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Character Creation


We will be using original rules for 2e.

  • Looking for 5 Players
  • Characters will be starting at level 1 and start with 15 "gold"
  • Characters will be using addition archetypes and gain a level 2 archetype dedication feat at level 1 instead of 2
  • As Castlevania is kind of crazy, any official character options are allowed, if you don't think it fits the setting, ask about a re-flavor
    • The very human ancestries (dwarfs, elves, halflings, orcs, fetchlings, gnome, and hobgoblin) are different themes of human and all are common
  • You can have 1 rare character option or 2 uncommon character options
    • Character options are any of the following: items, feats, backgrounds, ancestry, class options, and spells
  • English replaces Common, any ancestral language is the language of the country they "grew up" in, and for extra languages you can pick any real language or the following mystic languages: Celestial, Abyssal, Alko, Necril, Druidic(not secret), Sylvian(language of the fey), and Primordial (Language of the elements)
  • If you want to use homebrew, just ask. I may make it one of your uncommon or rare options
  • As the story will take place in 1999, I have made some homebrew firearms for you to chose from if you would like

If you don't have the books, all the rules can be found here, https://2e.aonprd.com/

Characters will need a paragraph describing their appearance, a paragraph describing their personality, and 2-4 paragraphs describing their history.

Post submission as a new topic here

Setting Information

The game will take place in Transylvania, Romania 1999. The Castlevania world is very close to ours and much of the history is the same. The main difference is the existence of many different kinds of monsters and undead. While monsters were formerly common knowledge most in the world no longer believe they exist. But as beasts exist in the dark so to do those who hunt them. People use martial skill, magical prowess, or the might of faith to combat the evils of the night in secret.

The characters will be monster hunters hand picked by the UN and Roman Catholic Church. Chosen for being the best at their job in spite of their origins or beliefs. They need as much help as they can get in the the fight against The Prince of Shadows, Dracula. Besides the characters are many others chosen from around the world, all occupying a military camp surrounding the castle in order to keep civilians out and monsters in. Along with the hunters are normal soldiers from around the globe.


Dracula, the most powerful vampire in existence, who's goal is the destruction of all humanity and eternal night. He has been killed and resurrected many times through out history. Each time he was defeated by someone, mostly those of the Belmont Clan, and brought to life at some point after. However Nostradamus prophesied the permanent destruction of Dracula in 1999. The castle appeared as predicted and the last Belmont, Julius, went in to finish him for good. But the castle remains and Julius hasn't come out.


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