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About This Game

The prophesied year of 1999 is here. The worlds armies have come to put an end to Dracula once and for all.

Game System

Pathfinder 2e

Detailed Description

Long ago, Nostradamus predicted the down fall of Dracula in the year 1999. The time is here and the castle has come. An army of the best the world has to offer has come to do all they can slay the Dark Lord for the last time.

You are one among these. In these despite times, none can discriminate against a potential ally. Lycanthropes and undead rub shoulders with priests and hunters of the dark. Any enemy of Dracula is an ally in this, The Demon Castle War.


Welcome to Call of the Eclipse! Thanks for checking it out.

This will be a Pathfinder 2e game with an Abomination Vaults structure, as you will venture into the legendary Castle Dracula to find the path to it's master and investigate the disappearance of Julius Belmont, who went in to slay the Dark Lord but has been missing for weeks. After such expeditions they will need to return to the military camp surrounding the castle to recover, resupply, and give what information they have found to the leaders.

The base camp surrounding the castle is not without it's in own concerns. Many people of many origins are crossing paths and while many wish to see the end of Dracula not all seem to agree about how this should be done. You may need to make choices that affect not only yourselves but the whole war.

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  2. Priela squints at Atma. A ghost of a grin gives only the murkiest hint to her satisfaction, or perhaps amusement with his discomfort, before she echoes Mihaly's caution. "Yes, carefully, now. Nighttime bogeymen view us as not too dissimilar from that crying child." OOC: We'll all investigate the noise.
  3. Mihaly had been mostly tuning out the conversation around him, trying to spot where the ambush might come from, when he heard a child crying out for help. He jumped up to his feet immediately. "Atma is right. We need to..." Mihaly paused, and continued in a clearly reluctant tone of voice. "No. No, we... we need to investigate, but we need to sneak up on whatever that was slowly and quietly. This... if that was what it sounded like, I don't want it to go on a split second longer than we can help, but... but whatever else it is, it's clearly a trap. We have no choice but to walk into that trap, but... let's try to disarm it rather than springing it."
  4. Gotcha. Thanks. I'll have my next post up tonight.
  5. good call. everyone heard the sound.
  6. As Priela questioned him on the patrol relief, Atma blushed with embarrassment. He didn't want to tell her he got distracted tinkering to get his rifle to function as a light source and had no clue where the others were. Being raised with one foot in vampire society, Atma had never met a vampire anywhere near his age, let alone a dhampir, and so he assumed body language like a scolded child, rubbing the back of his head while shifting on one foot to the other. We...split up! Yes, yes. The others received a call and had to double back to camp. With my skills, they figured I'd be fine rendezvousing with you guys! As Velvet greeted him, Atma gave her a respectful nod, silently grateful she chimed in, giving him a chance to change the subject. Likewise! Data is going be out of commission for the moment because...well he's in a bit of a mood, but I'm sure he'll be happy to chat with you later! As Priela commented on their Yankee disposition, Atma swallowed a lump in his throat knowing full well that, in that regard, he was as American as one could be. Before he could think up an appropriate response, the cries of the alleged child were his saving grace. Did you hear that?! No time to lose! We've got to check on that child! Atma then began to step in that direction, but not advancing on his own, gesturing with his thumb to try and convince the group to take action. He was a goofball, but even he wasn't going to run into the darkness of these woods with reckless abandon alone. Atma then looked off in no apparent direction as a thought came to mind. Wait a minute, if the patrol left me behind to rendezvous with my current comrades, where are they?
  7. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the game thread or in the OOC section, so I decided to do it here: Do we all hear the sound? Or just the people who rolled Perception? Or for that matter, just the people who rolled above a certain DC?
  8. ooc: Hmm. I'm going to roll for Hag Lore. Depending on what I get Priela may be suspicious of that sound. Lore (Hags) roll
  9. Its hard to pay attention with Atma's distracting display. You all try to re focus on the task and after a few minutes you hear a cry in the woods. It sounds like a child yelling.
  10. Not sure if this is the place to ask, but: may I summon a whole boombox - or speaker-enabled CD player/walkman/mp3 player - with ? In the alternative, may I add a small stereo system to my possessions for, I don't know, 1 gp and light bulk? I kinda overlooked this during creation.
  11. OOC: My bad. Edit: Speaking of "bad..." Perception
  12. OOC: Nah. He said he was trying to hide as a goat and everyone else described themselves as looking around. Looking back I see I was not clear on that, sorry. We do need Mihaly's though.
  13. "Readiness as a virtue is often overlooked, particularly west of the Atlantic. I hope I find myself in the presence of not one, but two, exceptions to the rule?" ooc: need Perception from Lastolva
  14. I let my guitar disappear and listen to the conversation. "Good to see you, and Data " I smile at Atma. "No crawlies just yet, but Priela here seems ready for action!" I grin at her hand on her hilt.
  15. (While Lastolva believes he is acting like a goat, any failure to spot and identify him is more down to stealth.) (Edit: Of course the first roll I make is a...poor one.)
  16. "We have not..." Priela winces from the bright flashes. "It's not like you to no-show, Mr. Duvalle. Where is our relief?" As she asks after the night patrol that should have arrived, She looks around as the feeling of unease continues to mount in the near-pitch dark. OOC: rolling. roll
  17. Lastolva Please make a stealth or deception check. Stealth if your more hiding. Deception if your trying more to act like a real goat. Everyone but Atma roll perceptions to see what you see.
  18. It's fine if you do, I don't mind either way.
  19. As the last rays of sunlight graced the team, an obnoxiously bright artificial light began beaming at them. It grew closer and closer before only being a dozen feet from the group of slayers. Hello Everyone! Not to worry with my Morningstar, I'll be able to light- The light began to flicker, making the beam ever more obnoxious. As the light flickered, Atma's sunny but embrassed smile came into view for anyone not looking directly at the light, as well as the weapon he was referring to. An impressive ornate rifle with a divine motif. Silver with hints of gold, the weapon was nearly as tall as he was. ...just...a moment... Atma began tinkering with the rifle to stabilize the beam, before it shorted out altogether. The rifle then did something that was even more obnoxious, it spoke. As I've explained repeatedly to you, relying on your immature abilities for anything beyond the primary function of Morningstar was a bad idea. Data! Not in front of my comrades, you're gonna make me look like I don't know what I'm doing! You don't. If you did, you'd have thought about the ramifications of not having a supplementary power source, and now I have to go to sleep for perhaps thousands of years because you're going to all be killed by a thousand-year-old- Snip. Placing a component into his pocket, Atma wiped a few beads of sweat from his brow. Oh, look at that, Data is malfunctioning, saying crazy things... SO! How was the trek, guys? Did you manage to spot any creepy crawlies?
  20. Nah. Not unless Ice wants you to. I just think it looks neat.
  21. Honestly I've just been cloning a post and retooling it for my own character but if you click on "create a fieldset" next to preview and paragraph format, it will give you a threadbare character field to work with. I don't know how to add the bells and whistles.
  22. It's been a while since I posted in Myth Weavers, and not really at all since the rebuild. Can anyone share the code for making the character posts like like that?
  23. As Priela's eyesight sharpens in the shade, she places a hand over the hilt of her long blade and casts a wary sidelong at Lastolva, then smirks at Mihaly. "'Probably nothing'... Maybe now the possessed statue will turn on us and take us all by surprise. I shall regret blunting my blade on its stone hide when it finally ends the cute charade."
  24. Mihaly looks around as well. He draws his dagger. "If this was a horror movie, would this be the part where one of us says 'it's probably nothing?' Or some similar line that horror characters say right before the monster jumps someone?"
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