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  1. Dwarf Barbarian HP: 22/22 || FP: 17/17 || DX: 13 || Move: 5 (current), 4 with sack || Dodge: 10- || Parry: 14- Groan keeps his feet firmly planted and resists the urge to cough or wheeze as the dust settles back onto the cold, stone floors. Blast them for stirring up this dust. Now we'll never know if there were tracks here, he thinks. He strains his ears into the increasing silence, listening for those who took notice of their arrival and are coming to investigate, and trying to keep his eyes at once on both the doors facing him. OOC:
  2. They are a bit hard to tell apart at first, though we might get used to it. Maybe add a single letter to each for now? Fortunately, all our character names start with different letters.
  3. As historical examples... The ransom of King Richard Lionheart in the twelfth century was 150,000 marks of silver (70,000 pounds of silver, 7000 pounds of gold at 10:1, 350,000 "gold pieces"). The Crown of Thorns was sold in the 13th century for 10,000 marks of silver (23,000 "gold pieces"). The average adventurer buying a magic sword just shouldn't compare to these prices.
  4. Fili tries to dodge the flying rock, but it smacks her in the face. Fortunately it did not have enough force to hurt. GM NOTE: GM edited this post with results.
  5. Dwarf Barbarian HP: 22/22 || FP: 17/17 || DX: 13 || Move: 5 (current), 4 with sack || Dodge: 10- || Parry: 14- Groan is pleased with the increased reward. They'd clearly thought over what Amaranth had said yesterday and changed their minds. He steps forward to ask to rejoin the group and to get the healing potion he'd returned yesterday. When they respond, confused and resisting, he lays into them. "I dunno what you have against dwarves, but clearly ye refuse to treat me fair. So I'm shut of you. Never speak to me again." And with that he enters the circle, standing with his back to their 'employers' and refusing to respond to further questions until the group arrives at the Temple of Xard. OOC:
  6. (( OOC: I will leave searching for the right homeless person to those of you who trained Streetwise. I didn't. ))
  7. There's no need. Groan uses a two-handed axe. Even if he was carrying a torch, he'd have to drop it when combat began.
  8. Having gotten at least some answer as to the temple ownership after it's cleared, Groan isn't going to spend time tonight trying to figure out if there's an existing claim on it. After following Rondell around doing the shopping, he ends up at a tavern with the rest of the group where they can drink (not too much; best not to be hung over in the dungeon) and get to know one another before going into the dungeon the next day. He's barely met some of them.
  9. I have added 3 Iron Spikes. I have a crowbar to hammer them in, and a pick and shovel for excavating and/or destroying. I'll have to leave the torches to someone else. Groan doesn't have a free hand to carry one.
  10. Groan has food/water for himself and 30' of rope. Didn't someone have Continual Light, which means we don't need torches and lanterns?
  11. So what's the plan, then? Are we going right away, or staying in town for a bit?
  12. DCV: 6 Stun: 24/24 Body: 13/13 End: 40/40 Status: none "I don't know the layout, but I've been down there a few times. Putting out fires causes a lot of debris-filled run-off, and it clogs up the place. Once I found a man living down there and had to evacuate him. Pity I don't know he got to. It would be good to know someone like that, or an urbex group. Does anyone have any contacts there? Someone we could bring on as a guide?" OOC:
  13. Perhaps take a vote? Do people want to go straight to (D)ungeon, or first go to (T)own? If someone takes charge and says we're going in, Groan will agree. I vote for (D)ungeon
  14. If players want me to drop the claim thing, I'll drop it. I was just trying to think of what Groan could do in town while Rondell is talking to people to learn about the temple.
  15. Groan's use of the phrase 'filed a claim' is from his recent years as a prospector. That may not have been clear from context.
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