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  1. Crown of the Oathbreaker Player Options

    The Player Options contains all subclasses, feats, and spell from the Crown of the Oathbreaker adventure.



  2. Kingdom of Aglarion Gazetteer (Player Version)

    A Land of Ancient Roots
    The land known today as the Kingdom of Aglarion has a rich past spanning thousands of years, influenced by cataclysmic events that involved multiple planes of existence. Since the dawn of time and prehistory, all the way up to its current state as a monarchy, the land and its rulership has changed many times. Several key events have shaped its past, namely the descent of the Dark Star and its dark angels during the Mountainfall, the rise of Sarath of the Shining Light and a cruel theocracy, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Aglarion by King Razmyrel Melkar and Master Arlen the Constructor, the first archmage of the land. These events have all left deep marks on the history of the realm and the legacies of these dark times can still be felt in the fabric of society.

    The Kingdom of Aglarion is known as a thriving realm. Times of plenty and an open-minded philosophy have resulted in a level of tolerance for beings of all types rarely encountered in other settings. The Kingdom is rich, its armies strong and well-equipped, and the rule of law is paramount under a popular king. But even in these tranquil times, the Kingdom of Aglarion is a realm filled with adventure and dangers that lurk behind the veil of peace, reaching into other planes and deep into its history.



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