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Billionaire Tech Mogul Genius, Atma Duvalle


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Name: Atma DuValle

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Age: 20

Worldview: Optimistic Transhumanism and Accelerationism


Atma is a dashing young man standing at six feet with a lithe, athletic build. Garbed in a gilded suit and a tailcoated blazer, those who know what they're looking for would assume he's a dhampir at first glance, but there's something off. He has ghostly pale skin and elongated incisors, but there was no deathly pallor. Instead, Atma seems almost to radiate positive energy. His eyes are bright gold hue that you can spot in the darkness of night. His jet-black hair shimmers gold when cast in bright light, tied in a waist-length ponytail. The young inventor seems positively angelic, in contrast to his disposition to secular rationalism.


Atma is gregarious, diplomatic, and exceedingly optimistic, but at times naive and a little pretentious. He is an intuitive man who is always thinking about the future, and countless possibilities. He is typically objective almost to a fault, and quite pragmatic. A visionary, he is driven to do nearly anything to achieve his goals. Despite this, he often isn't a man that deals with short-term plans. He is much more adept at adapting to new situations, turning things in his favor with the power of words, and will use a silver tongue to turn any situation in his favor he can. As a consequence, Atma can be an agent of chaos. He is often so convinced that what he's doing is the right thing, he can be spontaneous and mercurial.

Background: The Test

DuValle Industries has become a household name! The young genius inventor, creating an empire atop chip fabrication, space industrialization, and conspiracy theories of AI has had his reputation marred after promising a paradigm shift in what it means to be human has ended in tragedy with dozens of victims suffering grievous injuries, some fatal- snikt! The panel of a television spanning the width of one side of a penthouse apartment turned off, turning from opaque to transparent revealing the Chicago downtown shore, overlooking Lake Michigan. None other than the young DuValle sighed in frustration. He stood up from his lounge and stepped over crossing to the other side of his apartment, which was a fully kitted-out lab of an engineer. He stepped before his workshop table. "Data, let's start another test using the corrected formulae from the previous iteration." A reflective, metallic orb housed halfway through the center of the ceiling of the penthouse activated, began to spin towards the workshop table, and projected an incredibly lifelike simulation of Data from Star Trek: TNG. Data looked at Atma, offering him a diplomatic smile. "Of course!" Data looked at the table, whose top was partitioned into four halves, one partition continued to descend before revealing a floor that was a whirl of manufacturing machinery, a massive 3D printer was built into the floor which then produced a device perched atop a pedestal.

The device was a three-dimensional, five-point star with a synthesized crystal sphere that was covered in laser-precision-crafted runes. At the base of the table before Atma, a smaller rectangular partition rose, revealing a port for his hand, which he stuck through. His eyes began to shine gold as he channeled his power into the device. The crystal began to flicker as golden electricity began to cackle and surge across each point of the star enclosure. Atma stared at the core, his brow furrowing, he grunted as he began to yell with frustration. The core flashed brilliantly, covering the entire penthouse in holy light, that could be seen from the lakeshore drive. The light then stabilized to a serene glow, and the device began to hover a few inches from its enclosure. Data then gestured with his hands for the device to hover towards the opposite partition as both it and the one adjacent to it began to descend as a socket for the star-shaped divine core rose, merging with the device. Next to it, a pedestal rose a black metallic exoskeleton glove rose on another pedestal, with a plug descending back into the table, now coupled with the divine core. Data then looked at Atma, nodding.


"Ready when you are." Atma returned the nod. The hand segmented and began to flower, opening up to allow Atma to slide his hand into a lattice before the glove re-assembled. The lattice then began to spread from his forearm across his chest and shoulder as nanites formed covering his shoulder with an armored shoulder plate, divine energy began to rapidly pulsate through channels that rose from his chest towards his wrist and palm before shimmering into a solid golden glow."Beginning iteration # 6475! From the ceiling descended a target and parallel shield walls. Atma raised his hand, aiming his palm at the bullseye. The golden circular plate at the base of the cybernetic arm's palm began to glow serenely with divine energy which grew more and more radiant with each passing second before a beam of pure divine energy erupted from it, slamming into the bullseye. The booming sound of divine thunder rattled through the penthouse. Atma smiled gleefully as the beam roared. Five, ten, fifteen seconds...

The divine core began to warble as the core grew more and more unstable, cracks beginning to snake across the crystal. Atma watched the crystal begin to destabilize with a wistful sigh, but he enjoyed the moment nonetheless, imagining himself emblazoned in gold and his divine cybernetics. His technology transcending the limits of mortals, watching as armageddon begins, but as celestial bodies rain from the heavens, and hellfire explodes from the earth, not a single human life is lost, not a single city destroyed as humanity shields itself with its own divine power, preparing to show the agents of Heaven and Hell, that Earth is not their battleground.

"...there you are being delusional again. It's so adorable, you're just like your father." Atma blinked out of his daydreaming, realizing that the beam of divine energy was no longer hitting the target, but the palm of a large, taloned hand which was as beautiful as it was terrifying looking. The skin of the steamed and cracked from the intensity of the beam before the power core finally gave way, exploding in a brief but brilliant sputter of the divine energy Atma had initially channeled into the divine core. Atma sighed as the target and safety panels re-ascended into the walls.

Before him was a woman of impressive stature. Standing at over ten feet tall, with an inhuman hourglass figure ripe with equally inhuman musculature and feminine curves, the palest ivory skin, an elegant dress, and a wide-brimmed hat, she was the quintessential, yet enormous witch. She looked at him with a pleased smile, bearing the sharp fangs of a vampire. "Happy Birthday, my child!" The woman rose one of her massive taloned hands, and beckoned him closer, causing Atma to against his will be lifted from the ground, and brought towards her as she gripped him in a deep hug. After a few moments of hugging her son lovingly, she then licked her lips, and gingerly bit into his neck, and made a single deep suckle, drawing a generous portion of Atma's blood. She gingerly sat him down and looked upwards as her eyes rolled backward into her head with euphoria. "Ah, positively divine, literally. It's a shame that this will be the last time I get to savor your blood, sweet babe..." Nursing a neck pocked with numerous healed bite marks, Atma gives her a quizzical glare. "What do you mean, mother? Afraid my blood will become too much of a good thing?"

The woman rolled her eyes at the suggestion. "Oh please, if that was the case, you wouldn't be in dozens of lawsuits and the peons of mankind demanding your head. You see, my sweet babe, that's why I'm here. To help you!" Atma gave her an alarmed glare. "Your help is akin to relying on a monkey's paw, I'll pass." The woman giggled. "My my, rebellious as ever, I see. She then grasped her son's head and turned it towards her as she grasped his cheeks, playfully squeezing and stretching them as she coo'd in a babying voice. "Oh you silly lamb, you know you don't have a choice!" She then snapped her fingers, causing the windows to turn opaque once more as the news blared on. "In light of the DuValle Industry's suite of first-generation cybernetics mass failure tragedy, the board has voted to remove the founder and CEO of the corporation, Atma DuValle, replacing him with his very own mother Celine DuValle!" A conjured projection of Celine that presented her public human appearance gave a rousing speech on corporate responsibility and the actions they would be taking forward. The real Celine then snapped her talons once more as the TV turned off.

Atma turned pale and double-backed as he began to pass out. When he awoke, he found himself paralyzed, in his mother's lap as she stroked his hair, caressing his face. "I'm sorry dear, but it's for your own good. You've spent all these years, languishing for humans, that you've neglected your power and true nature. So, your father and I have decided on a wonderful gift!" Celine produced a cube made of an alien-looking alloy. It was vantablack, covered in infernal runes and every few moments or so, a supernatural crimson sheen would streak across the cube. As Atma's eyes locked on it, his eyes began to tremble with excitement, fear, and possibilities. His paralyzed hands began to reach toward it. His mother hurriedly pushed it into his hands, squeezing his hands around the cube and caressing them tightly.

"Yes, that's right my dear! Marvel at it, this impossible alloy, it is a gift from your father and me, and this..." She craned her neck, kissing him on his forehead, causing a scarlet pentagram sigil to shine on his forehead as infernal math began to flash through his eyes as unholy knowledge seared itself across his mind. Toccata and Fugue in D minor began to play in his mind as inspiration blossomed. "With the material and knowledge bestowed to you, fashion a channel to seize Dracula's power. It is your birthright. With it, you can accomplish your wildest dreams as a new type of celestial being rises. Your grandfather will balk, but your father will find you worthy of the love he has shown you..."

She then grasped him in her undead, motherly embrace. "But should you fail, I will feed you mother's scarlet milk and your celestial hair will never shimmer in the sun's light ever again, and you will take your place at my side for eternity, and with your own hands end this masquerade we must endure to begin a new era in which vampires rule this Earth once more..." And then Atma blinked, and it was if she was never there. He sat upwards from his couch, the metal alloy in his lap. He grasped it, and he heard Bach once more. Atma rushed over to his workshop. He and Data began working feverishly until he created a cybernetic arm. This one was vantablack. It then compacted itself, taking the shape of a vantablack watch. "Data, bring me Mourningstar. I'm going to kill Dracula..."

Character Statblock



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I like the story a lot but I have noticed a few things:

The character background is quite long, I only asked for 4 paragraphs. Don't fix it now though.

I would I think having your character be a well known entrepreneur gives them too much influence, even if they are now disgraced. I would think he made his money from monster hunters looking for a technological edge. So a small but typically wealthy clientele.

I don't know how you made your character have a monster stat block. I like the look of it, its very easy to read, however, I would preferer if you made the sheet in MythWeavers so I can see all the feats and other things you took. An example being I can't tell which Inventor innovation you took at first glance. I only knew after I read you story.

Last thing. How does the Morningstar work? I'm imagining it is a divine powered rail gun because it can't deal energy damage. at least not yet

Sorry for all the negativity but I want this to be the best it can.

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I'm glad you liked it! Apologies for making it so long. 😅

I can adjust his background per your recommendations!

I used https://pathbuilder2e.com/. It includes an option to export the statblock. I see now that unfortunately, it's missing details. I'll be happy to recreate his sheet via mythweavers proper.

I based the Morningstar on your heavy combat rifle homebrew, but yeah, the general gist is heading towards it eventually dealing energy damage. An eventually transforming railgun is perfect!

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