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  1. Guyblue Human Noble Battle Master Fighter IC: “My words,” Guyblue said. | ‘My thoughts,’ Guyblue thought. | My actions . . . Guyblue did some things. He said some things. He did some more things. OOC I don’t always put OOC content in my posts, but when I do, I put it in here. To Whom It May Concern . . . Put Player mention tags, and any particular notes in here.
  2. Guyblue - Human Noble Battle Master Fighter Name: Guyblue Character Concept: [Elevator Pitch] Race, Background, Subclass Class: Human Noble Battle Master Fighter Description: [Description] Your Character’s Plothook: [Plothook] Past is Prologue: [Backstory] Deity: Kiri-Jolith. [Reason] Is Might Right? Justice is absolute and Guyblue is very keen on meeting it out to baddies, especially YOU, you jay-walker!!
  3. Work in Progress The Application (Initial Post) To apply, please create your own character thread in the Applications folder. Please title it “Name LastName (if there is one) - Planned Lineage Background Subclass Class”. E. g.: “John Pullnerson - Half Orc Urchin Circle of the Moon Druid” or “Sir Benedict Fortstrider - Variant Human Noble Battlemaster Fighter”, etc.. Do not hide any text. CHARACTERS have secrets; PLAYERS do not. Picture. Please include an image of your character, no wider than 512 px. I’ll be happy—if your character is accepted into the game—to make a token for you using the image you’ve provided. However, you can make one yourself using the free software, Token-Tool, . Name. Your character’s name, titles, and family name, whatever they may be. Examples: “Grug”, “Benet Hombee”, “Lady Virginia Fairchilde”, etc. Character Concept. Pitch your character in one sentence. Lineage, Background, Planned-Subclass Class. You’re level 2, so very very few of you are going to have your subclass already. Description. Provide a written sketch of your character. What do they look like? Feel like? Act like? Seem like? More is not necessarily more, nor is brevity best. Definitely include skin, hair, and eye color; any distinguishing features (scars, signature clothing pieces) and mannerisms; typical costume. How do they come across? How is their demeanor? Their bearing? If I walked in and saw them from across the room, what would my impression of them be? Would they look gregarious and friendly? Inviting? Or would they look suspect? Scary? Aloof or stand-offish? Bored? Unamused? What sorts of facial expressions do they typically effect? Resting b***h face? An easy smile? Serene calm? If I saw them talking to someone else, would they be standing right up in their grill, leaning into them? Or would they be leaning back? Trying to escape the conversation? Just relaxing? Your Character’s Plothook. You will be traveling to Oakhurst from Sharn for one or more of the following reasons: An airship named the Gigantic went down over the Red Scale Canyons. Aboard the vessel were several prominent aristocrats, industrialists, and various other well-ado socialites from Sharn. Naturally, this has caused quite a stir in the upper-echelons of the City of Towers! Oakhurst is a bustling, turn-of-the-century town located in what is otherwise an ancient, war-torn, and undoubtedly haunted frontier realm, the Mournlands. There is opportunity, riches, and adventure abound for those brave enough to risk life and limb. A cryptic signal has been projected from somewhere deep within the mountains whereupon lies the Sunless Citadel. Warforged, artificers, and the technologically-inclined seemed to have been singled out for the transmission. The Mournlands are a dangerous and unpredictable place. The Lightning Rail that travels to and fro within is specially equipped and boasts a significant security presence. Past is Prologue. What’s your character’s backstory? Who are their family? Their friends? Their enemies? Why did they start adventuring? How did they reach level one? 1–4 paragraphs should suffice. Again, more is not necessarily more, nor is brevity best. Include at least two of the following in your application: Loyalties. A (wo)man's word is his bond out here in the frontier. Most are either loyal to someone, or loyal to themselves — regardless, loyal to something or another in some way. Are you a representative of one of the many Dragonmarked Houses? An employee of an Industrial/Magical megacorporation? Your small town? Kith and kin? Only you? Do tell... Is Might Right? What is your character’s personal philosophy on power and authority? From where does this derive? How is it wielded best and worst? Is might right, and if not, what is? Deity. In Eberron, the divine landscape is a bit more complex. Instead of a single pantheon, Eberron presents the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six, representing the forces of light and darkness respectively. There is also the concept of a Draconic Prophecy, a series of murals and beliefs that are said to foretell the future. Where does your character stand on all of this? Music. Tell me what your character sounds like, musically. You can give me a specific composer, band, style of music, or motifs, but music plays a large part in the games I run. No one’s judging your taste in music here, and I’d be more than happy to help you if you want suggestions. Please provide up to three links to Youtube videos showcasing the music you’ve chosen. If you only mention a genre (“Classic Rock!” or “Rap”), that’s fine, too. You can be as general or specific as you like (“Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock performance of the Star Spangled Banner”). I’m a composer and I know a bit of music theory, so you can even speak in those terms, too! (“She’s the character equivalent of a tritone.” or “He’s the living embodiment of the Andalusian cadence played in a tresillo rhythm.”) Any Other Images. (Other than your Character) Tattoos; images of animal companions or familiars; clothing items; whatever you like, and however many you feel the need to post.
  4. Basic Information Name: Syljyre Age: ??? Race: Fairy Class: Ranger Subclass: Swarmkeeper Personality Traits: I am utterly serene, even in the face of disaster. I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer. Ideals: Greater Good. My gifts are meant to be shared with all, not used for my own benefit. (Good) Self-Knowledge. If you know yourself, there's nothing left to know. (Any) Bonds: Should my discovery come to light, it could bring ruin to the world. I entered seclusion because I loved someone I could not have. Flaws: I like keeping secrets and won't share them with anyone. Now that I've returned to the world, I enjoy its delights a little too much. Don't let her serene demeanor fool you. The only sign anyone would see of her mischievous streak is a smirk before her next words or actions. She may be indulgent of the delights of the world, but she never forgets her duties. She is also hard-working, reliable, and strives to improve herself. She seems to be friendly with most people and animals she meets...no matter how small. Everyone knows that if they tell her a secret, she would never let it slip. Description Syljyre likes to wear practical clothes, while also making sure that they are stylish. She makes sure that a good amount of her skin is covered due to her other job as a beekeeper, when she is not adventuring. Specifically speaking, she is wearing simple long pants and a long-sleeved high collared shirt, with comfortable knee high boots perfect for traveling. For style, she wears short kimono like dress over the pants and shirt. The boots have high heels, but are wide so as to not impede on her ability to traverse the wilds. Her clothes are simple greens with brownish red accents to help her blend into the wilds, even if she does have a mantle that allows her to do this already. Her fey heritage is apparent through her green lunar moth wings, her pointed ears, her unusual natural pink hair, and purple eyes. Other than those features, she would look like your regular halfling or gnome. She likes to keep her hair as a messy but fluffy bob. Long hair tends to get in the way and become heavy in her experience. She keeps that bob out her eyes with an orange headband. She doesn't wear make up, and tends to be covered in the dirt and grime of the outdoors. That isn't to say that she doesn't appreciate bathing and proper hygiene, but it is difficult to do so when one is constantly outdoors. Yet, she still manages to keep up a good appearance. She always has a smile on her face, no matter what she encounters, or what disasters she face. Sometimes that smile would be replaced by a smirk. But no one has ever seen her frown or glare... Background Syljyre was naturally born in the Feywild. Now whether she was born of Summer Court or the Gloaming Court, she would never say. Why is she in the Material Plane? Well...that was a matter of the heart. She fell in love with someone she couldn't be with. Upon seeing the person of her affections with someone else, she left the Court, and the Feywild entirely. Of course, she wouldn't say anything more about the matter. What matters now is that she is here in the Material Plane, and she made her home in the Dankmere Swamps, and eventually Halgrove as well. She spent much of her life in seclusion, communing with nature. During that time in seclusion, she would find that she has a talent for beekeeping. She befriended a swarm of honeybees, and now they have a symbiotic relationship: Syljyre would bring the hive to various places where the swarm can be introduced to different flowers for pollination and in return the swarm would let Syljyre harvest the honey. With this unspoken agreement, the swarm and Syljyre naturally protect each other. Now that the symbiotic relationship had been established, Syljyre was able to make some money by selling jars of honey to the people of Halgrove. That allowed her to have some nights where she could sleep in a bed and have a good home-cooked meal, instead of relying solely on foraging and hunting. Her curiosity also drove her to explore the swamps and go on various adventures. One adventure led her to a specific set of ruins. There, she discovered a secret. This secret could destroy not only Halgrove, but the entire world! Now, on top of protecting people, her hive, and the wilds around her, she spends time making sure that nobody goes to that set of ruins. The reason why isn't just because of her discovery, but also because the ruins are extremely dangerous! She had just barely gotten herself out of there. Anyone else could have died in there. Mechanical Character Sheet Link
  5. They were. 0_0 I included you in the private text and made sure I typed your username in correctly. You don’t see it? EDIT: I just put you username in between two others. Maybe the different order of usernames will help. Can you see the private text?
  6. It was a vague memory for a good chunk of your lives after your first visit. Upon coming to the Witchlight Carnival this time around, you guys fully remember that you lost something, like some sort of spell that made you only vaguely aware wore off. I hope this helps clear things up. ^^"
  7. Thoroughfare The First Hour Red and Northwind both greet Chit'Thal with friendly 'Hello's and waves before they had to continue on with the Welcome Gifts and before they head back to their station. After the party received the Welcome Gifts and made their wishes accordingly, they are able to discuss amongst themselves on what they wanted to do. It was decided that the Dragonfly rides would be the first attraction they'd visit, after stopping by Lost Property. Hopefully, they will find what they lost there... Regardless, with their decisions made, they began to make their way through the Carnival. Calliope The First Hour On the way to the Lost Property first, they passed by the Calliope! A merry tune spills forth from an instrument on the back of a brightly painted wagon. A monkey wearing a cloak covered with buttons turns a handle at the wagon's rear, sending music into the air from rows of golden whistles. As the party notices this, a goblin dressed as a ladybug toddles up to them, rattling a tin cup. The monkey turning the handle of the calliope to create music turns his attention to the party. He gives a wide smile to Chit'Thal and the rest of the party, and he speaks a rhyme! "Spare a button if you please, I'll sew it next to all of these. I offer nothing in its place, Besides a smile on upon my face," Lost Property The First Hour When the party finally reaches the Lost Property area, they notice a surprising sight! Outside the lost property wagon is a large feline creature with midnight-blue fur. It has a pair of tentacles extending from its shoulders and wears fake butterfly wings. Hanging from its collar is a small wooden keg. The creature roughhouses with two young boys. One boy squeals, "Again, Dirla, again!" while the other hangs onto the creature's neck. The creature seems to say something to the child gently, before turning its attention to the party. It seems to recognize Chit'Thal before speaking to them. The rest of the party do not understand what she seems to be saying, but it's clear that the feline creature is not hostile. While it speaks, everyone notices that the feline does tilt their head inquisitively mid-speech. Music/Ambience Mood Current Mood: Neutral
  8. Sounds like we have a plan! ^_^ The Calliope section is very brief, so that will be written a little before the Lost Property area. It will also take no time out of the night in game. I will be able to write up the next DM post after work today.
  9. Jasmine's Welcome Gift is... Feel free to flavor how this gift comes about from the Sycamore seed. ^_^
  10. The calliope is the music making machine you often hear and see at carnivals. Typically the grinder would have a monkey with a tin can nearby. You can hear it in the ambiance music. I can add the calliope to the next DM post.
  11. Ohhhh! Yes, the Extra Ticket was 8 GP each. Sorry, I got confused on who bought what. 😅 For some reason I thought two extra tickets were bought.
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