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  1. There is an array as well. 17, 15, 12, 10, 8, 7 Your roll is pretty darn close though.
  2. I can't see any real weakness here other than it is more work than you really need. Generally pick a spell roll for it. Until you either reach your max or get all the way through the list. If you get all the way through the list and don't hit your minimum you can start picking spells you didn't succeed on the first time and reroll for them until you get your minimum number of spells for that level. After that you can try to research new spells, which do not count toward your maximum, i.e. once you spend the money and time and roll, if the roll is successful you get the spell, regardless of min/max. Of course, you can always cast from scrolls spells you can't learn.
  3. 1. Yup that is a good way to relate the way the system works. 1.5 They are exact. It is called Vancian Magic, basically the system used by Jack Vance in the Dying Earth novels.
  4. You iron manning it intentionally or did you forget the array? 17, 15, 12, 10, 8, 7
  5. Yeah I think we are on the same page. Any spell from the spell list is available to memorize each day. The numbers represent how many spells you get to use that day. You select and fill those memorized slots each morning when you wake up. Sorry I was going to answer the rest of your questions but went out to move a shed and never got back to it. 2. I am not entirely sure what alterations means but no there are no special abilities or selections for humans, or the other races/classes for that matter as far as selection goes. However, you shouldn't see the lack of customization as a limit. Look at it rather as anything is possible. 3. Helmet exists in the original '74 rule equipment list, but there is no guidance on using them, or why they are not included with armor. I removed them from equipment, but it is possible for someone who doesn't have a helmet normally, thief or magic-user, to find and start using a magical one. That is the only reason I included it in the encumbrance table. Otherwise consider you have a helmet with your armor and its weight is part of the armor. If you find a magic one nothing changes for an armored character. 4. I think we are getting close. Probably this next week.
  6. 1. You can choose freely from the list everyday. You can select a spell multiple times to cast it. For example you would note spells memorized as below: 1st (CLWx2) 2nd (Bless)
  7. Don't forget the minimums for the first three levels on hit points. D6 minimum is 4. So if you roll below 4 you get to change that roll to a 4. Also only humans can be Player Character Clerics in these rules. Elf Clerics are Non-Player Characters only. If you are interested in an elf they can only choose between the following three options: Fighter/Magic-Users, Fighter/Magic-User/Thieves, or Thieves. Then XP is split evenly between classes.
  8. Sorry but in these rules elves can't just be magic-users. They have to be one of the following: Fighter/Magic-Users, Fighter/Magic-User/Thieves, or Thieves. Then XP is split evenly between classes.
  9. Welcome ! Cleric isn't really one of those classes that you can have too many. I would recommend you look through the class as there are some house rules, especially concerning Turn Undead.
  10. Okay we are advertised. You can do whatever you want on the character. Until we start change what you want to.
  11. I bought 6 more torches. Sheet is updated.
  12. Cool! DTS hasn't started yet, so I will give him time to get a new character going. Its Summer so posting is kind of slow. I may try to recruit here if we don't get anyone from your endeavors. Do you want to make a Cleric or just think we need one? I can make minor tweaks to the back end and we will be okay without a Cleric if you want a Magic-User. Tweak number one not 2d6 ghouls on the random encounter table, just kidding that tweak was already done. DTS tends to favor Clerics as well I believe so I wouldn't worry about us not having one. We actually could run with 4 players if nobody bites. I would just need to boost starting xp. I just pointed out somebody whined about their hp rolls. I didn't even mention names.
  13. It was brought to my attention, due to somebodies crappy rolls that I had not put my normal minimum hp house rule up in character creation. It is now. For the first three levels characters can take the minimum rather than what they rolled if the minimum is better. d8 = 5 D6 = 4 D4 = 3
  14. I have made a few more modifications that effect the cleric. 1. I added a "T" to each level, i.e. Acolytes can now automatically turn Skeletons. 2. I deleted Vampires from the table. I like that Vamps have a special rule concerning holy items, and cannot be turned. 3. I added a clarification to Protection vs. Evil so that it includes protection vs. skeletons and zombies. 4. Raise Dead will cause any undead to cease to exists, however a system shock is required for those beyond the time limit to be brought to life, and they get a save to not be affected. Again I changed the effect to be number of hit die turned rather than number of monsters turned. I also reduced number appearing in all of my undead encounters. All in all this should keep things at the same power level when encountering undead but make results a bit less random.
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