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3.5 DM / PF1 Player Seeking PF1 DM / 3.5 Player for Solo Swap


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Have you ever just really wanted to play a particular 3.5 or Pathfinder character or build and use interesting mechanics/systems that you just haven't had the opportunity to use before because it doesn't really fit within any particular game's scope yet? That's what this is, for both me and the right swapee(s).

What I Am Willing to DM

I'm comfortable with all official 3.0 & 3.5 sources, and with running low-to-mid-level solo games. With any of the options listed below, if you simply provide an outline of what sort of goal or quest you'd like to work towards, I'll happily incorporate it into your game. Otherwise, you'll get the random unknown-until-experienced adventure version based on my own generic homebrew setting I've built up over the years to get new games up and running easily.

Option 1 - Traditional Fantasy
The setting would be a generic uber-world that counts as the prime material plane, but each 'setting' is simply its own continent rather than a separate plane/planet. Most taverns and inns have a 'request board' sometimes shortened to a more colloquially known 'quest' board, and cities always have a branch of the Adventurer's Guild that compiles higher-level quests for their members to tackle. You would be free to travel and explore sandbox style, join a guild with a goal/purpose you align with (Mercenary Guild, Hunter Guild, Adventurer Guild, Merchant Guild, etc), or simply do your own thing as worked out ahead of time that lines up with your desired game. Optional starting experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Already being a member of the Adventurer's Guild in good standing.
  • Being an outlaw, on the run with a bounty on your head.
  • Being an apprentice craftsman and finding yourself needing to gain experience to save your shop after your master disappears/dies.
  • Being part of an expedition to a 'new land' with a predefined role to fill.
  • Being Isekaied into a fantasy world from our world and being granted strange (possibly magical) powers.
  • It's all a brand-new virtual reality videogame, and you are experiencing it for the first time.
  • You've been hired on by a group of adventurers to fill a role in their party for an upcoming mission.

Option 2 - Modern Awakening

Essentially, a modern-day or slightly futuristic alternate Earth with some 'awakened' people granted specific game-like powers (3.5 class levels) that go into 'Gates' (mini-dungeons) to collect loot & raw resources to carry back into Earth. Gates have to be cleared within X timeframe or they 'break' and release the monsters inside into the world, so the world's various governments have agencies 'in charge' of getting them cleared. But since only 'awakened' people can clear the gates, they just issue hunting licenses based on the perceived power level of the awakened and allow them to enter/clear gates of their tier in exchange for taxing the loot and raw materials for governmental use. 

If you have read any webtoons/comics/manhua/manga/manhwa like Solo-Leveling, or anything in the 'Hunter', 'Awakened', 'System', 'Gates', etc genres, this is pretty much the type of setting I'm talking about.

Basic Rules

Choose to create either a 3.5 Character or a Pathfinder character (creation rules for both below).

Choose one of the setting options above.

No 'adult' roleplay - if you want adult content to happen off-screen or 'fade to black', that's fine, but otherwise, I'm not inclined towards that sort of interaction.

One gestalt or tristalt character, or up to to 2 standard or gestalt characters to facilitate an adventuring duo that can function as a 'whole party' if desired.

If you are interested, DM me and I can share my standard 'House Rules' for character creation that help balance the 3.5 experience for my setting. It is a collection of quality-of-life things, for the most part. Minor bonuses to certain low-tier classes to make them competitive, links to specific pre-approved class fixes available for use, feats at every odd level, some changes to spells to make them more useful and/or less game-breaking, etc., etc.

Character Creation & Mechanics (3.x)

All official 3.0 & 3.5 sources are allowed - if there is both a 3.0 and 3.5 version, use the 3.5 version. If there is no 3.5 equivalent, then using the original 3.0 content is fine and I can rule on any rules inconsistencies as needed. Gestalt is fine, Tristalt is also fine if starting at low levels. While I prefer no Tome of Battle content or Truenaming, Mysteries, and Essentia classes as I am not experienced enough with them to balance encounters for them properly, I'm willing to try if it is something someone really wants to use and does not mind me asking questions about your character's capabilities as-needed as I balance things accordingly.

Character Creation & Mechanics (Pathfinder)

All content from PFSRD, Library of Metzofitz Wiki website, Spheres of Power, and Archives of Nethys are freelz available for use for simplicity's sake and easy access for both parties.

What Game I Would Like to Play

The actual campaign setting or explanation of how such a person came to be in whatever setting my swapee decides on is ultimately up to them. If you want this techno-character to get thrown into an all-fantasy medieval world, that's just more opportunity for fun shenanigans. Isekai, VR Game, Awakening type game, etc as listed above - whatever you're most interested in DMing, really.

Character Creation

I want to play around with all the Pathfinder 3pp content that is technology-based using material from the freely available and OGL content from PFSRD, Library of Metzofitz Wiki website, Spheres of Power, and Archives of Nethys for simplicity's sake and easy access for both parties. Plus, being able to freely link to everything is just easier.

I essentially want to play a game where I play a Gestalt (or Tristalt) character based on Veilweaving with Akashic Magic (using the Akasha As Cybertech rules) and psibertech/cybertech with the standard Elephant in the Room feat tax rules and the Spheres of Power talents rather than traditional spellcasting.

My preferred starting level is between levels 5-10, as the point is to become powerful, and not already be completely all-powerful, but I'm flexible. Either a low-level tristalt, or a mid level gestalt would be ideal, as I think it gives the right amount of room for enough versatility to survive as a 'solo adventurer', if you know what I mean. I also wouldn't mind a tag-team of two low-to-mid-level gestalt characters to be played as a duo adventuring team.

Feel free to ask general questions in this thread, but please just PM me if you want to swap story and character ideas in detail, so as not to discourage others from thinking the offer is closed because of preliminary talks that may or may not bear fruit. I've been approached with interest several times and prepped for games that never launched because the other person never settled on a build they were happy with, real life got the best of them, etc.

All I ask is that if you are interested, please have the free time to devote to both games equally before seriously inquiring. The plan is to post in both games whenever posting, so neither game lags behind the other, in the name of fair play!

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Adding a link to the newer, more up-to-date version of Library of Metzofitz Wiki as it has additional content, but leaving the old one in the original post because if the content happens to be in both versions, the older version actually has easier navigation, so using either when referencing is fine with me.

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