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01: Steel Shepherd


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Somewhere in the Wastes


"It tastes pretty much like a potato," Jana said in answer to Martin's initial wondering, "except... with peppercorns crushed on it? Kind of... spicy-tangy-bitter-earthy... but in a good way! To some of us. It's hard to describe really, it's not quite like anything else I've tasted. But mostly like a potato." Realizing she probably didn't put anyone's mind at ease, she gave a simple shrug.


Lysandra smiled, adding, "Yeah we tried a few of them. Some people liked the flavor, others found it too odd. No one died! Really no ill effects, as far as we can tell, but we haven't exactly done exhaustive testing. Sorry you can't try them, this is the only one we've got with us. The rest of our supplies are more conventional." She pointed a thumb over her shoulder to the trailer that had been hauled by one of the trucks. It was filled with foodstuffs for the travelers. Fresh crops, fruits and vegetables. Pickled and preserved foods in clay and glass jars. Dried and salted meats, and dried grains. Enough to feed the convoy for a while at least. 


"Hey, what do you think you're..." Lys looked ready to swat Det's hand away as she popped a panel on Bob's pod. Some warning lights flashed, a vent hissed, but Det quickly showed she had things under control. Before she could give further instruction, Martin and Det were both manipulating and thoroughly assessing the device. Talking about maintenance and little improvements they could make. Asking Lys about babysitting the thing and questions about how it was built. "I suppose I'll let you two keep an eye on it, at the very least. I'm not sure I feel comfortable enough yet to let Bob ride with someone else, but we can certainly use your expertise to keep his house in good shape. To answer your question, we scavenged most of the casing, then need to do a lot of our own engineering. When we can, we'll let Bob get some fresh air and real sunlight. But to keep the plant safe and secure, there's a grow light and controlled environment in there, so it isn't exposed to too much toxic air and dust. We have no idea what it'll be exposed to on this journey, so we'll try to keep it as safe as we can."


Lysandra nodded to the crew as they gathered to discuss the best route to take, and their plan of action. She bowed her head to Doc as he reassured her of his committed assistance. 


Plans were worked through, maps were consulted, options taken into account. The Crew decided on the most direct route, confident in their ability to handle the danger, and wanting to make the most haste. Lysandra and the leadership were grateful, thanking the Tankers for their assistance. They discussed timelines further, and came to a decision that leaving first thing in the morning would be the best balance of giving time for maintenance and reinforcement of the convoy, yet still moving quick enough to meet Lysandra's schedule.


The Greenwood leader made herself available to answer further question and have more discussion. The Crew got to work, maintaining the Tank, working on their own projects, and lending their hands, minds, and expertise to the refugees. The sounds of tools on metal filled the space for a while, as vehicles were worked on. Laughter and chatter also began to increase in frequency and volume, as the traveling company slowly started to turn to one another and open up, relieving some little part of the shock and stress of the morning. 




Back in action! Sorry for the long delay. Okay now is the time to post on what you're working on with your time. I'll interact as much as people want IC, and otherwise narrate what you're doing with 8 hours worth of work time, plus a few worth of downtime and enough left over for a full night rest.


There are a few of you that aren't doing any crafting. You can just plain socialize. I don't quite have bandwidth to spell out other tasks, but some of the things I'm thinking about would be using your diplomacy or performance skills to mediate disputes, console refugees, and otherwise generally boost morale of the whole group. Provide physical labor with ability checks. Patrol and make people feel safe. Etc. We've already discuss using crafting/engineering to shore up and enhance the convoy vehicles. I'll let you all come up with stuff. 


Scene / NPCs


Within the remains of some kind of huge warehouse from the before-times. Most of the building is collapsed, but the remains provide cover for the convoy of refugees to stop and rest, and plan next steps. There is plenty of room for the vehicles, and shelter from the sun. You seem to have lost any raiders tracking you, but it never hurts to keep a sharp eye out. 





The Escapees from Greenwood

  • Off-roader buggy
    • Lysandra
    • NileBearded, stern, the driver of Lysandra's buggy. Unclear if they are in a relationship, but they seem to be looked up to as leaders. Nile doesn't say a lot of words, but those he does let go of seem carefully thought out.
    • *Jana
  • Bus
    • 32 passengers, consisting of several families, including some children. Including...Tina, a 5-year old girl
      Drew, a middle aged man
    • Bus Driver HankEven in this situation, seems to always have a wide smile. Hank is in his 40s, clearly has asian heritage, yet speaks with a deep southern accent. He seems as attached to his big bus as the Crew is to Tia.
  • Truck with big fuel tank
    • RedA big man with mutton chops, and eponymous red hair. He is seems to have little filter, saying what's on his mind. Tends to rub some people the wrong way. But he cares for the folks under his charge.
    • Driver and another passengers
  • Hauler truck with trailer
    • Driver and two passengers
  • Truck with livestock pen 
    • Driver and one passenger
  • Cruiser
    • Family of six
  • Dirt Bike 
    • TobyA young man with wispy facial hair, probably only barely into his 20s. A dark pattern across much of his skin seems to be a mutation, though he wears his clothes and gear in such a way as to cover a lot of it. Stays off to the side, very watchful. Seems a lot of his watching is directed toward Jana.
  • Wounded from Jeep
    • RayClose cropped hair, 40s, black, hurt bad though not as bad as his son. Doc's care seems to be doing well though, and he is in stable condition. If he wakes up, he would be appreciative if a little curt. He is something of a handyman, explorer, and salvager.
    • DavisRay's son, spitting image if just slightly different skin tone. While Ray is reserved, Davis is much more affable and conversational, though that is tempered a great deal by having recently taken some gunshot wounds. Fortunately Doc was able to help, extract the bullets, and his internal organs and bones were remarkably intact.



Gargantuan Land Vehicle (15'W x 25'H x 15'H)

40 base speed | 32 AC | 15 Hardness

HP: 170/170 | Temp HP: 42 (Reactive Armor) 

Stress: 15

Engine Governor: EnabledTurn on/off as swift action.
When Disabled, +15' speed, 10 stress per turn

Crew Martial Focus: YES


Main Cannon

PC ranged attack +1(MW); 8d6 b/p/s damage; 20/x4; 300' range increments

Speed Loader Round: No (loader or gunner may reload as move action) 

30 Ammo Capacity

Base Cannon Rounds: 18

AP Rounds: 2

HE Rounds: 2

Canister Rounds: 2


Gadgets and Secondary Weapons

Miniguns: Machine Guns facing each cardinal direction, and one mounted same direction as turret. 5d8 B/P damage, 200' line. 12/12 uses.

LauncherLaunch object any direction in 60' range increments. 2/4 uses.

Hook and Pulley: Grab at distance, 20' increments. 4/4 uses.

Gadgets: 10/10 remaining.

Detonators, launchers, hook and pulley, improvised tools, constructed weapons, grapple gun, steam release, chemical insight detonator options.

Light Machine Gun: Mounted at Commander position. 2d6, 19-20/x2. Automatic only. 80/100 ammo.



Raw Material Storage: 500/500 lbs

Passengers: 6/8 (Doc, Tanya, Martin, Det, Packer, Jana) | On Top: limited only by room (Duende)

Roll thread on OGMW | Roll thread on Baldr | Tank/Crew Rules: Tank Actions, Tank Stats, Crew feats/talents








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Martin nodded as he looked the device over and heard Lysandra's reply. "Smart. Try to keep it in something like normal, but ready if things go bad. The Primeval is probably not a good place for it, given the wild nature of the place, who knows what the plant life around there is like. But, yea, it looks pretty good. If you don't mind, I can set up that external power source, should help keep Bob's home running. I'll want to test the connections, wire together an adapter, and set in a harness for it. Shouldn't take long though, a few minutes for most of it, and a few tools. And the battery out of the Disciples truck there." He added, shrugging as he glanced back towards the towed in truck in question. Turning back, he nodded towards Matilda. "After that, I think I'll look over Matilda there., the bus." He added, for the sake of the crew. "I talked to Frank a bit earlier, and I've got a few ideas on that. The insides was a bit of a rush job, pretty good work for an emergency, but if folks are going to be living out of it for a while, we can redo it a bit better. Probably tear the truck apart for anything we need. Maybe install that machine gun up top. You want to take a look at it and the one they have Det? I'll pull the engine apart for parts and see about reinforcing some of the armor paneling with truck's siding, maybe some bits from around here?" He asked, turning his attention to his fellow engineer, and maker of all things violent.


After they had discussed plans, and after putting a spare battery for Bob together, Martin pulled out several sets of tools from their storage space deep within Tia. Including a small portable forge that he set up to warm as they finalized plans and began pulling pieces together. With a grin, he set about revamping the bus with the flash of a welding torch, the smell of burnt metal, and the clanging of steel being pounded into a shape befitting his vision.





Ok, my plan for downtime.

First, I'll take the Big Battery out of the loot list and set it up for Bob. I'm not sure it should take any time, so whatever seems narratively appropriate.

Second, I'll work on Matilda the Bus. I'll spend the whole 8 hours of downtime on that, presumably with Frank's help and whoever else wishes to do so. My priority list is 1) Improved Interior. We at least need decent seating so that people can ride without worrying about getting tossed around if they need to drive crazily. If we can get Frank some of his bedroom/kitchen back, maybe set up some overhead shelving for supplies and allow for some of them to sleep inside, all the better. 2) Improved Weapons. Should be decently simple, fix the gun already there, and maybe install a second. Include a protective box to give whoever is up there some cover when shooting. Probably have the guns facing in opposite directions, one up front, the other to the back, with supplies in between. Preferably with nice wide firing angles so that both can cover either side as needed. 3) Improved Engine. Mostly a tune up, but anything that can be pulled from the Gun Truck to put a little more muscle into the Bus would be nice. 4) Improved Armor. Again, anything that can be pulled from the Gun Truck, or the surrounding building, to reinforce the armor and better protect the people inside. Not sure time or resources will permit all of that, but worth a look.

Third, if I have time, I can spend an hour or so to shift some Tech Sphere gadgets around. Specifically, I have the Emergency Gear talent, and can make Shelters for everyone. Normally I would have one Shelter on hand so that we, the Crew, can have some portable shelter to sleep in at night without worrying about some random storm freezing or irradiating us, or something equally uncomfortable. Each Shelter can hold a max 18 people of Medium or Small size, and I can make another 11 of them at 7.5 minutes each to swap gadgets around and jury rig a couple if necessary. So, if given an hour and 15 minutes, that would be almost 200 people in a cozy, climate controlled, tent city in this crumbling building.



male NG Human Blacksmith 6 | Technician 6, Level 6, Init 8, HP 80/80, TEMP HP 50Speed 45
AC 26, Touch 17, Flat-footed 21, CMD 26, Fort 9, Ref 12, Will 9, CMB +9, Base Attack Bonus 6   
+2; SA/Auto Assault Rifle +14 (1d10+7, 19-20/x2)
Grenade Launcher +12 (Variable, varies; Integrated Armory)
+2; Anti-Ballistic Breastplate (+8 Armor, +5 Dex, +1 Natural, +2 Deflect)
Abilities Str 16, Dex 21, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 10
Condition None  

Various Counters


-Assault Rifle: 35/35

-Grenade Launcher: 0/1

Gadgets: 7/7

Jury Rigged Devices: 0/2



Tech Sphere Charges: 14/14

Tech Sphere devices: 10/10

-Integrated Armory (Grenade Launcher)

-Speed Lever (Grenade Launcher)

-Speed Lever (Assault Rifle)

-Fire Extinguisher: 2 charges

-Respirator: 2 charges

-Camera: 1 charge

-Clamp Boots: 2 charges

-Sensory Set (Thermal): 1 charges

-Emergency Beacon: 1 charge

-Shelter: 1 charge

Blacksmith Maintenance:

-Technician Maintenance: Backpack with Transmitter Improvement


Warpaint: +15ft Move Speed



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Alex "Duende" Villagos


spacer.pngAlex whistled softly as Jana finally reveals the truth of their special cargo and purpose for needing to catch the train. He'd been lucky enough never to know true starvation in his life, but he and his band had definitely known some lean times, and they'd visited more than their share of settlements were true famine had reared its ugly head. Being able to grow edible food in blighted land would be a game changer, and it all suddenly made sense why they'd sought out The Tank to help them - this was a very important undertaking. It also made him even more sure their choice of the shortest path made the most sense. If they didn't catch the train, there was no telling when the next one would be, and anything could happen in the meantime.


As they continued to chat and plan, Alex wandered through the warehouse inspecting the caravan's vehicles. They couldn't afford to be slowed down by mechanical problems or equipment malfunctions, so as he went he took mental notes of the vehicles most in need of repair or viable for tweaking to improve their sturdiness and reliability, forming a sort of triage list in his mind. They didn't have much time and it was unlikely he'd have time to get to everything, but he'd do what he could. He could work through most of the night, as well - he'd never needed nearly as much sleep as most folk, a couple hours a night were fine - so as soon as he'd finished his circuit, he gathered up his tools and supplies and after a quick chat with the rest of the Crew to tell them his plans, he set to work.






OOC Stuff

To start off, I'll do a Knowledge: Engineering check to assess the vehicles to determine the most in need/most improvable, then a Craft: Mechanical check to see how well I manage to fix/improve it, and we can go from there if there are additional jobs I have time for. Or, if the group feels it's better, I can help Martin, Det, etc. with a bigger job if they need a hand.


As I mentioned, I have Quick Rest (Origin Sphere) which means I only need 2 hours of sleep a night, so I should be able to fit in a few more hours of work than most others.


Combat Mechanics


Thermal vision (ignore concealment from smoke, dust, etc.): 4 rounds

Chemical Coating - Improved Tanglefoot Bag: 1 rounds

Starting Stance: Duelist/Long Cuts/Debilitating Injuries

Starting sequence: 5


Move: Executioner (finisher - threatens crit on next attack roll this round).

Standard: Deadly Shot (1 snipe - Pinning Shot) w/ Vital Strike & Deadly Aim (expending MF to add 2d6 damage), aiming at Trike 1 Zealot on the ground near the tank

  • If hit, he will be entangled (Improved Tanglefoot Bag: -2 att/-4 DEX, moves half speed for 3d4 rounds). He will also need to make a DC 19 Ref save or be stuck and unable to move (tanglefoot)
  • He will also be grappled (pinning shot - can break free by destroying the ammo used in the attack (hardness 5, hit points 1, break DC 13 for arrows and bolts) or with an Escape Artist or combat maneuver check made as a move action against CMD 27).
  • He will also take 3 bleed damage and suffer -3 to attack rolls as long as the bleed lasts (Duelist/Long Cuts/Debilitating Injuries)

Attack bonus: +14 (+6 BAB, +1 size, +5 DEX, +2 enhancement) -1 (Deadly Aim -2, -1 mitigated by Emperor fate motif) = +13 vs. touch AC; target scouted, so AC treated as 2 less

Damage: 6d6 (Heavy Sniper rifle + Vital Strike) + 7 (Dex/Enhancement) + 4 (Deadly Aim) + 4 (Fierce shout) + 3 (bleed; Blooded strike) = 35 + 24 (crit) + 3 (bleed) + 6 (Deadly Shot)

Swift: Perception (observe refugee using Wayfair)



Swift: Maintain/recenter Aggressive Flanking on tank

Standard: Focusing Cry (Restoring MF to Duende & Doc)


(See OGMW rolls thread for rolls)



     Free Action:

     Immediate Action: -

     Swift Action: Perception

     Move Action: Executioner (finisher)

     Standard Action: Deadly Shot (link)

     Full Round Action: -

     5 Foot Step: -

Ending sequence: 1 link (+1 Attack & Damage)

Rifle rounds: 6/6


General Info






     Knowledge (Wastes, Dungeoneering, Geography, Local, Nature, Leaders): Base +15

     Perception: Base +22



     Low Light Vision

     Can see 10' in Smoke, Fog, etc


     Perception: +21 (+1/60' Range Increment)

     Sense Motive: +10

     Stealth: +25


These abilities are activated at the beginning of each day, or when they expire.

  • Fate: The Emperor Motif: Reduce penalties to attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, or ability checks by 1 (minimum -1); Duration: Permanent (Fated Oath Boon)
  • War Paint: Can have 2 War Paints active at once (Highland Clansman (Refluffed @Tanker Crew)
    •      Black: +7 Competence Bonus to Stealth
    •      Yellow: +7 Competence Bonus to Perception



     Maintenance: Improved Firearm (Heavy Sniper Rifle x2)

Railgun: x3 range increment of firearm (540'). Can fire underwater.

    Pressurized Shot: Move action to add 3d6 damage to next shot on the following round or later



Current Run Speed: 60 (60 Base)

Current Initiative Bonus: +7 (+5 DEX, +2 First to Battle)

Current Hit Points: 60/60 (66 Max/-6HP for Oath of Ritual)

Current Temp Hit Points: 35/50

Primary Martial Focus: Yes

Current AC: 29 (Base 10; +1 size; +5 DEX; +1 Inhuman Resilience (Natural); +6 Prescient Dodger; +5 Unarmoured Training; +1 Deflection (Oath Boon))

Current Touch AC: 28 (Base 10; +1 size; +5 DEX; +6 Prescient Dodger; +5 Unarmoured Training; +1 Deflection (Oath Boon) )

Current Flat Footed AC: 24 (Base 10; +1 size; +1 Inhuman Resilience (Natural); Prescient Dodger +6; +5 Unarmoured Training; +1 Deflection (Oath Boon))

Current CMB: 11 (6 BAB + 5 DEX)

Current CMD: 31 (Base 10; -1 size; +6 BAB ; -1 STR; +5 DEX; +6 Prescient Dodger; +5 Unarmoured Training; +1 Deflection (Oath Boon))


     FORT: +8 (Base: +5; +1 CON; +2 Inhuman Resilience)

     REF: +12 (Base: +5; +5 DEX; +2 Inhuman Resilience)

     WILL: +9 (Base: +5; +2 WIS; +2 Inhuman Resilience)

Resistances: N/A




Formulae (# Carried)

Can have 5 Formulae 'active' at one time.


Save DC: 19 (Unless otherwise specified)
Attack Mod: +11 vs Touch (Splash)
Range Increment: 25'


Improved Liquid Ice (2/2)

AoE Cold Damage + Stagger

Struck Target takes 3d6 Cold, Fort 19 or Staggered and movement halved for one round

5' Half damage

10' 3 damage


Chemical Coating: Improved Liquid Ice (1/1)

Cold Damage + Stagger

Struck Target takes 1d6+3 Cold, Fort 19 or Staggered and movement halved for one round


Improved Tanglefoot Bag (1/1)

AoE Sticks targets in place via glue-like substance

Struck target-2 att/-4 DEX; REF 19 to stuck to floor

     STR Chk or 20HP Slashing dmg to remove

          Half speed for 3d4 rounds

     5' radius


Chemical Coating: Improved Tanglefoot Bag (0/1)

Sticks target in place via glue-like substance

Struck target-2 att/-4 DEX; REF 19 to stuck to floor

     STR Chk or 20HP Slashing dmg to remove

          Half speed for 3d4 rounds



Daily Carry Gear

Tank Key





1d20+16 9
1d20+21 4
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