields of the Gladden, and he's one of Hartfast's trusted scouts. Information about the river-folk, only available to Gram and Ernstyr without a Lore check; others need to make that TN 14 check. Stats in the first post of this thread updated. River-folk of the Anduin Some denizens of the Vales never settled at all. Called the éafolc (“River-folk”) by the Beornings and the Woodmen, these Men come of mixed stock; they count the forefathers of the Woodmen among their ancestors, but their blood is mingled with that of wandering wild men akin to the Dunlendings. The éafolc spend most of the year on the water, living on house-barges that wallow along the Anduin. They do build houses on stilts and piles sunk into the mud of the riverbank, but these are only temporary dwellings and vanish after a few years. They do not farm, but survive by fishing, hunting, gathering and trading; the river is their home, their road, their larder and their defence against their foes. The West Anduin Vales is where they are most often encountered, but they paddle as far north as the Vales of Gundabad, and as far south as Nen Hithoel above the Falls of Rauros on little boats. Their houseboats — barges big enough for a whole family, including provisions and livestock — are much slower and less agile, and often must be hauled with ropes from the riverbanks when going upstream, and so rarely stray beyond the safe waters between the Old Ford and the borders of the haunted Golden Wood. River-folk traders have a reputation as untrustworthy tricksters, and certainly they try to pawn off worthless ‘magic charms’ and broken knick-knacks if they can. However, most of their trade goods are of good quality. They bring furs, amber and timber from the north of the Great River, and carry wine, meat and iron tools from the south.
  13. Ernstyr offered a faint nod in response. "The name is familiar to me, though I can boast little knowledge of its curses. Truth be told I would undertake this journey whether bidden or no, for there are... good people among those of the river clans, regardless of whether my wood-brothers care to admit it. If Dwimmerdale be the source of their troubles, then it be the object of my quest."
  14. The following morning, after some, but nowhere near enough sleep, Barin, along with his companions began to make ready for their onward trek towards the Gladden Fields. Leaving Núr to complete their final preparations, Barin took the time to go speak with Fundor and the rest of the Dwarves who were standing off to one side. In an animated discussion, he tried, once again, to convince them of the efficacy of not only sealing, but also of flooding the mines in an attempt to rid them of the Goblin menace. He also advised on the sending out of night patrols into the hills and gullies surrounding the settlement to determine the source of the few who had attacked the previous night. He was torn. Half of him wanted to remain here and aid his kinsmen - without the mine operational, they would be seriously lacking in resources and funds before long, and out here to the West of the great wood, they were too remote for aid to come from their kin in Erebor; but, he knew that he also had no choice but to continue on his way with his companions as bidden by the brown wizard. OOC Well ... there's zero point in mentioning that his cloak of persuasion gives him a +3 wisdom bonus to the roll given that it's so utterly atrocious...
  15. Dahr-Ol of the Beornings Awakened from his nap, brief though it was, Dahr-Ol felt renewed and ready to be on his way. He had also formed the opinion that Ernstyr would be a boon to the company. "Ernstyr, if you have been bidden to the Gladden fields by the wizard you are likely on the same path as us. A fortress, beholden to the Shadow. Dwimmerdale it has been called. Often surrounded by a deep fog, and often hidden in some way from those who oppose evil. We have come to learn what role it plays in the increasingly evil times which beset the peoples of the Vail. You are welcome to come with us." Elfwynn stayed busy packing food and securing gear in packs. At the mention of the Dwimmerdale she paused momentarily to watch the hills, as if expecting another attack.
  16. Chapter 2: The Harrowed Hall Scene 12: Onwards Time: Early summer 2950 T.A. Sixteen days since the departure from Rhosgobel. Early morning. Location: The Great House of Firienseld The companions, much like those amongst the Woodmen that were deemed able-bodied, remained vigilant through the night. But no more attacks came, and as the first rays of sunlight pierced the sky, it was decided that the goblins would truly not bother them for at least one more day. In the aftermath of the attack, the companions pursued what they deemed was necessary. For they had resolved to depart, yet they still had some unfinished business in Mountain-Hall. Gramtyng sought out old Hartfast, and Lachiel came with him: for the matter of his ailing granddaughter was in both their minds. Ardith's plight had moved the elf, and though she was no healer, Lachiel now resolved to stay with the girl, and to lend what aid she could to her and to the rest of the village. And when they found Hartfast, and managed to secure a minute of his precious time, the chieftain seemed at first reluctant. He had heard a little about this Mab, and knew that the river-folk went to her for counsel, and he distrusted them... but such was Ardith's need, that in the end he took the concoction. He may have been unsure about the river-folk, but he knew Gramtyng, and trusted him at least. At the same time, Barin sought his kin, and he spoke to them at length about the mines in the Dwarven tongue. At last Fundor was convinced about the need to seal them, but as for flooding them... that he could not yet promise. For it would be no easy undertaking, and one that could prove difficult to reverse. Fundor made no promises save to consider it. And as for the others, they spoke to Ernstyr at length, about Radagast and the Gladden and the river-folk, who lived to the south, and whom the Woodmen of Mountain-Hall were wary of. In the morning, before the sun had even risen fully, Hartfast called for a gathering at the Great Hall, and the village elders summoned all those that could attend quickly-virtually every man and woman that had not been wounded, save a few, who kept the watch or minded the children. By now, word of what had happened had spread throughout the settlement, and there was little point in repeating it to the assembly. What little Hartfast did was only to dispel any untrue rumors or misunderstandings about it. Indeed, some of the companions-all if they wished to speak publicly-were invited to give their firsthand accounts, which the villagers listened to carefully. But there was also new information to be gained: for when the dwarves spoke, they revealed that the goblins could not have come from the mine that they were watching; it was more likely that another had been used, or a new opening to their tunnels had been secured elsewhere on the mountain-side. Still, the foul orc-kin's goals-to burn down the storehouse, and perhaps spread the fires elsewhere-had been thwarted. But the attempt, which had come so soon after the one that had preceded it, had unnerved both Hartfast and his kin. Already the chieftain was hard at work organizing a stronger militia, and more watchmen. This could not be allowed to happen again. And at last, the dwarves, though reluctant, were coming to: perhaps they could allow the sealing of the mines, at least temporarily, until the root cause could be dealt with directly. And though the aid of the companions was both praised and welcomed, it seemed that things here were under control-at least as long as Firienseld was not attacked by a greater host. OOC This is the part where we should decide what the company wants to do next. I will set up a poll in the coming days. Until then, feel free to decide amongst yourselves. The main decision is to continue Radagast's mission and investigate the Gladden, or stay here and help with Mountain-Hall's troubles (mainly the goblins). You can split the party, if you want, in which case I'll run to parallel (and probably private) threads. The voting is complete, and there's a unanimous decision to continue towards the Gladden. So in coming days, I'll start making posts to set us up towards that direction. A few notes: We've unfortunately lost Malkavian Grin and Lachiel. Narratively, Lachiel will remain in Mountain-Hall to tend to Ardith, using the potion Gramtyng gave Hartfast. Modest Proposal is busy, and will not return until Friday. So I may not post super-fast until he can catch up. I assumed that the company shares at least some information with Ernstyr, but how much is up to you. Though it does make sense to be more open than secretive in this instance (and is helpful for the narrative). I am not sure who remembers the river-folk. Some PCs like Gramtyng or Ernstyr have had interactions in the past. Others may have just heard rumours. If you think that your PC may have heard something, give me a Lore TN 14 check. I'll provide the info in my next post. Gram and Ernstyr can roll too; but for them a basic level of info is guaranteed (even on a failure). if you want the dwarves to try and flood the mines in Barin's absence, give me a Persuade check TN 18. Convincing them will be difficult, and it will take a lot of time of discussion. You can still RP the night time interaction, but if you do, please split your post into two parts, labelled clearly (e.g., after the attack / At the gathering in the morning) to avoid any weird timey-wimey shenanigans. Your PCs can do whatever they want in the meeting, or we can fast-forward, as there won't be new information. Up to you! Mechanically, you may now: Recover a number of Endurance points equal to your basic heart rating for resting after the fight. Recover another 2+basic heart points if you sleep (even for a little while). Lower your Travel Fatigue by 1 if you sleep (even for a little while). Please indicate if your character does, indeed, sleep at all after the fight at some point in your post.
  17. Mogdred smiled at the words: not a mocking smile, but certainly one that betrayed skepticism. "Such questions are neither for me nor my followers. Better to leave them to the Wise: the Loremasters and the Wizards, who can ponder such matters in times of peace, if peace ever comes. But while orcs remain yet in Mirkwood, it is swords and spears that are needed, not books." He sighed. "So you will go to Dol Guldur. It is a cursed place. The Necromancer's malice still lingers, even if he is now gone. I have no wish to visit that place of torture and imprisonment again, but at least I can counsel you of the dangers. But, to tell you the truth, you will be lucky to get as far as the fens and the castle. Still. Let us talk for a while longer, and if your minds are made up, then you can listen, and learn of the perils that lie ahead." OOC At this point, we can continue the RP, or, if you prefer, I can write a short summary post listing up all the relevant information that Mogdred reveals. Additionally, , Mogdred will not forget Bróin's offer of aid, and the two of them can discuss the details at length (even privately, if the dwarf prefers, afetr this discussion closes). We can also summarize that; if you want to also pair this with a Move (especially if Bróin is seeking to gain something out of the deal), feel free (for example, Compel may be fitting, as would be Swear an Iron Vow if necessary). Or we can just leave it as mechanic-less narrative. Up to you!
  18. hey! I know you are busy, but do you have any input for this, for Lachiel?
  19. Ed: 1 | He: 3 | Ir: 2 | Sh: 2 | Wi: 1 Mom: 5 (10/2) | Health: 2 | Spirit: 4 | Supply: 5 Tarric Tarric shook his head, but with some measure of sympathy. "While I can understand that viewpoint, lord -- and I can only imagine how wearing it must be to be in such constant conflict -- I will tell you much what I told Dagmar earlier: there is always a choice, albeit a woefully difficult one. I don't expect you to agree, but... let me pose this: If we defeat our foe by becoming him, then in the end, what evil has been removed from the world?" He continued swiftly, anticipating no positive response from that, but hoping the seed had at least been planted. "Something to think about. But here is something more solid -- We go to Dol Guldur, as Bróin has said. It is my hope that our work there will at least give you some respite." OOC/Mechanics n/a? Assets Tarric and Olwinne both have +1 talisman vs orcs. Berserker - (Combat Talent) ⚪ When you Secure an Advantage or Compel by embodying your wild nature, add +1, and take +1 momentum on a hit. ⚫ When you Strike or Clash by unleashing your rage (decide before rolling), inflict +1 harm on a hit. Then, choose one: ------ Push yourself: Endure Harm (1 harm) ------ Lose yourself: Endure Stress (1 stress) ⚫ When you Endure Harm in a fight, and your Health is above zero, you may let the pain inflame your wildness (decide before rolling). If you then score a strong hit and choose to embrace the pain, take +momentum equal to your remaining Health. A weak hit counts as a miss. Wayfinder - (Path) ⚪ When you Undertake a Journey, take +1 momentum on a strong hit. If you burn momentum to improve your result, also take +1 momentum after reset. ⚫ When you Secure an Advantage or Gather Information by carefully surveying the landscape or scouting ahead, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. ⚪ When you Swear an Iron Vow to safely guide someone on a perilous journey, you may reroll any dice. When you Fulfill Your Vow and mark experience, take +1 experience. Talisman - (Ritual) ⚫ When you fashion a charm, envision it and name the specific person or creature it protects against. Then roll +wits. ------ On a strong it, when the wearer opposes the target through a move, add +2. If a one is rolled on the action die while making a move using the charm, the magic is spent. ------ On a weak hit, as above, but the wearer adds +1 when making a move (instead of +2). ⚪ As above, and you may instead fashion a charm which aids the wearer against all supernatural threats, such as mystic rituals or horrors. ⚪ When you perform this ritual, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. Shadow-walk - (Ritual) ⚫ When you cloak yourself with the gossamer veil of the shadow realms, roll +shadow. On a strong hit, take +1 momentum. Then, reroll any dice (one time only) when you make a move by ambushing, hiding, or sneaking. On a weak hit, as above, but the shadows try to lead you astray. You must first Face Danger to find your way. ⚫ As above, and you may also travel along the hidden paths of the shadow realms to Undertake a Journey using +shadow (instead of +wits). If you do, Endure Stress (1 stress) and mark progress twice on a strong hit. ⚪ When you perform this ritual, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. Progress ▥= 1 tick, ▦= 2 ticks, ▩= 3 ticks, ⬛= full Vow: Investigate Dol Goldur (Extreme) ⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Failure: ⬛⬛⬛⬛▩⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Journey: To Tyrant's Hill (Troublesome) ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜ Vow: Name (rank) ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Vow: name (rank) ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Vow: name (rank) ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Bonds: ⬛▥⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Bond 1: Olwinne his wife Bond 2: Rhosgobel villagers/friends Bond 3: Idunn Bond 4: Woodmen-town Bond 5: Bróin/Vara Experience: ◍ = have, ⚫ = used ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪ ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ Completed Vows: Rescue the Missing Hunters (T), Deal with the Spiders (D), Defend the Woodmen (F) Completed Scenes: Destroy the Spider Nest (F), Convince the Elvenking (D), Defend the Western Walls (T), Secure Hospitality (F) Completed Combats: Boss Spider (F), Orc Warband (D), Stealthy Orc Infiltrators (T), Dagmar (D) Completed Journeys: To Forest Gate (D)
  20. Sounds good! Sorry-this thread is a duplicate because I messed up the poll creation. The one in the OOC is the correct one.
  21. With the mine not being the only entry point for Goblins, I don't think we can aid Mountain Hall as quickly as we could have the mines. I think Gladden fields, and maybe keeping an eye out for healing plants for Hartfast's daughter if the drink doesn't work is our best bet.
  22. I think Gladden fields is probably the priority. If Hartfast doesn't use Gramtying's drink to heal his daughter we could keep an eye out for the plant she needs while we do Gladden.
  23. The One Ring Group: Let's take a moment to vote what everyone wants to do as we move forward. The two main options are outlined in the poll above: go to the Gladden Fields to investigate (as per Radagast's request) or stay in Mountain-Hall to help with the goblins. It's not stated in the poll, but I am also happy to: Have the company stay in Mountain-Hall for a while, to help or recover. Split the party, with some staying at Mountain-Hall while others undertake the quest in the Gladden. Because it's impossible to cover all possibilities and details, if you have additional preferences please post them here. The pre-written adventure only outlines the possibility of going to the Gladden, as pre-written adventures tend to be limited (and somewhat linear). I am, however, comfortable to develop a Mountain-Hall quest on the fly, probably making use of Ironsworn & Delve mechanics (though that will be in the background; in the foreground, I'll be using the core TOR engine). Depending on what the PCs want to do, of course. Have fun deciding and voting!
  24. The One Ring Group: Let's take a moment to vote what everyone wants to do as we move forward. The two main options are outlined in the post above: go to the Gladden Fields to investigate (as per Radagast's request) or stay in Mountain-Hall to help with the goblins. It's not stated in the poll, but I am also happy to: Have the company stay in Mountain-Hall for a while, to help or recover. Split the party, with some staying at Mountain-Hall while others undertake the quest in the Gladden. Because it's impossible to cover all possibilities and details, if you have additional preferences please post them here. The pre-written adventure only outlines the possibility of going to the Gladden, as pre-written adventures tend to be limited (and somewhat linear). I am, however, comfortable to develop a Mountain-Hall quest on the fly, probably making use of Ironsworn & Delve mechanics (though that will be in the background; in the foreground, I'll be using the core TOR engine). Depending on what the PCs want to do, of course. Have fun deciding and voting!
  25. Nah, it's me. Trying to push things forward too quickly. I addressed the ripple in the space-time continuum now. Feel free to RP as much as you want. When you're ready, let me know and I will move us to the morning and the assembly in the great hall.
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