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Break RPG with Isekai setup


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You will get access to the PDF within 1 day of preorder purchase.

Complete the preorder purchase on your end, and then you will receive an emailed receipt and a link to a "final review" page with a download waiting for payment to be locked down on their end. Within 24 hours...

You will get a 2nd email telling you that your payment was processed and the download on the "final review" page will be ready.

The version available to me is 0.9.1, if there is an 0.9.2 it is probably an exclusive beta for the backers.

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One cute thing that I noticed is that every page has a random d20 set printed on it. That means that if you don't have a physical die you can just flip to random pages of the book to pull up d20 rolls. I thought that was very creative. I don't know if it's the only system that does that but I've not seen it before.

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